Samsung reportedly looking to build more Windows Phones, if Microsoft settles legal battle

Samsung may well be looking to produce more Windows Phones, should Microsoft settle the royalties legal battle on Android products. According to the report on Korea Times, the manufacturing giant that is Samsung has been reported to be at least considering the Windows Phone platform to launch more affordable hardware.

It makes sense for Samsung to broaden its catalogue of smartphones across multiple operating systems, especially since the company is attempting to slash its reliance on Google's mobile operating system. An official involved with the matter between Microsoft and Samsung was quoted in the Korea Times report:

"Samsung has run pilot programs on the stability of Windows 8.1 software on devices. It is interested in promoting Windows mobiles. If the companies settle their litigation, then Samsung will manufacture handsets powered by the Microsoft-developed mobile platform. The timing could be the third quarter of this year at the earliest."

Microsoft and Samsung remain locked in an legal entanglement, which led the latter calling Redmond out as a direct competitor with the acquisition of Nokia's mobile business.

Source: Korea Times; thanks, Luuk T., for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Ativ S last man standing in this.
  • Samsung need to pay their dues
  • 6 billion in dues if I remember right. And that's a number from months ago, bet they owe more still now.
  • MS must not settle, SameSung owes them money, they must pay! Besides if it hurts them enough, and this is my wishful thinking, maybe SameSung will go bankrupt and Scroogle will lose a valuable LagDroid partner... Bah! Who am I kidding, SameSung has too much money to go broke!
  • Do you think it makes you look smarter to say things like SameSung, Scroogle, and LagDroid?
  • Yes cuz its true lol
  • it is not LAGDROID it is HANGROID ;)
  • That makes windows phone ''. . resuming. . . . phone'' ?
  • "Resuming..." is caused by cheap but slow SD cards.
  • I got a resuming 920 that only has internal memory and no SD expansion, so that's not true
  • Same thing with my 925. No SD slot to start with, and resuming all the time.
  • Very True!
  • Samsung going bankrupt wouldn't make more people buy WP, though. And, why wish for that anyway? You want millions of people to lose their jobs, simply because you don't like a brand? I thought this community was better than that. Maybe, I thought wrong.
  • Its actually worse and its really starting to show.
  • This. Together lets be better than we've been lately. The frustration is building due to Microsoft ITSELF lagging even if its software is not. People here have been childish lately. I might as well be over at BGR comments, ya know? Relax. Everyone altogether now "Woo-saaaah". Deep breath..."Woo-saaaah" Now stop being fanboys!!
  • This^^
  • Ya budy ur right but Microsoft need to make a Wp OS better don't need to deal with Samsung if people not interested to buying wp then what happen Samsung made only few wp then MS is I in lost
  • Actually it would if their phoones were no longer about.
  • Yes but Samsungs profits is expected to be 37% down this year, maybe this is the reason for it.
  • I think it's $6 million and change, not $6 billion. I agree that fair is fair, and Samsung owes Microsoft that money regardless, therefore Microsoft should not have to submit to keep Samsung on board with producing Windows Phones. But it's also not a very big deal. Maybe Microsoft can forgive this interest and convince Samsung to spend en equivalent amount on marketing their Windows Phones in 2015.
  • I like this idea
  • Sound good.
  • You do know Microsoft gave Nokia a pile of cash before they bought them. If Microsoft wiping out that money delivers a note 4 on all carriers I'm all for it. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • +1
  • Samsung wouldn't have this problem if they just would've supported Windows Phone in the first place. Android was never free.
  • It is free. Android is open source, what's not open source or free is Google services. Research before making these comments. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Android is not cheap. OEMs are paying Google for Google services and paying Microsoft for patent fees. It takes more resources for OEMs to test their bloatwares with every Android OS update.
