Samsung GT-i8700 pics surface

Courtesy of Gizmodo, we give you the Samsung GT-i8700 Windows Phone 7. Samsung dropped the chrome trim we've seen on the developer's unit which gives is a cleaner, sleaker look. Beyond what little information is displayed on the screen shot, we don't know much about the specs of the GT-i8700.

The matte black backside adds to the clean look and the curved backing likely takes away any boxy feel the phone might have.  But I'm wondering what the two notches are in the upper left corner? Microphone? A place to attach a carry strap?

Another observation is that the GT-i8700 looks a lot like the Samsung prototype we ran across last month. If the GT-i8700 and the prototype are one in the same, how the heck does the Cetus SGH-i917 fit into the picture?

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  • looking pretty good. modern and clean. $199 w/2yr contract?
  • There are 3 knobs on the backside picture. It appears the large one on the right is the volume knobs, and on the bottom left would be a camera button. Wonder what the upper left knob is for?
  • Power | Display on/off button. That would be the same as the samsung WM phone I have now.
  • Pictures are nice and all, but that's just one part of the puzzle, what are the specs and finally what's the price point here? Also 8GB model? Too small for most I'd say, 16GB at the least is what I'd like at this point. 4" screen as well, what's the size for this? We really need more info here.
  • looks like a strap loop.
  • looks like one of the best looking WP7 devices to date.