Russia wants to stop relying on foreign software for government systems

Builiding (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft is on Russia's radar when it comes to the planning of removing all reliance on foreign software for government systems. According to a report over on NBC News, The Kremlin is backing a plan to rid all offices and state-controlled companies of software developed in other countries. Microsoft is being targeted due to being one of the more prominent American brands in technology, alongside the likes of Apple.

From the report:

"The Russians are keenly aware that Microsoft products, like any software, can be used as weapons in cyber-warfare. A sensitive U.S. Homeland Security document obtained by NBC News confirms that a Microsoft Office attachment was used by Russian hackers to shut down the Ukraine electrical grid last year."

U.S. intelligence officials believe it will be difficult for Russia to outright ban Microsoft services and products due to how integrated the company is in government systems. That said, the Kremlin has been working to release software for Russian-based counterparts to be brought on-board. It's concerning to see how the division between the U.S. and Russia is widening to a point where Microsoft and other tech companies are potentially affected by attempts to remove as many ties between the two parties as possible.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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