Samsung i770 Surfaces

We've seen a few shots of the Samsung i770, but none as good as the above, posted at HoFo [via BGR]. The i770 looks to replace the awkward i760 by ditching the slider and going to a front-facing QWERTY. Palm had better try to get the Treo 800w released on Verizon on October 12th as previously rumored, because there's a lot of pent-up demand for a front-facing QWERTY WinMo smartphone on Verizon. This i770 looks to match the Treo 800w on pretty much every feature and will better it on thinness. One other way it will better the Treo 800w: it's a world-phone -- you can slap a SIM in there for use overseas.

Samsung is also doggedly pursuing their strategy of using the mini-mouse-pad in place of a standard D-Pad, though we hold out hope that the big silver circle surrounding it is clickable. We're doubting it, though, as it sounds like there's a switch to toggle the different pad modes between “swipe to scroll” and “mouse.”

  • If that is in fact a clickable silver wheel, giving it traditional 5 way functionality, that could be a killer in the front-facing form factor.
    Can't really tell from the flash, but is that a front camera as well? (Hard to imagine VZW not nerfing that)
  • I believe that's just a LED, not a camera.
  • I'm assuming this is a WinMo STANDARD (ie: non touch screen) device?
    I would be a little disappointed with that... and even if it is WinMo Pro, it's a substantially smaller square (320x320 I assume) screen. Seems like a slight step backwards in that regard, at least.
    For me at least, as a Verizon customer, I'm still going to be pulling for the CDMA Omnia or the HTC Touch Pro over the next year.
  • The center of the dpad looks pretty dark,,,,,,, looks like its one of those silly optical touchpad thing-a-majiggers. You know, the one where you slide your thumb across the dpad and it moves the pointer on the screen :jamesthenshakeshisheadatthesiteofretardedideas:
  • It is a clickable 4 way at least, not sure if it's 5 or not. I had one in hand a couple of weeks ago. It is also WinMo Pro 6.1