Round Robin: iPhone Mike's Final Thoughts on the ATT Tilt

If you missed Mike's first take on the AT&T Tilt, you should go take at look at that first. He mentions there that Windows Mobile is awfully darn customizable - and with his “fond farewell” he gets into it even more:

The thing about Windows Mobile that I came to appreciate is that it's ridiculously powerful. If I want to check my mail, I can do it. If I want to browse the web, I can do it. If I don't like the default app that ships with Windows Mobile, I can replace it with a better one. The system is admittedly a tweaker's paradise. If you like getting gadgets and playing with them and they're like toys for you, than Windows Mobile is basically an infinite playground.>

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That's exactly right, Windows Mobile is a tweaker's dream. But Mike makes an important point: that tweakability cuts both ways - with great power comes great responsibility. Which is to say that with the AT&T Tilt you're responsible for getting the beast tamed into usability submission. That's a fair complaint and one that I'm more prone to agree with lately. I do think that someday soon Microsoft will give us a new interface that makes their devices feel more “smartphone-like” and less “desktop-like.”

In the meantime we have the Faustian deal of customizability - Windows Mobile folks have more options to get to an ideal experience, but the “default” option isn't all that great. For myself, on the whole, it's a deal I'm willing to cut so I can do that tweaking and get to my smartphone happy place. last thought: We're not proud of the fact that configuring GPS on Windows Mobile requires you to set a COM port. Yet it does mean that you can get Windows Mobile to speak correctly with pretty much any bluetooth device you'd ever want to connect it to.

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