App Folder and Video Trimmer released for Samsung Windows Phones

Samsung appears to be on a roll, either that or something is certainly in the air. It was only yesterday when we covered MangaCamera and Paper Artist and the manufacturer has released two more apps for its Samsung Zone collection of Windows Phone content. Offering consumers more exclusive apps is definitely something we're beginning to enjoy seeing from Samsung.

So what are these new apps? App Folder and Video Trimmer. Head past the break for a quick summary and download links. Just as before, these apps are Windows Phone 8 only and require a Samsung ATIV Windows Phone.

Samsung App Folder

App Folder

This is an interesting app for Samsung Windows Phones. App Folder enables consumers to group apps and settings shortcuts. It has been a real issue for owners who continue to demand folder tiles, but Microsoft met said requests half way with small sized tiles. Now Samsung is offering a solution to group multiple apps (more than what's displayed on tiles themselves) and shortcuts to a single tile on the home screen. 

Shortcuts and apps can be horded into groups that can then be pinned to the home screen, offering more convenient access. Wide tiles are also supported, as well as the standard setup. You can download App Folder from the Samsung Collection on the Windows Phone Store (version - only listed for Windows Phone 8).

QR: App Folder

Samsung Video Trimmer

Video Trimmer

As the name suggests, this app helps make trimming videos easy with cropping functionality. Editing videos in an instant, if you enjoy recording exciting moments on your Samsung Windows Phone, this app is certainly worth checking out before publishing said content online. Not much else to report on this one, except check it out if you're looking for such a solution.

You can download Video Trimmer from the Samsung Collection on the Windows Phone Store (version - only listed for Windows Phone 8).

