Rumor: Nokia EOS 41MP Windows Phone has a "camera shell" accessory?

Howdy everyone, it's rumor time!

An unnamed source supposedly close to Nokia China just sent an interesting message to the outside world: the impending Nokia EOS will have a "camera shell" to go with that super mega awesome camera of modern technical wonder. According to the rumor, the accessory is a shell snapped on to the back of the phone, "raising the entire back side to level the camera hump, and providing better grip when using the phone as a digital camera". Additionally, the shell is said to have a shutter button built into it, further enhancing the photoshooting experience.

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The rumor is not a complete surprise. After all, it has already been dug out of FCC records that Nokia's mysterious RM-877 for AT&T has a "camera grip". Every piece falls into its place if RM-877 turns out to be EOS, and the camera grip this rumored shell. Although the description above doesn't sound quite like a grip. With a hint for clumsiness, it somehow reminds me of...

We trust Nokia is able to churn out much more elegance than that.

There's no clue whether this grip/shell will come as part of the retail package or not. But since Nokia has been selling all those wireless charging accessories separately, there seems to be no reason it gives away a shell with specific function for free.

For a side note, there also comes rumor about one of Nokia's new devices after EOS: Mars. If the source is to be trusted, Mars will be a mid-range device, successing Lumia 720. Nope, not a phablet, or even a flagship. EOS is Nokia's ace device in the foreseeable future.

Source: WPDang (1), (2)

