Safeguard your data with this comprehensive backup plan

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There are countless ways in which you can lose your computer data—ranging from intrepid cyber attacks and malware threats to simple hard drive crashes and laptop theft while you're traveling. This doesn't mean you need to live in constant fear, however, thanks to a wide range of powerful backup solutions that will keep your data safe from harm.

But not all such backup plans are created equal. Zinstall FullBack Computer Backup (opens in new tab) offers unparalleled security and simplicity when it comes to backing up and accessing your files, and right now a plan is on sale for 50% off at just $49.

This comprehensive backup solution will ease your data-loss fears by allowing you to quickly and easily keep detailed and thorough backups of every bit of your data on multiple platforms.

After a simple five-minute installation, this best-selling tool will get to work creating automatic backups of every file on your computer. You can then choose to store your backups either on an external USB device or a cloud storage service of your choosing (ranging from Dropbox and OneDrive to Amazon and beyond), and your plan gives you unlimited access to your files for life.

This service even ensures that your files will be protected from the latest malware and spyware attacks—meaning you won't have to worry about hackers infiltrating your data from afar even if you're on a public network.

Give yourself peace of mind by protecting every bit of your data for life with Zinstall FullBack Computer Backup for just $49 (opens in new tab)—50% off its usual price for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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