QR: Video Trimmer

via: Windows Phone Italy

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Hmmmmm, well, sounds interesting, and this will push Nokia even further!
  • Oh HTC. You're gonna finish behind Samsung in this platform as well.
  • Folks need to simmer down and keep this stuff in perspective
  • I'm like a fajita...sizzling...
  • I'm sure it will and any push is a good thing for WP8. I just hope that Samsung can keep up the releases both hardware and software.
  • Why release new hardware, the ATIV S is as good as it gets without the hardware GDR3 adds support for. No reason to carpet bomb the market with clones of what they already have available!!!
  • Because if there was an ATIV S offering for each carrier (speaking US since others have it), then more can enjoy the ATIV S goodness. More WP8 options other than just Nokia options is a good thing.
  • I don't mean carrier variants, I mean new devices ;-)
  • Exactly this. They really can't make a better phone than the ATIV S (othe than a better camera which is never Samsung's main focus). 720p screen? Check. Dual core snapdragon (the high end one that WP8 supports)? Check. Largest screen? Check. Largest battery? Check. Only flagship with a microSD slot? Check. 
    What do you guys want them to make!? A billion different ones with minor tweaks? Look what that's causing for Nokia. They're having trouble getting them all updated in a decent amount of time. Samsung is already rolling out the update for the ATIV S. Unbranded already have it  and carriers are holding up their updates, but Nokia doesn't even have it out for all unbranded Lumias. Nokia needs to realize less is more. Samsung does too on the Android front but they have on the WP front.
  • Nokia already has an app folder, I am using that on my 1520. It is very similar to the Samsung one. I think the feature should just be included in the OS bcz the app runs in the background the whole day and the opening of those folders should take place in the start screen not in another screen like these apps.
  • Oh wow App Folder is one I've been hoping for and of all companies Samsung did it?!? Come on Nokia, follow suite. Or else I might try that trickery method to get it loaded on my 920.
  • There are other app folder apps out there....this is not an OS thing....but leave it to Samsung to glom some shitty UI implementation on.
    It is very bizarre that this company is suddenly getting interested in Windows Phone again.
  • Good reply. I never knew other apps existed other than WPCentral running an article a very long time ago on one that only worked sideloaded on WP7 I think.
  • Are there? Folders where you can group multiple shortcuts to actually apps (not just settings)? What are they called? Cause I would be really interested in this.
  • Way to go turning positive news about an OEM showing support into negative news. The UI does what its supposed to, what were you expecting!!!!!
  • Yea either my searching skills suck or they don't exist. I found some grouping apps, but no actual apps for folder creation (where I can shove a whole collection of apps where I don't care as much about their live tiles into the space of a single tile).
  • that's really all this is, it is a grouping app.  There is no folder support being added by this.  You tap the tile and it launches an app that shows a group of apps.
  • We understand what this does! And where can we find an app like that in the store? The only 'grouping' apps I can find are the ones to create header titles. Nothing like what this does. So if there are any real grouping apps available, I'd be really interested.
  • There are no publicly available API's to do this. Only the device manufactures can create this type of app.
  • If you are using a lumia, just install the "Lumia Cyan WP8.1 update" app on your phone. You wull find it in that app in a list of all nokia Windows phone apps. It is called App Folder. I found it there.
  • Inteller is clueless.... ranting about topics he has no knowledge on.
  • @myrandex, if you have tiles that you dont care about, just unpin them.
  • I don't care about an app folder, but I do like the idea of a settings folder for quick access to WiFi, Airplane Mode, etc.  Do you know of an app like that?  I've seen apps that link to a specific setting, but I don't like to put too many of those on my start screen.
  • Look for "Network Dashboard". Worked good for me on my Lumia 900, but I haven't used it in WP8.
  • Windows Phone insider is the app your looking for
  • OMG, what a asshole. ¬¬
  • Personally, I don't see the need of app folder.
  • Then when it comes out, don't use it.
  • haha :P
  • Looooooool
  • Burn
  • Checkmate
  • YAHTZEE!!!
  • Correct. The use of folders negates the purpose of Live Tiles.
  • You wouldn't put a tile that is "Live" into a folder.  Not every app supports Live Tiles and there is limited to the number of Live Tiles that you can use, either because of a system limitation or due to the loss of usefulness.  For the apps that don't have Live Tiles, or ones that you don't want to utilize them, grouping them into folders on the Start Screen would be very useful to keep the tiles organized and save space.
  • Not even remotely.
  • No it doesn't.
