Samsung SCH-i760 Nearly Here

In our Verizon Rumor Roundup (opens in new tab) I foolishly guessed that the i760 would arrive after Verizon's other Windows Mobile devices while Phone Arena guessed September. Phone Arena might have it right, as they've just noticed (opens in new tab) that the i760 has popped up on Samsung's website, with Verizon branding, no less. Specs:

-Windows Mobile 6 Professional-Bluetooth® Wireless Technology-Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g-Built in Camera and Camcorder-microSD™ Memory Card Slot

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It does seem to be a touch late, given that it actually popped up in an obscure corner of Verizon's own website in gallery form way back on July 12th. I won't complain about a September release, though, I'd call that right on time.

WC Staff