  • Only AOSP is open and free. The Android you are enjoying is not according to Ars Technica [1]. Google has been hard at work to make almost every single feature of the android smartphone dependent on Google Services or run an extremely striped down version of basic "smartphone essentials" such as the browser, calendar and photos apps To be fair these Google Services are provided for free BUT are not open source. Manufacturers who want to install the Google Services will require independent certification (fee applies). Also there is an additional "fee" to Microsoft if the company settled with them as Google provided some features "as if" without proper liscening [1] The great Ars experiment—free and open source software on a smartphone?! |
  • Android is not really "free" because it implements tech owned by other companies. Google (dishonestly) avoids the direct lawsuits by providing source code, so they are only "publishing" previously published IP, thus sticking the bill for "implementing" the IP to manufactureres like Samsung.
  • Adroid is made on the linux kernal and it is not open source, its not open source cause it cant work without google services, you said it your self.  However there are versions of linx as phone os that are open source.
  • Yep, sounds a lot like subtle blackmail to me.
  • Exactly. Settle the dispute, save us billions and we'll make a crappy last generation"flagship" for WP
  • That is what I was thinking. As such make them pay.
  • Especially since 'making Windows Phones' was already part of the deal anyway.
  •'s what Microsoft gets..Last generation device..That's very true since windows phone doesn't support the current generation Hardware's found in Current Android flagships...
  • That is some BS you're talking there.  smh, not just cry babies but stupid cry babies.
  • Yes it does, for some reason manufacturers don't use it. I forgot what company just released a phone with a sd410 processor
  • Show me a Samsung phone with a 41 megapixel camera?  How about a 21 megapixel camera?  I these are last generation, what does that make Galaxy? Samsung make very cheap phones for very cheap people - mostly Chinese.  They use the latest generation CPUs because their software (Android) won't run without it.  Their name literally means "Three Stars".  That's out 10.
  • Windows Phone does support current generation hardware from Qualcomm. It is not required to run and to keep pricing low "previous" generation, as you call it, hardware is used.
  • That's not even flagships. They say "affordable hardware" in the article. So it must be another 1.2QC S200...
  • Truth.
  • Just what I was thinking, Sunnybyday. Hope MS doesn't fall for it and tells them to pound sand. Make a worthwhile WP, with the free WP OS, and maybe we'll talk.
  • Perhaps blackmail is too strong a word? This is like dangling bait, a sweetener - as if to say "please don't make us pay what we legally owe you and in return we'll put wp on some hardware... Pretty please? We're Samsung, everyone loves us... It's not as though we're shutting down stores or losing market cap... We're loaded and could pay you but we don't want to... Please don't take our money and we'll put wp on some genetic device, we've got plenty... Please... Sniff sniff". Something like that ;)
  • And Microsoft doesn't need Samsung. Apple seems to be doing just fine without anyone else doing hardware and Microsoft now has a hardware so Samsung definitely NOT needed ever.
  • Yet doesnt Apple actually need Samsung; arent about 1/3 of the internals of the iPhone from Samsung
  • Apple buys a lot of components from Samsung, but nothing they buy is a Samsung exclusive and all these components have multiple sources. It mostly comes down to finding manufacturers with enough capacity for Apple.
  • Oh dear, how uninformed you are ... :)
  • N*kia said to micr*soft " wp, you're my older brother, and I love you. But don't ever take sides with anyone against the platform again. Ever. ;)
  • I knew it was you, broke my heart...
  • Pay up then Samsung it will go away
  • Hey Samsung, let's go fishing.
  • ➡
  • They'll make low end phones mostly. Just a guess though.
  • Yeah, but it would be great if they made a galaxy s6 for Windows, like HTC did for their one m8
  • Especially if the s6 is rumored to be metal and not that cheap plastic. Could sell well I think.
  • It'll be the ATIV S6 then? As galaxy is for android.
    And ATIV for wp.
  • I rather see a note running wp10
  • They probably wouldn't be able to put all the Note features into a Windows version. With out the Note features, what would the point be?
