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Rumor: AT&T Samsung Cronus is the SGH-i187, runs Windows Phone 8

Just because Nokia owns about 80% of the OEM market for Windows Phone, that doesn’t mean other manufacturers can't get in on the action. There’s a Samsung device coming up around the corner called the SGH-i187, which recently spent some time at the FCC here in the United States. Now, that’s not the same consumers are going to call it, but instead they might refer to it as the Cronus.

On Twitter, evleaks has shared some info about the upcoming Windows Phone device from Samsung. Namely, the name or probable codename for internal AT&T reference. That name is 'Cronus' according to the leaker. That’s interesting because this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that name tossed around with Samsung. Earlier this summer, we thought the Samsung Cronus was going to be an ATIV S Neo variant on Sprint.

Either way, Cronus looks to be a mid-tier device for Windows Phone. The FCC documents revealed a Snapdragon 400 processor, which backs up the idea of it not being high-end. Additionally, it looks like AT&T might be the carrier picking this phone up in the United States.

Whether 'Cronus' is an internal name or the public name, remains to be seen, but we're leaning on the former. That means this could very well be an AT&T ATIV something.

What do you think of the Samsung Cronus on AT&T?

Source: Twitter

  • Ohhh first!
  • You know, that's actually the most interesting thing you can say about this device. Better raise your game, Samsung.
  • Cronus?  Is it just me, or is that a terrible name... for just about anything...
  • Krokus. Corn nuts.
  • Sounds like a common name for men during the stone-age.
  • I don't think it's a terrible name for someone or thing that has a liking for infanticide or been a victim of a (patricidal) usurper.
  • Cronuts
  • Could this be ATT version of the Ativ S Neo?
  • Ativ s2 :))??
  • Anything is better than "Ativ", but Cronus isn't much better.
  • I feel "ATIV" is less off-putting than "Cronus".
  • More important is do you think ATT is making any money with Windows Phone? I would assume they are seeing that they continually pick them up, however during visits to their stores, I rarely if ever see sales staff promoting WP.
  • Ya. And on their website when you check for upgrade eligibility you'd think they only sold iPhones. You have to look real hard in the lower right corner of the page to find out you have other choices. Yet another reason to dislike AT&T.
  • Agreed
  • I agree! However, most of the sales people do not learn about the phone in the first place! 
    I went to an ATT store and was talking to them about the Lumina 920. I had to demonstrate the phone to him! He did not know how much better the inauguration with Office- email and calendar was compared to Google and iPhone. 
    Also, he did not know how the tiles work or how to set the screen saver so you can see a lot of information with out opening a application. 
    If I was Microsoft, i would offer classes to these phone company stores for free and show them how this phone works! Or put cash bonuses to the sales forces in these stores so they will learn how to use them!
    All over the rest of the world the Windows Phone 8 is taking off! This phone is here to stay! 
  • I feel like Microsoft might need a "Nexus" device. Something they can sell for less. It probably won't be here for long since they're not earning a lot of money on the software side with Windows Phone.
  • F Samsung. They are making windows phones because they have to make them for some reason. Contractual obligations maybe?
  • You do know the only reason Nokia started & continued making Windows Phones was "contractual obligations" right?
  • Oops.
  • No, the OP is right.  Nokia makes Windows Phones because they chose to enter into a strategic partnership with MS to create the 3rd ecosystem, rather than be just another Android OEM.  And Nokia has clearly poured all of their efforts into it.  Samsung on the other hand, in my view anyways, seems to just be churning out an occasional WP unit to meet some obligation they probably agreed to in order to secure a better royalty rate on MS's patents.  Its obviouse that Samsung isn't really interested in making WP a success.  I'm not trying to say "f** Samedung" or that they are a terrible partner (they do make great W8 hardware), but they clearly aren't trying very hard with their WP efforts.
  • And yet every new Windows Phone device greatly improves support for the platform overall. Giving consumers options is never a bad idea, and not all phones have to be coated with dazzling colours to be a good device.
  • Wish it was called Kronos
  • That would be an honorable name. The house of Ativ has no honor.
  • Much like Lumia, son of Asha Edit: That was crap
  • I suppose this is just so ATT can say they offer a Samsung WP for the few hundred Samsung WP fanboys out there.
  • Microsoft-Nokia,Google-Motorola, Apple-Apple. Samsung has to place nice with everyone at this point and prove their worth or further develope their own OS.
  • Until you realize Samsung provides hardware components for all of the above
  • Any addition to WP selection is a plus. But I'll wait for Samsung's S4 with WP in it and see how that goes - a 1080p quad-core Ativ.
  • That would be very nice. Of course, by that time Nokia will probably have something comparable. Really excited for Windows Phone Blue.
  • That's exactly what I want. That or a HTC One with WP.
  • That sounds equally sexy.
  • Well, then there's a 4.7 inch ONE "Harmony" heading your way. I've never owned an HTC Phone, but definitely thought that HTC ONE looked Sexy. Hopefully we'll have a slighter better equivalent by year's end.

  • I'd be more excited about this, but I wasn't pleased with my Focus in the least bit. It was cheaply made, and AT&T never sent out updates for it. Maybe that was Samsung's fault, but even still it left me with a bad user experience.
  • It will be cheaply made, never get updates and cost $200 on contract.
  • Then you realize that unlocked ATIVs were among the first to receive GDR2. Oops.
  • How about putting in a bit more effort samsung?? Instead of rehashing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over... (not that I would ever leave nokia but seriously these phones are ridiculously non-original)
  • I still say they should have called the windows line of products "Odyssey" .
  • Hopefully with MS introducing 1080p support in the next update we can finally get some high end devices from the major players. It's been too long since we got a flagship from Samsung or HTC.
  •   YAWN! I can't wait for GDR3 so that it can level the playing field with Androids and Apples of the world in terms of specs. While it's true that the low end devices like the 520 are what's moving the most units worldwide, the specs are what turn people's heads. We all know that WP8 can run smoothly on a dual core device with only 512 of ram whereas the competitor's devices can't but that doesn't get people excited. People want to talk about 1080p and quad-core and 64 bit processors. Do smartphones need all that power? No. Can they even take advantage of all that power? Hell no. But those are the things that make headlines and get people into the stores to check the devices out. WP8 needs more hero devices like the 1520 and the HTC 8XHD and Samsung ATIV-A (or whatever they plan on calling them) so that people are talking about them and going to the stores to hold them and play with them to see what all the fuss is about. Is everyone that goes into a store going to buy a Lumia 1020? No. But at least they're talking about how great the camera is as opposed to the lack of apps. 
  • When I first saw Windows Phone 8 i said to myself that I am going to wait for the Samsung Ativ S with the aluminum case to come out!    However, I have decided on the Nokia 1520! I think for the next 3 to 5 years all of these other phone manufacturers are going to play catch up. On top of that now Microsoft has brought Nokia's mobile phone div. The phones will get better service and the latest updates!    Samsung waited to long for me! To bad, my first smart phone was a Samsung Focus and it is a great phone! But, before i got a smart phone i had a number of Nokia phones and they where great! I will not be afraid to go back to them!
  • Cronus sounds like the plural of Chronic...
  • imagine a galaxy note 3 offre with windows phone, it would be great 
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