  • I would find this very useful.  I like to have most of my apps pinned to the start screen and I like to keep them organized in groups.  I use Headertiles, but these are just a labels that you can pin to your start screen that take up more space.  Being able to put tiles that are not "Live" into folders would be great because it would organize the apps and take up less space on the start screen, thus less scrolling to find what you want.  The OS already does this with the Games tile.  I can't see how this would be that difficult for Microsoft to implement.  Also, it would be great to organize the App list by group, instead of simply sorting alphabetically.  But App Folder would work well for me.  Hopefully something like this will be come available for all WP users, you don't have to use it.  Glad to see Samsung doing some development for the platform. 
  • +920 Hey, Rudy... we want this!
  • I'm not desperate for folders, but there are a few cases where it might be nice. Specifically, I really like the idea of the Settings folder. Also in the end its one of those checkbox items that might deter a potential customer, "oh you mean iPhone and Android have folders but WP doesn't?"
  • I just need it for my photo apps Edit: just realised I have a 920, lol! Damn.
  • If it still keeps the tiles 'live' then it's awesome. Basically it's just a header for a group of tiles, much like Windows 8 allows. 
  • Good to see Samsung releasing all these apps. I think they are doing this because they might be planning to release good handsets along with GDR3.
    That will really help the WP platform.
  • just a GS4 variant of the Ativ...BFD.
  • Why are you trolling? Because it's samsung? Usually you actually have something to contribute but so far, it's just hate.
  • You mad, bro?
  • That would be a BFD! A lot of people want to buy Samsung phones these days. I don't think a lot of people even know that S4 runs Android. Samsung probably could care less if they sold an Android phone or a WP, as long as the sell you a phone. It would great to see them release a WP phone that can really compete with their own Android phones.
  • And I will likely buy said variant, since Nokia has yet to make a single device available for my carrier, and I have an amazing grandfathered plan that I'm not giving up...
  • And why do you think it's because Nokia doesn't want to sell to your carrier, rather than your carrier not wanting to buy from Nokia?
  • Stupid.
  • Exactly what I want. Nokia won't give me a jumbo phone with a removable battery and SD slot. Samsung will. I will buy from Samsung.
  • by that you are talking about a S4 with WP on it :) 
  • That's what I'm thinking. Their hardware, build quality aside as it's subjective, for Android is all High End stuff so I assume that with GDR3 they'll be focusing more on Windows Phone with 1080p displays and quad core processors.
  • But if a 4 Apps folder occupies 4 Small tiles and looks like 4 Small tiles, what use does it hace other than "grouping" them and make you tap double the times?
  • The live tile only shows a subset of app shortcuts that are within that folder.  There may be a limit on the number of app shortcuts (don't know), but its definitely more than 4 (as the screenshot shows 7).
  • according to the screenshot you can put more than just 4 in a tiles and it just displays the first apps - depending of the size of the tile.. meaning the settings tile can have 10 "apps" in it.
  • I thought exactly the same as you.
    I think it becomes more useful when a folder has more than 4 items in it, but you don't want to use a lot of screen real-estate. E.g. Instead of 8 small setting/app blocks, it'll have a folder that only uses up 4.
  • Ding, ding, ding! Correct answer :-)
  • You can make a folder any size, including the smallest one. I currently have all my media apps (metrotube, media downloader, Netflix, etc... 11 apps in total) occupying one small tile.
  • Looks more like a student's work than Samsung. I know they are organising events worldwide and afterwards publishing apps in their name.
    Its not actually Samsung who did the work, you should really thank people that Samsung hooked up in. Eg: hackathons.
  • Wait...I'm getting jello here. Not much use of a folder now but having 1 to store some shortcuts will be very useful.
  • mmmmmm jello .........
  • Is this really happening?? And why hasn't Nokia done anything about it? I hope Nokia/Microsoft isn't waiting til GDR3/4
  • Waiting for your move, Nokia...don't let me down...
  • So, Nokia's been consistent this entire time with all their 'moves'. Now Sammie busts out 2 somewhat-solid moves and its 'waiting for Nokia'? LMAO. Not even close.  Sammie and HTC got a whole lot of steps to take to catch up to Nokia.
  • Nice to see positive news turned into negative news, way to go!!!!
  • Are you serious?
    Is the concept of competition strange to you? That's what moves things forward. Nokia also has a video trimer unreleased for every phone except the L1020. And the folders are something many people want. So it's expected for Nokia to react to this. They certainly don't want Samsung to start bridging the gap ;)
  • I doubt very much Nokia will 'react' to this. They've got enough on their plate as it is. If this wasn't posted I doubt there would have been a sudden surge in Nokia users wanting an app folder.
  • can't be sure of that. Nokia holds the majority of Windows Phones. Folders is one of the top requests on Microsoft's UserVoice. So I think it's fair to assume that Nokia users would like that on their phones. (I personally, as a Nokia user, have no interest in the folders. Just like the Notifications centre, I think it kind of defeats the purpose of the Live Tiles...but hey...if people want that...
    The video editing app on the other hand...that one I would really use.)