  • ehh. who cars about that crappy s-pen. what retard really spends hours writing with that when I can type a paragraphg int he time they get half a sentence out. its more like an apple hipster device cause tis only use is really drawing. hippy crap.
  • Look at the surface 3 its basically a note tablet with i 5 i7 socs so windows will allow full use of a galaxy notes features so would be good if samsung can make note 4 note5 work for windows 10 i wkuld buy ine as win 10 is really good on my macbook and making a note in wp or an s6 would be good for wp in the long run as you got xbox games store for games include all the samsung features in win 10 it should work well include a galaxy gear watch with cortana it should all work well together as ms are releasing the same features as apple and android just need some other oem pbone makers onboard as the nokia are only good for cameras and lack the power of top android phones
  • Dont think so, if there is a Android Version... I don't think it will get many new costumers for wp.
  • I think it is great how they made their new galaxy S5 line. My friend has an S5 and dropped it so many times, and it didn't crack. Yet, the iPhone made out of metal cracks at a one foot drop.
  • Yeah, let's just stick WP into every flagship Android device. I guess it's a win-win since the OEMs can be lazy and put no time and effort by giving us hand-me-downs, and apparently WP users will be happy with it. I think it also gives WP a bad reputation, but you could blame microsoft/nokia for that already by pretty much making it a budget platform. If they don't put out flagships, then maybe the hand-me-downs will be the only high end devices we can get.
  • Low end isn't their style midrange is closer to it especially if they manufacture their own ram/nand
  • They can get gtfo. Google and Samsung's stance should be taken by Microsoft. But Microsoft has this attitude of giving away loves to everyone but it's own platform. Learn something Microsoft.
  • If they settle the 6 billion they owe Microsoft. Well you wanted to sell Android buddy, your fault and your problem, now cough up the dough so they can put it to good use on Windows. ;D
  • It is $6.9m:
  • Microsoft's stance is so ahead of the time. They are ignoring all this crap OS leveraging and placing services on all devices. Essentially, by using Microsoft services, I have the freedom to use any device I want and get a great experience. I could switch to iOS today, and still get a great experience using the Microsoft ecosystem. The money is in the services, and MS knows that. Be glad for the freedom!
  • Yes! THIS ^^^ Microsoft's services on other platforms in no way diminishes how much I love WP
  • Well said. Though I have no intention of leaving my beloved WP, it nice to know you can access MS services everywhere. Everyone is so busy trying to be the MS of yester year and trying to have one OS to rule them all that they are ignoring the fact that people are going to go with whatever is popular as long as the basics are in place. The 90s are long gone.
  • Well does it really matter if they don't distribute and market the phones properly? The ATIV series was DoA. 
  • You took the words out of my mind!
  • Hit the nail on the head. A nice device which most people either don't know about or cant get hold of anyway
  • The Ativ S was the original Windows phone I wanted. I couldn't get it here in the U.S. so I picked up a Lumia 920. Which I still use as I write this. I've used this phone to show off Windows and convert people to the platform. If I could have had the Ativ S, it would have been that I used as my representative of Windows.
  • I was in the exact same boat. After my research I concluded the Ativ S was the best phone for my needs, but I had no idea when it was coming out. There was so little information. I asked around but no one could tell me. I ended up buying a 920. Samsung made getting that phone as frustrating an experience as possible.
  • And why do people not know about it? Samsung didn't care enough to advertise or support it like the do there their Android counterparts. I really hope Microsoft doesn't fall for this; if they do, their naive!
  • It was nice for a while. Right until Samsung found a loophole that allowed them to stop updating it. At some point last year Microsoft required a speciffic firmware update from each manufacturer to be sent to the users. If you did not have that update then you did not get any newer updates. Samsung basically delayed that update for half a year without reason. And then the crappy firmware came. First version sucked the battery dry in 6 hours. Second version randomly crashed/restarted the phone. Third one again had battery issues _and_ introduced strange camera issues. Right now I can use the camera to take _one_ photo and then it stops capturing anything. Also, some time last year they broke video recording at 1080p - it recorded 5 seconds followed by 30 of frozen image. Switched to a Lumia 830 for a week now. I don't expect to be buying another Samsung phone for a long long time.
