Gravity Guy 2 Windows Phone 8

Gravity Guy came out just over a year ago to Windows Phone and has become one of the more popular “runner” games around. It’s done by Miniclip, who ranks up there with Chillingo in terms of quality of their games.

Gravity Guy 2 is now ready for your trial and goes for $2.99 (Windows Phone 8 only). We’ve been playing with it for a little while, and one thing we already like: it’s not more of the same. In GG2, things like double jumps, platform raising, new tighter graphics and a new coin-collection strategy have been added. Indeed it feels like similar game play to Jetpack Joyride (also due soon on Windows Phone 8).

Gravity guy 2

The music is good, the high resolution graphics look great on our high-end hardware and like the previous game, there’s an addictive challenging aspect that we love. Whether or not the re-playability and difficulty will be hindrances remains to be seen and we’ll save that for our review.

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Of course another reason to get excited is the exclusivity part. As we informed you yesterday, this game is a “first” on Windows Phone 8 with the iPhone and Android versions due at a later date. For that, we think Miniclip and GG2 deserve at least a trial, no?

Pick up Gravity Guy 2 for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store for $2.99 (free trial). Shout out in comments on your thoughts of the game.

QR: Gravity Guy 2