  • Sooo you don't mind losing the email count when you go into the email app without touching a single email? lol
  • Yay! More OEMs' support = the better!
  • Glad somebody realizes that this is a good thing.
  • +T899
  • +i8750 (Model number of the ATIV S)
  • So it's a fail that I think more OEM support is a good thing, the only "EPIC FAIL" is your comment!!!!
  • What I mean is the +i18750.
  • It's no different to Nokia users adding "+1020" or "+928" to posts, sorry I broke YOUR rules for posting comments!!!!
  • It sounds better than +i18750. Eat that :)
  • Well, yeah but it's better than +ATIV S :P
  • +1020
  • I think both are overused on this site and kinda lame at this point so if I can ask people to please stop posting +(insert model number) that would be great ;)
  • Yeah some people are just offensive, and don't get jokes.
  • Why call others' device preferences an "EPIC FAIL"? We Nokia users do it all the time, including me, and Samsung phone owners never say fail for that.
    Come on man, even if you love Nokia that much, you shouldn't blindly hate on others' attempts to show their satisfaction with their own device.
  • What I mean is +i18750 it doesn't sound good.
  • Exactly, it's just showing support for the devices we use ;-)
  • Lol fanboy
  • That's rich coming from a Nokia Fanboy :P
  • Nope. Its good that they released an app now lets just wait for Nokia which might be even better :)
  • I'll be happy to see that, you have to admit though that it's good to see Samsung supporting their devices ;-)
  • have been using a windows phone for 3 years. i love this operating system and am happy to see anything that helps it flourish. happen to own a samsung ativ s now. not sure why every announcement of new app/update/phone, no matter which company it comes from, has to become a "pissing contest". just keep those windows phones coming.
  • I guess it boils down to "my phone is better than yours mentality", however I guess this is more apt "my beyblade is better than yours", since they are acting like kids in kindergarten / nursery.
  • Wow, someone woke the Kraken!!!
    I hope Nokia is getting their stuff together, because Samsung knows how to launch and market a device. I can see them doing a 2014 launch of a Windows 8 phone across all carriers at the same time with no exclusivity games like they do with the Galaxy series and crush the competition.
  • Judging by the comments this news just woke up all the Nokia Fanboys instead!!!!
  • @neo158 lol so true.
  • Angered a lot of them for sure... well except me =P
  • Yes! Lol.
  • Did you pull the "no exclusives" as a Samsung virtue, in an article ABOUT exclusives from Samsung? :/
  • He was referring to the fact that Samsung releases their flagship devices (at least the Android ones) on all carriers simultaneously rather that pursuing exclusivity deals with carriers, which seems to unfortunately be Nokia's business model, and is the only reason I'm typing this on an Ativ S rather than a [insert Nokia flagship device here].
  • Samsung has the brand recognition, power, and money to pull off multi-carrier launches. Nokia does not. That said, I don't think we've yet seen Samsung use that power on a WP. Heck, they couldn't even get the Ativ S out the door in the US, and that was their only interesting WP8 model. Would be nice to see them jump into the fray again.
  • Well, whats the use of simultaneously releasing a device if the oems does not know how to support the os itself? Lol.
  • Yet your comment is on a news article about Samsung releasing new apps, what's that if not support. Don't forget they were also the first to start rolling out GDR2 to existing customers devices.
  • Exactly. I see posts saying big deal or basically screw Samsung and I am mystified by these responses. I don't care if Samsung or HTC take the GS4 and One and slap WP on it, its good for WP. Nice to see Samsung giving some love.
  • Finally something worth downloading from Samsung
  • Those HTC ever release anything for their WPs ? Lol.
  • Doesn't seem like they do :(
    My late Radar is still at 7.5...
    (brother in law borrowing it)
    Yes, I know about that wifi-thinghy... ;) Just doesn't work
    Good to see though, that Samsung is doing something towards WP :)
  • Awesome move. Hopefully this is all in advance of releasing an ATIV 2 and/or ATIV Note.
  • When GDR3 is released I certainly hope so :D
  • ATIV S2 this fall should be the first to use GDR3 update! 5" 1080p
    2GB RAM
    32GB Flash
    128GB microSD support
    13MP camera
    2600 mAh battery
    MSM 8974 Snapdragon 800 series!
  • I'll be the first in line to get one if it's AT&T LTE capable!
    That is unless anyone makes a phablet then I'll get that. 
  • Reminds me of jaxbot folders app it worked great on my focus.
  • +917
  • Weldone Samsung. Really, well done. HTC, you looking. The eye of Mordor is on you now.
  • Yeah, its HTC time to make positive contributions beside the 8s, 8x, 8xt.....i carry the 8x for my current personal, NL822 for work, previously carried the 900 for personal until I broke it, and first Gen wp's included the HTC trophy &. Samsung focus. So I've carried a device from pretty much every manufacturer and I'm not biased; I back everyone who says Nokia supports and contributes the most to WP, but would like to see others contribute to its market share & app count growth too! While I appreciate htc's design they need to do more and I personally loved my focus and acknowledge that Samsung is producing WP hardware, personally hope they bring some originality to their future designs and stop cloning the galaxy series.....
