Samsung prepping a firmware update for the ATIV S Windows Phone

Samsung is preparing to support Windows Phone consumers with an update for the ATIV S flagship device, according to a report over on WindowsPhoneItaly. This firmware update will take each non-branded ATIV S from 2424.12.12.3 (which is Portico) to 2424.13.13.1. Major improvements? The report states that all owners will finally be able to take advantage of Wi-Fi tethering (or "Internet sharing").

We've already got the feature enabled on our Samsung ATIV S, which is also unlocked but it's known that some consumers have been unable to enjoy said functionality. Here are the version numbers for multiple fields on the about screen:

  • OS Version: 8.0.10211.204
  • Firmware version: 2424.13.3.1 [previously 2424.12.12.3]
  • Hardware version:
  • Radio software version: 2424.13.1.1 [previously 2424.12.12.2]
  • Radio hardware version:
  • Bootloader Version: 13.02. 15.5 [previously]
  • Processor SOC Version: 1.5.32

When can we expect to see this update rolling out? Before the month is out, so stay tuned for notifications and alerts.

Source: WindowsPhoneItaly

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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