Samsung Omnia 7 running Mango RTM ?

A tipster over at WPSauce sent them a screen shot of a Samsung Omnia 7 sporting WP7 version 7720, which is the RTM version of Mango.  We saw this same version number on the Mango-toting HTC Mazaa that was awarded to a student developer yesterday and is expected to be made available to current WP7 devices this fall.  File this one under "iffy," as the picture cannot be verified and no details have been provided for its context.

In fact, the closer we look at it, the more fake it looks.

Source: WPSauce

  • All the versions numbers match my Omnia 7 except a few that would be down to the Mango upgrade
  • You're right to be iffy about it. The version number's font, brightness, perspective, and focus are different from the rest of the screen. Definitely looks like a photoshop job and they didn't even try very hard to hide it....
  • Yea, there's no point in believing something like this without any kind verification or proof. At least the DFT usually put up videos or multiple images of their stuff.
  • I see some pixels.
  • Hi,it is a well known "secret" that Microsoft uses internally 7720 for their devices. This means they can upgrade internally retail devices to 7720.But these devices are under the same restrictions - they have to be restored to NoDo, when Mango is made officially available.
  • Does the IE9 UI still suck?
  • Fake as ****