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Cross platform word game Ruzzle gets bumped with Notifications and stats for Windows Phone

Ruzzle, the popular word game akin to Boggle but with the ability to play with friends across iOS and Android, has managed to get a decent update today. Version 1.1 is now live in the Store and brings Toast Notifications and user stats for your game history.

Boasting over 35 million players, the game was first launched on iOS back in March 2012, later going to Android and finally landing on Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices just over two weeks ago. Much like Wordament, the game involves users trying to find words in a grid of letters, scoring higher points for larger, more complicated ones.

Ruzzle Windows PHone

The app goes for $2.99 with no free trial, which means even we haven’t bought the game. A free version is reportedly on the way though, so you casual players won’t have to fork over your coffee money if you just want to dabble.

Currently, the game ranks in at 4.5 stars (out of 5) from 703 users, which is quite high for such a game--taking the risk to buy it seems like a valid gamble, if it’s something you think you’d play a lot.

Pick up Ruzzle for all Windows Phones, including 512MB devices, here in the Store. No trial.

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  • A terrific game. The cross platform play is important because most of my friends have Androids or iPhones and I can smack them around showing them Windows Phone supremacy. : )
  • Yeah!!! Smack'm around and smash Windows over them.
  • It's a pretty amazing game. Gave up the $2.99 thinking it was a horrible decision because I already had Wordament, but honestly I'm hooked. :D
  • Well worth the money. The notifications were definitely needed. Great update.
  • But does it work now? Almost every comment in the market place is saying it doesn't work (including me)
  • It did freeze sometimes but to say that it never worked is almost libelous IMHO. It seems to work flawlessly now.
  • It did never worked with almost every wp8 device. When you presses play it just gave you a blank screen and you couldn't even get out of the app normally. Look at the reactions in the store, almost everyone had it, that's why it only has 2/5 stars haha! But now it works normally.
  • What language are you playing? But I'm in the Canadian store and only see 3 comments and a 4.5/5 average score so I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Oh ok. I'm from Holland so it's the Dutch (or european) store. I suppose it was a bug in the European version because everyone had this problem here.
  • Switched my region to US and see mostly positive reviews. But mine did freeze sometimes. BTW as i was typing this i got my first toast :)
  • I'm in the USA, playing from a Lumia 920, and I never had any issues with the game, it's awesome :)
  • Don't know about Xbox notifications for this game, but toast notifications on NL920 don't work for AlphaJax.
  • Any ETA on the free version?
  • It is a fun game. Had heard about it from various friends. Was wary about dropping the 2.99. But its really enjoyable
  • Fantastic game. Love Wordament, but playing one on one is a different joy altogether. Just bought it.
  • Completely off topic but where can I find instagraph. I finally have a WP8 and I want to buy it. Don't care about the other people complaining about it.
  • Its currently taken off the Store because the developers are in the process of adding more servers....i have the app and it works pretty good. Does what it supposed to do. Because of the servers your limited to 3 picture uploads a day. When they finish adding more servers they will unhide the app from app store and make it available again.
  • I really want it. I said I was going to buy it when I got a new phone. I understand the limitations but I don't care. I'll just choose my pictures wisely. I hope it comes back to being available.
  • Btw I got it. Just had to find it on my own.
  • Does anybody know if this game has a German dictionary? The screenshots look like a professionally localized game GUI, but the word list you can see in one screenshot seems to be Swedish...?
  • Yes, German is available.
  • Thank you!
  • Those anyone have a problem with their mic on the Lumia phone? Can't use voice search since I last updated my phone.
  • Its a great game.. Worth every dollar. Am getting addicted to it. ADD ME TOO IF INTERESTED: "topgunalu"
  • I have become an addict of this game thanks to family.
  • Any word on the free version??
  • 3$..... support the developers...
  • not available in my country....
  • Can you see what OS the other player has? That would be worth the price there. I'd love to know what phones I am against.