Samsung Galaxy S9 will debut on February 25

Regardless of the Microsoft Edition that wasn't really that, the Galaxy S8 was a big device for Windows fans in 2017. Many were making their first moves away from a Windows phone and the Galaxy S8 was a great fit with incredible hardware and design, the freedom of the Android platform to Microsoft it all up and a terrific camera.

But that was then and this is now. And at Mobile World Congress on February 25 the Galaxy S9 will make its first official appearance (via Android Central). And it'll still be a big deal for Microsoft fans.

Aside from whatever Apple launches towards the back end of 2018, the Galaxy S9 will likely be the biggest smartphone launch of the year. We don't really know anything about it right now, though camera fans should be interested in rumors of adjustable apertures and dual-cameras for the first time on the Galaxy S lineup. Will it come preloaded with Microsoft apps again? Is Microsoft going to sell it? Who knows, but it's a phone we and a lot of folks out there should be interested in.

The good news is that like our pals at Android Central, we'll be out at MWC next month. So if it's worth talking about, you'll hear it right here. In the meantime, hit up Android Central at the link below for everything we know (and don't know) about the Samsung Galaxy S9 so far.

Samsung Galaxy S9: Rumors, Specs, Release Date, and More!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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