Run even more with the free Temple Run for Windows Phone 8

We told you this morning it would be a big day for Windows Phone 8 and indeed, it was bigger than we thought (we didn’t see the Nokia firmware thing happening). One of the big runner games today was Gravity Guy 2, which is now out, but a more “classic” game with a totally different perspective is Temple Run.

At the time of our writing, the app was not yet live in the Store but that has now changed. You can pick up Temple Run for $0.00 right now on Windows Phone 8. The game, like on iOS and Android, relies on in-app purchasing (optional) for revenue, hence why it can be free.

Temple Run is a somewhat typical “runner” game where your character evidently subscribes to the Lance Armstrong school of endurance.  But Temple Run, which came out in late 2011 on iOS, shook up the mobile world with its 3D perspective (as opposed to the traditional side scrolling view). You can control your character by tilting your phone left/right, swiping up to jump, down to slide and swiping left/right to quickly turn corners.

Oh and you’re being chased by man-eating apes (or are they giant monkeys?).

We have to admit it’s a hell of a fun game albeit a tiny bit pointless. For some quick distractions and challenging jumps/slides, you can’t go wrong especially with the price. Oh and regarding a Temple Run 2, which just came out in January for iOS, that game is built on the Unity game engine and Unity loves Windows Phone 8, so hopefully there's a chance.

We did notice at least one glitch, the Tile for the game when pinned is blank with a white square. Being an indie title, we can presumably expect a bug fix sooner than later.

Pick up Temple Run for free here in the Windows Phone Store. Windows Phone 8 only and 1GB of RAM required.

Daniel Rubino

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