Rumor: Nokia EOS 41MP Windows Phone has a "camera shell" accessory?

Howdy everyone, it's rumor time!

An unnamed source supposedly close to Nokia China just sent an interesting message to the outside world: the impending Nokia EOS will have a "camera shell" to go with that super mega awesome camera of modern technical wonder. According to the rumor, the accessory is a shell snapped on to the back of the phone, "raising the entire back side to level the camera hump, and providing better grip when using the phone as a digital camera". Additionally, the shell is said to have a shutter button built into it, further enhancing the photoshooting experience.

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The rumor is not a complete surprise. After all, it has already been dug out of FCC records that Nokia's mysterious RM-877 for AT&T has a "camera grip". Every piece falls into its place if RM-877 turns out to be EOS, and the camera grip this rumored shell. Although the description above doesn't sound quite like a grip. With a hint for clumsiness, it somehow reminds me of...

We trust Nokia is able to churn out much more elegance than that.

There's no clue whether this grip/shell will come as part of the retail package or not. But since Nokia has been selling all those wireless charging accessories separately, there seems to be no reason it gives away a shell with specific function for free.

For a side note, there also comes rumor about one of Nokia's new devices after EOS: Mars. If the source is to be trusted, Mars will be a mid-range device, successing Lumia 720. Nope, not a phablet, or even a flagship. EOS is Nokia's ace device in the foreseeable future.

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Kane Gao