  • Well Samsung jumping hard in WP can only do good to this thing you gotta give them that they are excellent advertisers and have great market and Samsung together with htc beauties will do it for this platform
  • Yeah, I have a Lumia 920 and don't understand the hate. I would not like to see Nokia hurt, but if Samsung is serious about supporting WP, then it would go a long way toward growing the platform to the 10-15-20% of the market range. I don't see that to be at the expense of Nokia, although it could reduce their potential growth. But I always say, "would you rather have 100% of 5% of the market or 50% of 20% of the market?"
  • I would like a greater participation from Samsung to enhance WP experience on their devices.dont forget the goodwill of Samsung can be a turnaround for is fighting hard but alone.they need a competitor like Samsung.and also Samsung has done so much with android i don't think they've got anything big to announce this its time they concentarte on WP.
  • Everyone needs the App Folder functionality. This is the sort of thing that MS is taking way too long to deliver!
  • I know this is off topic but this is how I feel comments should be, respecting others.
  • As a Nokia fanboy, this causes me to think negatively lol I dont want WP and Nokia to be a niche thing forever and Samsung is helping it become "seen" even more, but I dread the day when people (young idiotic teens to be specific) are walking around with 1020s with unused cameras and Ativ S mark2s with instagram being the only app their phone ever launches, I name that era: iPhone-esque epidemic :(
  • Let's hope Samsung drops some new heavy hitters, e.g. major games, up and coming apps from Android, etc.
    As for folders, I hope we see some true native folder as well as file management capabilities from Microsoft -- to ALL Windows Phones. I don't see why this needs to be an issue, even on Windows RT I can do file management and folders in Metro, so why not Windows Phone? I want to be able to move files around in my phone using my phone.
    This isn't about being more like Android, it's about treating your customers as something more than stupid. Not all of us are stupid, please, keep the for-stupid options, but through some "Advanced" functionality let the rest of us use our phones as our pocket computers.
  • Nokiaism is strong in this thread.
  • Nokia better look out.
  • Happy Days Hopefully they can make an app to clear storage as well
  • If you think about it, the games hub is kind of like a folder. Since games are apps too. So if Microsoft/nokia can push this a little further then the issue is resolved. But personally i don't see such a massive requirement for folders, if the home screen seems cluttered, unpin or resize move to a more comfortable look for you.
  • Personally I would have no objection to a device with GS4 hardware running Windows Phone!!
  • Congrats to Sammy! As things start to swing the WP way, they are beginning to wake up. lol I for one, look forward to some compelling hardware, and features/apps for windows phone. Competition and more choice are always great things. I would not be against owning a well thought out, and executed Samsung Windows Phone.
  • I believe GDR3 is when all three manufacturers will release some stunning hardware along with software to match. iOS is firmly in our sights. Let the 5s come along with poly 5s. They are ripe for the picking, app store and build quality are all they have left. Low end Android is also ripe for the picking.
  • Imo the nail is likely in the coffin for low end android, with the NL520 now selling in some markets as a $90 prepaid option...
  • I suspect we will be able to organize the app list when the blue update come out for windows phone.
  • Not too fond of folders... I know some people like them, but that's an extra element of clutter added to the Start Screen. I think it's better if Microsoft implements what they did in Windows 8.1 and enable sorting by category and other filters. Keeps things cleaner imo.
  • Yes!! I've wanted a video trimmer for ATIV S. If only Samsung could update camera firmware so that proshot can work, the pain of not having Lumia devices from Bell would be soothed. ATIV S is great though. I love the screen.
  • ProShot does work, some functions crash the program though but it's an issue with the firmware that the developers can't get around.
  • Are you as pumped as I am for GDR2? Bell is pushing it out this weekend...
  • I am, yes. However it's only on the ATIV S in Germany, I haven't seen it yet.
  • Been waiting for this. My ATIV S is feeling very special lately. Now I do have a minor issue. The Samsung App Tiles need to be upgraded. Pinning these to my home screen will degrade the beauty of my home screen.
  • This news has made buying that Ativ S for only £200 a lot more tempting.. Not these two exclusive apps exactly, but that Samsung's showing continued interest in supporting their products.
  • I got my ATIV S back in June, and I've been seeing weekly updates for a lot of their apps and settings.
  • have only had my ativ s for 4 weeks and have also recv'd (at least) weekly updates. nice. hope this kind of attention continues.
  • Do it. It doesn't make sense to buy Nokia's mid and low end phones when you can get an ATIV S with the best WP8 specs for that cheap!
  • Lol well at least Samsung is doing something useful for their customers. I can't wait to see what Nokia has for us lumias. The folder thing sounds interesting enough.
