Samsung Ace on Sprint Gets 6.1 and Sprint Navigation

Sprint has the Press Release directing you to head over to to get yourself the Windows Mobile 6.1 update for your Samsung Ace. You'll also get yourself some cool GPS action too, though we don't know yet if it's tied to Sprint Navigation or open to the rest of the OS.

As always with Samsung updates, follow the instructions to a T, backup, and settle in for a half hour long process at best.

Here's what we're wondering: now that the Motorola Q9c is back on Sprint, is the Samsung Ace really a good option? We know that Sprint was pushing users to the Ace when the Q9c was in limbo, too. Sure, the Ace does offer that World Phone bit, but overall the Q9c has a better keyboard and more power. Any Ace users out there loving their phone?

WC Staff