Kane Gao
  • I don't think I would use something like that haha. Tooooo thick x.x But it does sound nice for those photographers out there.
  • Agreed :)
  • +1
  • I bet it will be an accessory with wireless chargin and camera grip.
    Addtitionally, I would like to have a Infrared Filter: a 41MP camera with see-through function. sexy....
  • If it includes a giant battery and wireless charging too, that might actually be interesting.
  • Yes, THIS! +1
  • ...and a mount for attaching additional objectives.
  • And while we're at it, a bottle opener.
  • No need for that: you can use the edge of the phone, it's sturdy enough.
  • True... True.
  • Add to that some grippy material, tripod mount, and a proper flash... that would be very interesting indeed. lol, and perhaps an SD card slot
  • SD slot? Now you're being ridiculous... Nokia wouldn't give us anything as useful as that :P :P :P
  • What if it provides a card reader that allows you to store photos to a micro-sd or compact flash card?  That's be sweet.
  • Definitely should include wireless charging in this shell,IMO. I can see them giving this away free like they did wireless charging pads upon 920s release
  • +65536. Or the shell will be nothing but a piece of plastic with an extended button. Need to make good use of those electrodes. 
  • I have been thinking the same thing ever since I saw this "rumor". It better include the wireless charging. Otherwise, that's just another "shell" to pop on and off.
  • I can hardly see how this could include wireless charging. Wireless charging needs a flat surface to work properly (Nexus 4, Lumia 920, Lumia 925 with cover all have a flat back).
    This camera grip would most certainly not make the back of the EOS flat so I don't see how it could work. 
    An extended battery pack would be a nice feature though. 
  • Successor to the 720 makes no sense, it was announced just months ago in February and hasn't been on sale for any decent amount of time that it needs replacing. Probably BS just like the rumoured 620 "phablet" that was supposed to launch with the 925.
  • Yeah, I'm thinking more like 820 successor.
  • Windows Phones already have a two-stage camera shutter button, so that part of the rumor doesn't make much sense to me. And given the outcry against the very thin 925 shell, I don't see this catching on unless it includes a ring for attaching professional camera lenses or something like that.
  • There is a lot of outcry about the shell being too thin?
  • No, there is outcry about the shell even though it is so thin.
  • The outcry is because some don't like the looks of that particular shell. Nothing to do with thickness.
    Many also like the shell. 
  • So lets I have an extra shell to protect the camera and I have another shell to wireless charge the phone. Seems like too many shells to me, what am I supposed to do keep switching? If its all in one shell maybe, but my 920 as the all in one device still is plausible.
  • Make the #switch lol now I get it
  • Agreed, just a pain in the @$$!
  • That s4 zoom!!!!! *gasp* it's a-a- a snookie!!!! D:
  • The shell game for windows phone :)
  • Just a "shell" sounds plausible but not entirely awesome. The way to go would be wireless charging (which I think is the case) and maybe extra storage + battery? That would be exceptional
  • Check HALO Spartan assault for Windows 8 ))))
  • I was hoping they would've added a zoom toggle since it's gonna have zoom. Doing it via the screen is not to my liking. I'll probably pass unless there's additional functionality.
  • Maybe they will use the volume buttons as a zoom button , my old Motorolas (Atrix & Milestone) had that .
  • Whatever thickness that shell might add, it will not reach the same thickness of the Galaxy S4 Zoom. The shell is made to flatten the camera with the body so it will only add a few millimeters. Unless I'm missing something? 
    Edit: it will certainly contain the wireless charging. Nokia isn't that stupid, is it? 
  • No one is that stupid, except for the ones who think otherwise.
  • +1020
  • How's the 720 selling? I have the feeling not so well. And if I remember, the 710 also didn't sell much.
    If this is true, it may explain a successor...
  • It's not selling well because Nokia aren't marketing or selling it to enough carriers. Here you can only get the 520, 620, 820, 920 and the 925 - No 720.
  • It's also not selling well because it's not 4G or even H+. Operators are so focused on getting 4G devices and selling 4G plans they don't want a mid range such as the 720. 
    A lot of people still buy their phones through their operator. 
  • WTF?  The 710 sold scads on Tmobile.
  • I'm speaking worldwide.
    There's World beyond the USA. And Nokia inhabit it on a much larger scale than they do in th US market ;)
  • From what we know of Nokia... They know what they are doing and they are freaking awesome at what they do... So, let's just wait for THE day (11th July)... ;)
  • Tom Warren from the Verge is saying A) it's real, B) it was unearthed weeks ago. :)
  • Late❗
  • Wohooo❕
  • Only in US? At 11th?
  • Give me a Lumia with a Full HD screen, Snapdragon 800, 64GB storage and at least 2GB RAM. Or GTFO.
  • As much as I would love that NOW, we wont get that until fall 2014 lol
  • Honestly I don't know if I can wait that long.
  • I don't get why people can't 920 plows through anything on the platform. I used to always want the next greatest phone.....until I got the 920 and somehow I am content for once ..... Odd
  • Spec junkies are not the average user, or better said, they are the vast minority. The WP OS doesn't require all the RAM and cores... and visually, I don't feel 1080 is that big a deal. However, more internal storage or an SD slot would make the most sense. I mean, yeah, being able to store music on an SD, standard on WP, well that my friends would be exceptional.
  • Idk why ppl keep saying this. 1080p is clearly distinguishable. Better is better anyway. Who in their right mind would say no to 100 more horsepower in their car for example
  • Cost?! Battery life... But I guess some people don't care if they have to charge a phone every 6 hours. People already complain about better life... This consumes more energy.... But, I guess it's up to the user. I don't need another 100 HP in my car. Wouldn't want to pay the gas price... There are always trade offs. I was speaking personally, I'll take the battery life. So "better" is relative to the user. I would never argue the need to meet a demand. I was pointing out what the general public cares for, and that's not the high end best for everything. That's why the make all kinds of different phones. I support your wants. I was pointing out that a company needs to make money, and that 1080 is not going to be their money maker.
  • ...plain and simple, cost and battery life. If you lived out of the US, you would have probably have a different opinion.  I get like, 8-12 hours of battery life on my 920?  -That is absolutely horrible especially since I "just" call, text, and listen to music while I do my 20 minute commute to work.  I kid you not, I in fact thought there was actually something wrong with my phone as my Titan can last double that with the same exact daily tasks.  I went so far out to have my phone replaced with 2 different phones to see if it was actually a battery malfunction.  -Except that it wasn't, and my daily activities give me the same battery life.  I am a technical user so I understand that battery life comes at a cost when additional specs are introduced...especially if the difference is 1080p over a 720p screen.  If I were to apply your car analogy to my case as well...extra horsepower comes at a cost.  ---- gas mileage.   --- Gas mileage on cars is like lithium batteries in phones.  Both have not really progressed at the same rate as the technology.  As long as technology moves forward, both will still be losers in the race.  Again, moving over to the cost issue...I don't feel the need to explain all too much with this as it is kind of self-explanatory.  Outside of the US, there are "many" people who do not have carriers and can't get their phone at a discounted rate through subsidies like we do here in the US.  An unsubsidized smartphone at retail cost ranges from 500-800+$.  Usually most of the time the consumer will choose a lower cost smartphone -or just a feature phone over the latest and greatest spec'd hardware that would cost much higher. Nokia's portfolio over the past year have been mainly focusing on the lower end smartphone market.  -as they tend to make additional sales over time in this area compared to the higher end market (such as the one here in the US).  Does it surprise you that up till 2011, Nokia had been all but a ghost in the US market?  Nokia used to be the king of all phone sales back in the day. (2011-12) but how did they do this?  -low cost, affordable phones that everyone can buy.  FYI, ppi over 300 on a 4.5" screen is not all that discernable.  The human eye with "normal" vision of 20/20 with less than a 12" margin might be able to distinguish the number of pixels per inch.  But fun fact of the day is..."most" people (in 1st world/developing nations) are usually born with worse than normal vision (doesn't necessarily mean everyone has to have corrective lenses).  There is actually research on this.... So bottom line is...there are drawbacks to having a spec-tastic device.  We are getting to the point where lithium battery technology has not progressed all that much and phones have become more dependent on us charging them frequently.   I don't want to get to that point where I have to charge my phone every 4 hours to keep using that would be ridiculous.   
  • Spec junkies are minority but majority fallow them. They advertise products.
  • Fall 2014! That's more than a year away. It is a long time.
  • If such a phone isn't released in fall 2013, I'll sadly have to replace my HTC Titan with an Android phone. I don't want an phone filled with bugs, but WP needs to catch up.
  • if they are going to flush the shell then logically we need an extended battery that can take adantage of the extra space.
  • Good lord touchwiz is ugly.
  • I'm starting to think that its not Android that draws folks to purchase Samsung Galaxies but touchwis. Its those color vibrant background that they aw over. Just saying.
  • 950
  • The Eos still looks hideous to me. I thought I'd grow to like the design, but the 808 just looks so much of a sexier phone than this. This still looks very much like a prototype. I would find it funny as heck if this was a prototype and when Eos releases its a sexy beast.
  • But there's to much bezel!
  • less than a week and I'll get a peek!  I don't do subsidized phones, I go for $10 monthy call and text unlimited postpaid plans coz I admit I'm a cheapskate.  I buy tech that I can use until it breaks and has real innovation in it.  Something that  can justify its cost.  I can wait for a really long time until I find a good replacement.   Enough with the gimicky stuff, I want a phone I can be happy with 4 or 5 years from now.   Thank you Nokia,  I can finally have a replacement for my HTC mozart.    I thought you would release it last year but when that didn't happen I patiently waited until you were ready or if another manufacturer came up with something better.  EOS is the phone I was waiting for all this time.