  • I love commenting on an article and then seeing someone else already said the same thing, lol! #GreatMinds =P
  • :D
  • Folder is great idea great job Samsung
  • Well at least Samsung is doing SOMETHING finally, they announce a phone that they don't sell at ALL in the US first and just about a year later they start delivering some content. Its about damn time! =/
  • Good to see Samsung step up their game. I'm happy for those owning a Samsung WP and hope this is a sign of more great things to come in the near future.
  • App Hubs would be nice, e.g. similar to the Xbox Games hub.
  • I always loved the idea of Hubs as opposed to folders. Wasn't there some rumour before WP8 was annouced that customizable Hubs would be in?
    A Location/GPS/Maps based Hub would be nice.
  • I want a folder
  • Already using app folder,pretty sweet:)love having all my apps and quick setting on my home screen.Good job Samsung for bringing what alot of people wanted to WP.
  • I hope they update App Folder regularly. For the first update, please speed up the folder loading time. It's too slow.
  • Slow & unattractive, but its a start. Bring it Samsung.
  • I have a Nokia & was so excited about Samsung's folder app that I was going to do the workaround...
    Then I actually looked and could find no apps that I wanted to put in a folder. LOL
    oh well, I'm sure some people want it.
  • It can also group settings so that makes it somewhat useful ;-)
  • Yeah, like said, I'm sure its got something someone wants.
    I don't really change my settings, my WiFi stays on all the time, as dies my Bluetooth... I can't think of any settings that I've changed in a month or more.
  • There are apps already in the store that have connectivity settings grouped i.e connectivity short cuts.
  • But can they mix apps and settings though, my guess is that they can't?
  • Yeah, I tried to find a use for folders but just couldn't.
    But good for people who want it.
  • I'm happy Sammy is finally starting to show support for WP, and this app is actually so cool. The only problem I have with it is how slow it is. I could swipe to my app list and open it faster than I can open the app folder and pick my app.
  • That folders app really kills WP8's elegance.
  • Really? Having all your quick setting's and apps that are used occasionally on one tile for easy access is what WP is all about.
  • Yeah, I'm really ambivalent about whether this is good or bad. I HATE the Folder/App system that's been with us since the days of the first Macintosh, and I despise Apple for making it the standard with the iPhone. It's a terrible, lazy way of replicating the real world to organize electronic data, and it needs to stop. Microsoft is getting there, and the way to go is forward, not backwards.
    At the same time, it's something that's easily understood and familiar to people, and it FEELS as if it's a good solution. So it's an easy sell and something that people want.
    Personally, I hope that Windows Phone 8.1 takes a cue from Windows 8.1 and changes the way apps are organized when first installed. For example, pinning to the start screen should be the default, it shouldn't be something the user has to do afterwards. And if we want to go a similar route as folders, how about allowing us to name and create different areas on the Start screen instead, where apps would be auto-pinned to? It would leave the live tile functionality in place, but allow for less work with grouping and moving tiles. Let's say you install an exercise monitor app, this could give you the option when installing to "Pin to Fitness group", which would be a group of small tiles, maybe with a 1-pixel border and a title around them. Anyway, that's just an idea, but something that is IMO preferable to just putting stuff in folders.
  • Works perfectly on W8,but not sure about bringing that feature to WP8,to me that's just way to much clutter for a phone OS.
  • Well it was an idea I had in the span of writing that post, I'm sure it can be improved upon. :)
  • Would love to see a mock up it might change my mind:)
  • Crap. Now I know how everyone else felt when Nokia was releasing apps just for Lumias.
  • The vid trimmer is neat, I'm surprised there is only one comment about that! There aren't any other 3rd party vid trimmers are there? The App Folder is interesting, i wouldn't find it useful for my start screen but i can see it being useful to others. I would find the ability to group the app list though far more useful. The subjective app names makes the mandatory alphabetized list kinda annoying to scroll through if you can't quite recall the name of that app you are looking for, or forgotten apps. The ability to pinwheel the app list using the same headers from the Store i think at least would allow some semblance of order and consistency on the platform.
  • Agreed. Improving the App list grouping is a much better way to move forward than just throwing folders on the Start screen.
  • If you have seen what MS has done with app sorting/viewing on Windows 8.1, it'd be nice if those abilities could be worked into WP8.
  • Agreed, it would be nice to have the option to categorise the app list i.e. camera apps - you can simply dump all the lenses in there, social - plump facebook, twitter, whatsapp, viber, etc into it. It would be way easier and simpler. The search function would just act as normal but it would search within each category / folder aswell.
  • Wow, this is the first time in a long while I wish a little bit that I have a Samsung WP, well done! Nokia, do something about it!
