Saavn Music & Radio comes to Windows 10 Mobile as a universal app

Saavn Music & Radio has updated its app, making it universal, and available for Windows 10 Mobile for first time. You can now take your playlists and more with you wherever you go.

Available in over 200 countries, Saavn offers free, unlimited access to English, Bollywood, and Indian regional songs and radio stations. You can use playlists, or play any song on demand. You can find top songs, or browse music by genre or mood to find just what you're looking for.

You can grab Saavn Music & Radio from the Windows Store right now.

Thanks to Aji for the tip!

Get Saavn Music & Radio from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: saavn

  • I wanted it now. Currently on 8.1
  • In 2 months everyone will be using windows 10 mobile.
  • Hope is a good thing. And no good thing ever dies.
  • ShaWhank Redemption reference.^^ I like it.
  • You are god **** right!
  • Hey now they have explicit filter. Lol
  • Yeah it seems to :D
  • Yay for saavn :D
  • Well done
  • Have to admit ,the universal app idea is working. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Especially for non-American developers
  • In India, most (if not all) music services/banks/transport apps have a WP/M app
  • But look at the quality of those apps, it's worth nothing compared to Android and iOS. The Saavn app is a quality app. Though not feature complete but whatever is available runs nicely.
  • I certainly see more apps announced it seems. Great for continuum.
  • The best part is the beautiful UI and unlimited streaming. I'm loving it.
  • Forgot to mention "Free"? ;)
  • Yep, Free!
  • Yup! That is true!
  • That was pretty quick I think...
  • It's quite late. It was many days back that Abhishek had mentioned about the app.
  • They had announced it in 2012 I think. Or may be 2013. Though it's still late, at least it is here with Windows 10.
  • Better late than never
  • Hope that Wynk follows the suit.
  • Wynk already has a windows phone, though it's not very good. Still usable.
  • Oh yes, I just saw it and it has so many hate comments and single star ratings. No wonder it's not promoted like it's Android counterpart.
  • Looks like we will have to get the Airtel girl to make up their mind ;)
  • +1.
  • Lol.
  • Can we download the songs?
  • No
  • Yes, you can. For that you need a subscription.
  • Not yet compatible with WM10. The W10 version was released couple of months ago.
  • Working here
  • It still shows as V1.0 in the US store on an 830 running latest Insider Preview. Edit: Now it shows 1.1
  • I like all these new universal apps. It give me hope for the "burning platform".
  • Symbian? /s  
  • That sad speech from Elop
  • What speech?
  • Victory!
  • The playlist feature not yet available on W10 ..... What do you mean by take your playlist wherever you go??
  • As i was wondering about it......just saw windows central article... And here it is
  • I m badly waiting for December 14th
  • And you're not waiting for 25th. #PoorSanta
  • xD
  • Store only shows availability for w10 pc
  • Working here in Saudi.. Must be a regional delay
  • I'll wait then, perhaps tomorrow
  • I think the strategy is working, and I kind of love universal apps, they all work in landscape mode
  • That's the real point
  • Why is there no English songs option for me in the app?
  • When you launch the app for first time. You have to select the options from Hindi, English...... And whatever language u want. You can Change the options in settings
  • There is no English for me
  • #Repost Hey!I can confirm that app has an English song section. To access English content
    Tap Hamburger menu -select language. If you are still unable to find its because content is unavailable due to regional licensing.I suggest you to uninstall app -Change to India temporarily from settings-re download the app.You should now have access to English songs for free.Happy Listening
  • What's the use even if the apps are launched on windows 8, 10.
    They ain't work properly...
  • Now I wish I spoke those languages :D music is actually crazy good sounding lol.
  • Are you listening to Hindi songs?
  • Hah yes. There is no option for English, so I checked out some chilling songs :)
  • In the screenshot I saw English so I thought I'd install it anyway :).
  • Hey!I can confirm that app has an English song section. To access English content
    Tap Hamburger menu -select language. If you are still unable to find its because content is unavailable due to regional licensing.I suggest you to uninstall app -Change to India temporarily from settings-re download the app.You should now have access to English songs for free.Happy Listening
  • Thanks man :)
  • I love the Hindi and Punjabi music I occasionally hear, if someone can give some recommendations, I would appreciate it.
  • Of!
  • Listen to all Arijit Singh songs..n don't forget to thank me.. (:
  • Can we download it onn Windows phone 8.1 ?
  • No
  • On Lumia 930 , store still says its not compatible with your device...anyone has any idea..?
  • On latest Windows 10 mobile preview build..its still not available..on 930.
  • I am on Lumia 930 latest build and it's available and working.
  • yeah!!!!
    fun begins...
  • ahhh !!! there is no sign in option :(
  • Still can't install on 730. In Qatar. Region set as US.
  • It says not compatible with Lumia 950
  • Why i can't install it on lumia 625, i am using windows 10 , it was showing not compatible.
  • This is awesome. If only all app developers follow the same. The UI is gorgeous. Really awesome app.
  • Update your app for windows 10 & provide direct link to download
  • Yes!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have already installed it on my laptop and now I will install it on my Windows mobile. Is an awesome app!
  • There are so Many Saavn Apps I am really Confused that which one is Original...???
  • Can u plz tell us the Developer's Name
  • Saavn
  • Can't Download on Lumia 640XL running Win10, says not compatible despite showing in store. I really want a good music service where I can keep curated lists offline. Spotify is good but a little expensive. Wish Pandora one provided offline. Somehow mixRadio does not work great, no login or premium sign up working for me.
  • Way to go guys
  • Shows not available for my device. Lumia 640 WM10 preview..any help? Changed region to India and I was able to download.
  • Send me friend request on xbox live...sagargarag92
  • It is the best third party app in windows store for India. Stream as much as you can. I want a editable playlist feature.
  • Good to have an official universal app. But I hope this half featured apps release stop. No log in or skip track features. Why?? Hope there is a quick update that's coming that makes this app on par with iOS and Android.
  • Was waiting for this since ages.
  • This south asians needed.