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Samsung Galaxy S9 will debut on February 25

Regardless of the Microsoft Edition that wasn't really that, the Galaxy S8 was a big device for Windows fans in 2017. Many were making their first moves away from a Windows phone and the Galaxy S8 was a great fit with incredible hardware and design, the freedom of the Android platform to Microsoft it all up and a terrific camera.

But that was then and this is now. And at Mobile World Congress on February 25 the Galaxy S9 will make its first official appearance (via Android Central). And it'll still be a big deal for Microsoft fans.

Aside from whatever Apple launches towards the back end of 2018, the Galaxy S9 will likely be the biggest smartphone launch of the year. We don't really know anything about it right now, though camera fans should be interested in rumors of adjustable apertures and dual-cameras for the first time on the Galaxy S lineup. Will it come preloaded with Microsoft apps again? Is Microsoft going to sell it? Who knows, but it's a phone we and a lot of folks out there should be interested in.

The good news is that like our pals at Android Central, we'll be out at MWC next month. So if it's worth talking about, you'll hear it right here. In the meantime, hit up Android Central at the link below for everything we know (and don't know) about the Samsung Galaxy S9 so far.

Samsung Galaxy S9: Rumors, Specs, Release Date, and More!

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Because the was no Windows 9.
    It makes sense why we would need this information
  • With Camera reimagined, it still can't over my L950 camera!
  • It probably can. There are already cameras on phones better than the 950.
  • In some ways but in others they're not. The time of a real camera king is over. There are a lot of great cameras and all of them have advantages and disadvantages towards others.
  • This. All the way. For a general camera the 950XL still looks great. It's just slow as making a fossil sometimes when taking pictures with the stock app.
  • so why would I care?
  • Clearly you do. Since you clicked into the post, clicked on the comments section, wrote a comment and clicked the send button.
  • You mean you don't go around the web looking for things you don't care about, so you can click on them to let everyone know you don't care?
  • I got a new article on my live tile so I clicked. And then it was just this announcement. It's ok to show needed alternatives for windows phone users but this article has nothing to do with it. This is pretty much useless ("blah blah just like your comment") on a platform called Windows Central. Articles about switching to Android or iOS, about MS apps on those devices or the connection between windows PCs and Android/iOS devices are great. But this announcement is redundant. There's Android Central for this.
    The only interesting part is if Microsoft is selling this devices too.
  • That is why Live Tiles are so frustrating. They don't show much information and aren't interactive at all. The notification center does a much better job and Live Tiles never caught on for this reason. Microsoft admitted this when they added the notification center to Windows Phone. If you are truly worried about functionality, then widgets are far superior to Live Tiles.
  • I actually saw what this article was about in my Live Tile, so what are you talking about? Sure if you waited till there were 8 new articles, it probably wouldn't scroll through this one, but for a few it does. Why is this such a horrid functionality to you? It would seem like having this ability on every platform would be beneficial in at least SOME regard.
  • I'm on Android now and I hate the notification center.  I miss being able to glance at my phone without any interaction.
  • haha.  Because it will run Andromeda OS right?
  • The Galaxy Note 8 is a great device. Beautiful screen, good battery life, biometrics (retina, fingerprint and facial recognition). It even allows for Bixby voice unlock. Although, I would never use it. The camera is very good and it has plenty of on board storage, along with plenty of high-end specs that potentially could keep anyone happy. It will be interesting to see what they do with it. I can't imagine what they will add or change to make it better. Lol Chrome OS instead of Android? The one thing I would like to see Bixby improvements. I want it to be able work over Bluetooth the way Cortana can. Say what you want, no other AI assistant works as good, when it comes to that. That is one of the things that Cortana shined for me. It was completey hands free in my car and I didn't have to touch or look at the phone to do a thing. Even with Apple, it needs Apple carplay to work in this manner.
  • Use "OK, Google..." It works far far better than Bixby...IMHO. completely hands-free experience.  
  • "The one thing I would like to see Bixby improvements. I want it to be able work over Bluetooth the way Cortana can. " I would ditch my Sony Xperia phone that just got if Samsung can make this happen.  Cortana over bluetooth is the function I miss most!
  • I never thought I would care, but I do. My wife is still using her Lumia 1020 and I am using my Lumia 950. Cameras are most important to us and Windows Phone appears to be coming to an end. I have to care about flagship phones in other mobile OS's.
  • I sat next to a woman on the bus yesterday that was using what looked like a Nokia Lumia 830, she didn't seem to mind using a phone running Windows 8.
  • She probably doesn't even know she is on an officially dead platform, one that doesn't even get security foxes anymore.
  • Wow finally the Samsung Galaxy will be running Windows 10 Mobile! Great news!
  • You must be new here.
  • Hey wait a minute this is Windows Central right? I couldn't have mixed it up with MSPoweruser because their app looks like crap now since they took away the dark theme for the comments section.
  • Yes, he must be. This is where you go to get all the Android news, not If people wanted android news and were too lazy to go to another site, then they bring all that news to you right here on the new androidcentral, formerly known as windows central.
  • We cover it better.
  • Consumer Windows is dead. Unless you have some business software needs or are a PC gamer, Windows isn't your platform. It is time to move on.
  • Yes, g9w10.
  • Samsung is very good at catching the pulse of the market and selling craps to people. I don't buy Samsung products because their products have no practical utility. Prime examples are ability to scroll pages through eyes or the edge and curves glass. Lol.
  • It's kind of the beauty and tragedy of Samsung. They put so much in their phones that goes unused or unnoticed.
  • An EXTREMELY popular brand with the most used OS. There's a reason why android has the market share that it does. And I get it. But...pass. Still looks like crap to me. I'll switch as soon as I can configure android to look, feel and function like w10m. Call me stubborn. You'd be right.
  • You have been able to do that for several years now. Windows phone launchers have been available since the beginning.
  • That edge screen... Just awful. I wish they would release the Active phones over here. Nice flat screen, bigger battery and less chance of damage. Anyone know where I can get one?
  • Hope it has SD845. That will be the chip for Surface Andromeda.
  • More likely a Samsung chip for at least some regions.
  • Yawn.
  • @Richard Devine
    To be sold in the Microsoft store correct?
  • The S9 will bring minor improvements no huge overhauls, as Samsung sticks to its every other year trend I assume.  Why waste money again on the S9 when it is only minor bumps in improvement to the S8??? Samsung sure wants you to.  But why, with such minor imrovements.  The S8 over the S7 was mostly asthetics.  The OS was pretty much the same except for the on screen nav bar they added (finally).  Guess we will see what Samsung tries to throw at the wall this year... You know what would be if we get dual boot Android OS/W10 ARM device in 2018...
  • Samsung phones are garbage.