Samsung getting reinvigorated with Windows Phone 8; releases three new Lens apps for users

Say what you will about Samsung, but it looks like they’re finally sinking some money and resources into delivering quality apps for their users. Today, the Korean company has pushed out three new camera apps, which are all variations on a theme, but are still fun to use.

The three apps, Artistic Effect, Fun Shot and Color Effect, are all Lenses that can be launched to give live filters for your camera. The apps themselves are all designed around the same UI, though each comes with a dozen or so uniquely themed filters. While that may seem redundant, it’s actually a smart move as it means you have less scrolling to do when selecting your filter. Not to mention, not everyone needs Fun Shot, which makes your images distorted for goofy results.

Here is the breakdown of the three new camera apps...

Artistic Effect

Samsung Artistic Effect

“Artistic Effect supports several effects including Pop Art, Cartoon, Magic Pen, Oil, Posterize and Sketch.”

The lens is a bit gimmicky as it creates images akin to Sketch Camera. It’s certainly a neat effect, especially since the filters are live, though if you’re looking to make your photos pretty, this is more novelty than useful. Still, it’s well done at least.

Pick up Artistic Effect here in the Samsung Zone.

Color Effect

Samsung Color Effect

“Colour Effect includes several effects including Antique, Vintage photos, Grayscale, Sepia, Retro, Sun, Downlight, Blue wash, Nostalgia, Brightness yellow, semi-transparent colors, Inverted, Sharpness, Tint light and blur.”

This is straight up our most favorite new Lens for Samsung. It’s nothing fancy, just a traditional filter Lens that allows you to change the hue and tone of the image, giving you an older film look. Think of the Instagram-effect and you’ll understand. The filters though are well done and we could envisage using this Lens often.

Download Color Effect from the Samsung Zone here.

Fun Shot

Samsung Fun Effect

“Fun Shot includes several effects including Curve, tweaks, Spin, Spiral, Narrowing, Stretch, Mirror, Kaleidoscope, Gallery and Reflector.”

File this under novelty as well, Fun Shot allows you to select from a bunch of silly filters to give you a carnival mirror effect. It works well, though honestly we cringe whenever we see these types of images posted anywhere. But if you have kids, it could be a fun distraction.

Pick up Fun Shot from the Samsung Zone here.

Overall, these aren’t mind blowing photography apps, but it’s more the mindset here that’s the story: Samsung is actually creating news apps for users. Just last week we saw a dual release from them in the form of App Folder and Video Trimmer, the week before, MangaCamera and Paper Artist and they also recently overhauled some of their existing apps. That’s seven new apps and several app refreshes from a company who so far has been lukewarm for Windows Phone 8.

For those reasons, we’re excited for those of you bought an ATIV device recently as finally, you’re getting some attention.

Via: Windows Phone Italy

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