Samsung reportedly looking to build more Windows Phones, if Microsoft settles legal battle

Samsung may well be looking to produce more Windows Phones, should Microsoft settle the royalties legal battle on Android products. According to the report on Korea Times, the manufacturing giant that is Samsung has been reported to be at least considering the Windows Phone platform to launch more affordable hardware.

It makes sense for Samsung to broaden its catalogue of smartphones across multiple operating systems, especially since the company is attempting to slash its reliance on Google's mobile operating system. An official involved with the matter between Microsoft and Samsung was quoted in the Korea Times report:

"Samsung has run pilot programs on the stability of Windows 8.1 software on devices. It is interested in promoting Windows mobiles. If the companies settle their litigation, then Samsung will manufacture handsets powered by the Microsoft-developed mobile platform. The timing could be the third quarter of this year at the earliest."

Microsoft and Samsung remain locked in an legal entanglement, which led the latter calling Redmond out as a direct competitor with the acquisition of Nokia's mobile business.

Source: Korea Times; thanks, Luuk T., for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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