Satya Nadella addresses employees on Trump's immigration order

Microsoft recently came out in opposition to President Trump's executive order banning immigration from certain countries, and now CEO Satya Nadella has given some more personal thoughts on the matter in a Q&A with employees. Tapping into his own immigration story, Nadella's comments reiterate that Microsoft stands for diversity and inclusion that he believes are at the core of both the company and the United States.

Here are Nadella's remarks in full, as posted at Microsoft's On The Issues blog (opens in new tab):

I always come back to two things. One is the enduring principles and values that drive us as a company, that have made us and this country what it is, and my own personal story.There is no place for bias or bigotry in any society, in any context. That's where we start from. We will always as a company stand for that diversity and inclusion. And we'll keep pushing at it, pushing at it, and making progress. That's core to who we are. That I believe is core to what America is.I mean, think about it, I am a product of the fundamental greatness of the United States. It is the ingenuity of the American technology that reached me where I was growing up that even made it possible for me to dream of being able to be part of this journey. It is the enlightened immigration policy of this country that even made it possible for me to come here in the first place, and gave me all this opportunity.And so I always think about that. I will always advocate for that America that I know and that I've experienced.And we will do that consistently. We're not going to overreact because of any one incident, but we will always stand for what we believe are these enduring principles that really are going to be about us as a company, but also recognizing that we're a multinational company that is an American company.

Microsoft also reiterated its earlier, strongly worded statement in opposition to the order, saying:

We believe the executive order is misguided and a fundamental step backwards. There are more effective ways to protect public safety without creating so much collateral damage to the country's reputation and values.