  • As a daily Ativ S user: I have absolutely no idea what u r talking about. Enjoying every second of this amazing phone.
  • I love my Ativ S; its the phone that helped push me into the Windows Phone camp.  Hopefully this Samsung/MS re-alliance will come to pass and Samsung will make some flagship WP devices soon.
  • exactly, look what they did for Android in the early days. They made flagship hardware and went head to head with Apple and almost single-handedly made a successful platform out of Android. They could be good for WP if they really committed to it.
  • If they don't market it, then we get the device at 70% off market value. I'm cool with no marketing, I bought two Ativ S at half the price off a galaxy.
  • Thats good news as Samsung is the biggest phone producer in the world.
  • No I've seen this song and dance from Samsung. They promised to make windows phones to get a better rate on royalties. Well they made phones, but they were last Gen hardware and not marketed or pushed at all. Meanwhile they sucked up MS resources in the process. Heck I bet MS paid more in development costs for those points that Samsung.
  • I like the fact that people keep hatin' on the original Ativ s as being older hardware. Esp. if u consider the hardware was almost exactly the same as the Nokia flagship which was released around the same time. Sure, nokia has better xameras, but no Nokias released around that time had a replacable battery and microsd and 1gb of memory. Amazes me how selective people can be in "remembering" stuff when it suits them best in discussions. 
  • aha, my ativ killer aka lumia 820 got to that poll by the time sammy kissed it..... remember??
  • So.. A phone (the 820) with the same specs (same amount of memory, also sporting a 1,5 Ghz dual core processor) but with a smaller screen kills the other. Oh, okay. Does the brand label give it special powers or something? Did i miss something? lol Also; the Ativ S was available here (in Europe that is) short after release for 200 euros off contract. The Lumia 820 sold for roughly around 350-400 euro's. Almost double the price for roughly the same hardware. It's also nice that for example the Wikipedia article regarding the 820 calls it a high end smartphone, where as people here refer to the Samsung, which is almost the exact same hardware, as "Last gen Hardware". Also, let's not forget that 'somewhat older' hardware in Android world would give bleeding edge performance with the right OS, being Windows Phone. Contrary to Android, our phones don't NEED 2GB of RAM to run the OS properly.
  • Don't need more from Samsung, thank you. Not unless they are actually going to support their phones after release. The Ativ S never got anything worthwhile :/
  • Support comes to phones people buy. Why would they waste time on a phone no one bought when they have plenty of other phones people actually own. Resources are not infinite, they need to choose where to put them and Windows devices just don't sell.
  • The old hen or egg issue...
  • Can't buy something you didn't see on commercials..... How would you know about any phone if it wasn't advertised anywhere
  • You cant..? I buy loads of things I've never seen in a commercial :P
  • And I'm sure those things aren't cell phones or computers because consumers don't buy those items daily, there single or multi year type devices
  • You do research... I'm not that rich I just pop out and grap what ever I've seen in a commercial. I look things up. When I need a new phone I search the marked for something like 2-3 months...
    MS, Apple all the other big ones don't themselves make commercials here in Denmark. But I still know where to get that stuff... At least the last five phone I've bought I've never seen in a commercial. I heard about them from friends or news feeds.
  • MS has had a long tradition of negotiating with competitors for strategic advantage rather than mindlessly fighting legal battles to no gain. If a beneficial deal can be struck here, ala GS6, then MS should and will pursue it.
  • I agree with you, some WP fans are prone to hatred, and I don't blame them, but MS guys are professionals and I bet their approach will be pragmatical.
    Right now Samsung is struggling and several makers are going wary of Android predominance, so I just hope the platform makes the most of this opportunity.