  • I think the file manager, haha not possible,, fuck LAGsung
  • Do the Samsung's on Windows Phone lag or is that just on Android?
  • Android Lags not Samsung phones in general but lumia_warrior is obviously a Nokia Troll that much is obvious.
  • Good to see Samsung releasing something that differentiates them. Let's hope their new Sprint offering does good business.
  • Woah, way to go Samsung! These seem like pretty essential apps.
  • Installed App Folder on my Nokia 1020! Thanks Samsung!
  • hows that working out for you? any good?
  • I'm not a Samsung fan but go Microsoft
  • You know these are Samsung apps not Microsoft's, don't you?
  • You do know that the Samsung phone has a Microsoft OS windows phone don't you?? If it helps Samsung then it helps windows phone. Go Microsoft!!
  • I have a Lumia 920 and love it. But, I got to applause Samsung for developing App Folder. A fantastic addition to the ecosystem even though it is only available for Samsung devices. Nokia may be the WP device leader, but competition from other manufactures will only lead to more and better apps (and devices) and ultimately more WP converts. Isn't that the goal?
  • Awesome Samsung!! #928
  • Nice.!! Thanks Sammy for finally waking up for WP Samsung users.. Happy your finally doing things for them. This coming from a Nokia user.
  • Is there a similar app for nokia
  • While I have no interest in either of these apps it is a good sign. Isn't this roughly a handful of apps from Samsung recently? That's good, hoping this means they have some major hardware coming for us down the not too distant road.
  • thanks sammy! please release the gdr2 update!
  • Want to read the rest of this awesome comment? Head past the break tp read more.....^_~
  • Downloading video trimmer to my Ativ s now. Not so fancy about app folder. Wp8 live tiles do the job just fine.
  • Watch Samsung now that they have full control of android start pushing WP to get control here too. Exciting.
  • Its really good to see Samsung stepping up support for WP. We all know what other OEMs have & haven't contributed to the platform but any positive contribution should be cheered.
  • That's exactly what I think, we all use WP anyway so this news should positive news for everyone. Seeing an OEM step up support for our platform is encouraging.
  • That actually looks pretty cool. It'd be great for a folder to pan around the icons if there are more in it than can be displayed. Much like the Pictures app, or flip the icons around like the contacts app. Something dynamic. Always dynamic. That's what i love about WP.
  • This was a really funny comment section to read :D
    WP has less than 4% global market share but you guys are already acting as if it was the predominant ecosystem : brand "fanboyism" (Nokia/Samsung) being the main symptom.
    You know that if Microsoft does not grab 8-10% quickly (enf of 2014) it's pretty much dead? So who cares who does what? I'm more a Nokia guy but I'm really glad to see Samsung showing some kind of interest in the platform.
    So Go Nokia, Samsung, HTC...even Huawei ;) Bring new users to the platform by delivering new phones with cool specific apps because we badly need it!!
    Grow up guys.
  • Talk about,but Nokia is your phone of choice on a article that has nothing to do with Nokia or HTC.
  • According to you because I use a Nokia I'm not even allowed to read WP Samsung articles...
    Oh boy! iOS/Android fans are right : WP fans are really the worst.
  • Read all you want,but bashing WP and Microsoft isn't going to change the fact that they are gaining market share every year,and are not going anywhere.Have you ever went on a IOS or Android forum? Don't even compare us to them,we want choices and they want everyone using Android or IOS.
  • Actually it's over a 4% share. A Windows phone has been around in one form or the other for at least 13 years, it's not going anywhere.
  • Uau, samsung is on the way right now. Its cool that they are working on windows phone. Nice job samsung, i want this folder app on my Huawei w1 
  • Meanwhile... Nokia producing endless Phone models without any Software improvements. Way to go samsung. Maybe nokia or Microsoft Will start to feel little pressured to satisfy the consumers need rather than expanding the consumer numbers by producing the same phones with small appearance changes... Satisfy the small numbers that is believing in your platform. Those will spread the word about the cool features windows phone can deliver. Sadly, there are no specific cool features on windows phone, except the UI.... Even Im starting to consider changing back to android
  • Wow, basically everything you said is wrong.
    Either you just like to spout off with no knowledge of what you speak, or you are a troll... either way, probably best you go back to/stay with Android.
  • I can Install it on my Lumia 620 , i'm not kidding you guys . See this winphoneViet forum 's picture on this link ( No Spam or Virus , really )  :

  • Wow this article on new Samsung's WP8 App has been commented more than 200 times. How can they generate such hype, such interest? This must be witchcraft.
  • Loving the app folders
  • App Folder is already updated to Loading time is still slow. They only removed the splash screen.
  • You know, the most beautiful thing about this is if you don't like it or don't see a need for it you don't have to install it. Peace.
  • Nokia, please give us App Folder too! That is the app I've been waiting for. Really useful.
  • It's in the Store now!