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Samsung: Our phones do not support network reconfiguration

In a sort of follow up to our earlier story, about how MMS does not work if you switch SIM cards on some unlocked Windows Phones, Samsung responded in a Tweet on their policy.

Evidently, they say their phones are configured to work on a specfic networks and only those networks. So if you buy an unlocked/unsubsidized Samsung phone from some carrier, don't expect it to work on other networks. In other words: buyer beware.

That's a real shame for consumers and we're not sure why they would support being so carrier-locked. Perhaps they can share some more information on their decision and how they expect consumers to respond.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Chris H., for the tip

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  • Oh please, who do they think they are Apple? Looks like its a good thing I bought an unlocked Optimus.
  • Why are you "not sure" why they would do this? Do you not think that they have exclusivity contracts with the carriers? If you're AT&T, for example, you don't want someone bringing a phone on to your network that you had no part in selling, nor do you want your shiny phone made by [OEM} to run somewhere else where you're not getting the monthly service fees.
  • I'm not really clear how disabling Automatic Data Configuration (ADC)is necessary. It's not some magical configuration or setup they are doing, they simply disabled a feature of the phone. If a Vodafone sells you the phone "unlocked" and you paid full price, then the phone has Automatic Data Configuration (ADC) disabled preventing you from using it fully on other networks (and no one tells you), you do *not* see a problem with any of that? I beg to differ.
  • It has nothing to do with the feature, it has to do with carrier coupling, and it's something that US carriers in particular are nutty about.
  • This is bad bad news :( I hope someone can find a fix for this.