Samsung Focus S, Focus Flash and Omnia W get priced

Coming out of WPXAP forums, a fairly reliable source for leaked information, are the base prices for Samsung's Generation 2 devices.

  • Samsung Focus S = $649
  • Samsung Focus Flash = $549
  • Samsung Omnia W = $569

There's not too much else to say about this story outside of the base price of Samsung's new phones are certainly expensive. Of course, those Super AMOLED screens don't come cheap, so we guess fair is fair and besides, hopefully most of us will be paying the subsidized carrier price instead. Obviously the Focus S is the flagship device with the Omnia W and Flash running for the mid-grade tier.

We bet the Focus S will hit $199 on AT&T though, so there's not too much to worry about.

Thanks, Talan1314, for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • That seams high for the Omnia W
  • Omina W? Yeah, okay....
  • You'd have to be a pretty hard core fan of WP or seriously looking for something new to consider those handsets at those price levels. I thought the Omnia 7 was pretty ok when it was sold on Ebay for a little over 220 euro or something. So I am not very optimistic about the outlook for the OS. This phone will have to compete for the next YEAR or so with models that are far more a household name and have far better hardware.
  • Far better hardware? Really?
  • I have to tend to agree with this, it's something I have been thinking about lately. Android might be a free OS and all but the licensing fee for WP shouldnt justify using yesteryears hardware and still charging top of the line prices.This is something where Nokia really need to improve on aswell, sim free prices of 1st gen WP devices didnt really start dropping till recently, where Android hardware starts to drop a few months after release.I dont like Android but take a look at the Galaxy S2, I have seen it sim free for a fair bit below £400. Take the Omnia W for instance using much less hardware and it costs roughly £300+.It is a real problem that does indeed need to be addressed, Microsoft say they arent supporting dual cores currently till the software can take advantage of them to keep prices down. But these OEM's are still charging highend prices for older hardware compared to what they are giving to Android.
  • I wonder if disappointing Omnia W will remain the only Samsung Mango device available outside US? :-\
  • No European version of the Samsung Focus S ? Or will this phone also come to Europe? ...
  • Not sure yet. Really hoping Europe gets it though--unless AT&T have an exclusive on it for awhile? Too early to tell.
  • Sure they would've announced one already :-|Besides, it's not like we are expecting an exact copy of Focus S - the repeat of Focus/Omnia7 situation is more likely.
  • Will it ever come to the USA either? This is vaporware.
  • It is officially announced by AT&T...
  • i really hope they give us some info regarding availablilty and more specs/pictures soon. :\
  • Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times, yes!
  • Samsung Omina? I smell a fake.
  • just a typo dude
  • Why would the Focus S be $200 when SGsII and iPhone, which have beeffier specs, are $200. I believe it but I just don't want it to be true
  • Because a device is more than just hardware specs?
  • Because thats the way ATT is.
  • Basic pricing structure. Your comparing the top of the line WP to the top of the line Android phone. As far as marketing is concerned, the two should be equivalent in price. Marketing thinks like your average consumer. They care less about actual specs and more about perceived value.
  • We absolutely need to see the specs. I have the original Focus, and I love it. The HTC Titan intrigues me and so does the Focus S. But the killer for me is storage. I'm running 40GB on my Focus and having stronger or additional features in the Focus S will not be enough to convince me to jump. All other things being equal, if I can get a device w/32GB of storage I'd be willing to upgrade. And I'd be willing to pay retail to do it.
  • The titan and focuss have nand memory. That's the future and while they are not 32 Gb now I suspect that somebody will figure out how to swap 16gb for 32 or 62GB nands and beef up the storage lor the manufacturer will increase it themselves.
  • The cloud is the future. I have 16GB on my HD7 and 25GB on skydrive. That's plenty for me.
  • while the cloud is most def the future of storage, data caps make reliance on it less user friendly.
  • Misspellings and inconsistent capitalization = fake.
  • Maybe somebody in a hurry to get something out and not proofread carefully!
  • Agreed. Prices seem a good $50 higher than they should be as well, and $569 for the Omnia is an awfully odd price. I was hoping for $599 for the Focus S tops, as I'll likely be getting on for my mom and myself, unsubsidized.
  • Chomping at the bit to see the final specs and such for the Focus S. In January I get to renew my contract and dump my Android Samsung Captivate. My sights are set on the Focus S!
  • Still unhappy that the only device annouced for T-Mobile is the Radar. Not a terrible phone but not what I want to replace my HD7 with. Hopefully next week we TMOUS folks will get some good news from the Nokia conference.
  • Many people have pointed out not just the spelling error ('Omina') but also the strange failure to capitalise the F in 'Flash'. The main reason that this supposedly reliable leak strikes me as bullsh!t, though, is that there are no markets in which all three handsets will be sold alongside each other. The Focus S and Focus Flash are for North America. The Omnia W is a mid-range handset for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and south Asia. There's no indication that the new Focus devices will be offered outside of North America; and there's nothing to suggest that the Omnia W will be sold in North America. Furthermore, phones - like other products - don't have a single global price; items are priced up locally. This is why the cost of an iPad or iPhone in the United Kingdom isn't the same as it costs in the US after you've converted dollars to pounds sterling. Products cost different amounts in different countries. So if there are no markets in which these three phones will be sold alongside each other, and if we accept that there's no such thing as a 'global' price for phones, then why would these three carelessly typed phones be listed and priced together on the same piece of paper/screen? They're being sold in different markets, and therefore in different currencies and under different local pricing models; there's just no logical reason that they'd be listed in this way.
  • I can't wait for the Focus S. I just bought two HTC HD7S this weekend for my brother and sister. The phone itself is nice, but the responsiveness and screen just don't compare to my Focus (which I've had since November 2010). If the S will be an improvement, then yey! I think Mango runs best on my Focus, too. HTCHD7S x 2, LGQuantum x 1, SamsungFocus x 1 in my family at the present moment. So far none of the reps were willing to say when the S might be out other than "November is typically when we announce new things."