Microsoft says that it will continue to advocate on this topic and provide legal assistance to employees who are affected by the executive order, along with their families, just as it promised to do last week.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Microsoft lays off so many employees then uses H-1B visa program to replace them. Cry me a river.
  • evidence?
  • google is useful.
  • All this Visa link proves is that Microsoft hires people with Visas. It does not prove that they lay off people and then replace them. The number of Microsoft employees has been decreasing since 2014, which seems to indicate those layed off are not being replaced.  
  • 4669 temporary and 1529 green card seems low considering Microsoft is a large, multinational corporation that may need to bring them in for meetings or projects to ensure sales to foreign countries. At one time and may still exist today, amateur sports teams even kids team without visas could be turned away at the border if there was a chance they could win something.
  • Trump Model Management has brought nearly 250 foreign fashion models into the United States to work in the fashion industry since 2000.
  • Alternative Facts™
  • ha. I like the copyright on that. You get royalties on it's use? :)
  • Nice try, but you clearly don't know the difference between trademarks and copyright ...
  • Sorry. Not a lawyer. Thankfully.
  • Most people aren't, and yet they still know the difference.
  • Fake news!
  • and Great Traitor trumPutin used steel from Communist China! to built his towers! Is this ok?
  • I'd rather get a hard working exchanged employee than some lazy 'murrican.
  • So you would rather trade away jobs then to hire Americans? LOL thats sad.
  • So you're telling me even though I have a GPA of 3.5, 4 years of IT experience doesn't matter because I'm not American? I lived in the States for 10 years, and qualify for the program but I can't be hired?
  • Stop revolving your career around leeching off the US and this wont be problem for you.
  • Wow haha you called me a leech... Do me a favor, since United States doesn't follow it's own constitution, rewrite it and mention, no leeching off of Americans.
  • Whats the matter? Can't invest in your own country's industry? Nobody is saying you can't work here as a guest, just don't get upset when they prioritize their own people over you. There are plenty of Americans with your same GPA who will get overlooked because their race wouldn't add enough "diversity" bs to a company. And they're sick of it. Don't try and play the victim card.
  • I wouldn't do it to save my life and neither will most North American's but we turn down a hard days work at farms and that would reduce the unemployment rate to about 3~4%. Just sayin
  • Thats why you have job interviews, so that you hire hard working Americans, not lazy ones. The fact that you've never conducted an interview and don't know what you're talking about is another story.
  • Where was the statement when Obama did the same thing and then recently with Cuba? Selective outrage?  
  • The snowflakes are destroying themselves with this stuff or more like melting.... I think Microsoft should move out of the United States.   They want cheap labor they should go to where the cheap labor is, as far as them parking billions offshore, time to pull out the patent tax on them.   Tech companies are getting too big for their own britches.   Its funny how they care about all this stuff so much but they keep the contracts in place and operating in the Middle Eastern governments which are some of the biggest human rights violators.  $$$$$$  Of course they don't want to move out of the United States for obvious reasons and they have no problem using there own monolopy for evil pursuits.
  • Do you remmeber what Obama sad and what he wanted to do? On which side was GOP party of NO?
  • I really don't care what Obama wanted.   I don't even like Trump.   Tech companies need to stfu or I am all for a massive and I mean massive patent taxes on their butts.   This whining like everything is the end of the world is like one big baby playpen... funny to watch the melt.  
  • Patents stifle innovation and levy the additional cost onto the consumer. In effect: A $1,000 product with a $350 tax on it will mean a 350 increase on said product. So: $1,350 for the consumer, but for the company: $350 on patents, $500 in manufacturing, components, and R&D, and $500 in total profits for the company. Furthermore... This hurts the middle and lower class. With income taxes, it means the poor and middle should get taxed less, and therefore have to pay less of their budget out for a $1000 item. However.... With patent hikes, the $1350 hits everyone equally. So a person with only $5,000 or a middle class with 10,000 will be massively affected compared to someone with $100,000. Essentially, businesses may lose income from increased prices, while the vast majority of consumers also lose out in this situation.
  • Sorry but you are hurting nobody getting the money sitting offshore by the tech companies... they will come for it.   Time to put the tech companies back in their place.  I seriously doubt if MS doubles the prices of Windows that consumers will care... heck they virtually stopped under the free program.
  • And what about startups? Small companies? Companies that play by the rules? Investors who are used to seeing profits and innovation? What if the companies just raise prices? Startups wouldn't be able to afford massive patent fees to use patents. Software like Android, Notepad++, Steam, iOS, cars, etc will become massively expensive. Open source ≠ Free. Small companies wouldn't be able to afford the costs, which means consolidation into major monopolies and job cuts to cut profit losses. Companies that play by the rules also would be hurt. Ever wonder why we have truck weigh stations on highways? It's to ensure that companies don't cheat the truck weight limits and skirt the law. In practice, this makes it a level playing field. It's why the penalties are harsh for people caught cheating. Finally, some companies that command a high price tag, such as Lamborghini or Apple will simply ignore the raised prices, and simply charge more. That would only affect the consumer. It would also slow innovation as companies would be forced to develop workarounds vs incurring massive patent costs. Processors, equipment, virtually all commodities would be affected.
  • Open Source = Free is not entirely true. There are so many flavors of Linux it's crazy.
    But you can have a Redhat like service for support.
    Don't get me wrong, not saying Linux is the answer. It's part of an answer though. We don't live in the kind of free market we should as it is. What you are advocating is the status qo. and sometimes that needs to be shaken out a LOT. Think True Free Market Reset
    Yeah, it's gonna suck, put a whole lot more people out of work, and the special snowflakes won't be able to afford the new iCrap. So what! Don't worry they will get it subsidised on the backs of the true working calss, just like Obamacare. So it's all good. "It would also slow innovation as companies would be forced to develop workarounds vs incurring massive patent costs."
    What do you think innovation is? Workarounds on old ideas that can garner new ones.
    Seriously, really, please.... uhg...
      Fascism - Old deffinition... and no, this is not what any true conservative believes, far from it.
    a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition Fascism - NEW deffinition...
    a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts One World Governement/Open Boarders and often race above the individual as a sledge hammer to forcibley suppress opposition, (as that of the Useful idiot), and that stands for a centralized government headed by a dictatorial leader instituting severe economic (ie. ACA a.k.a. Obamacare, "we uh, have to pass it to find out what's in it") and social regimentation (GamerGate/SJW's and the self appointed gatekeepers and deciders of what is Fake News ala Facebook). There is no denying that is the definition of a Liberal Progressive.  
  • Uhh, I said "≠" as in != or "not equal to". Not sure where that second part about fascism came from. I was talking about how higher patent costs would be anticompetitive.
  • Talent transcends political, religious, and geopolitical bounds. By writing off certain regions, you undermine your company, while also doing nothing to provide balance to families. By accepting both local and international employees, you increase your diversity of thought and increase your company's intelligence, since you pick the global best. Within the business, you gain a more open-minded, rational take on the world, which is critical for greater economic and innovative success.
  • What does that have to do with anything.   Its called practice what you preach.   As far as Microsoft, they operate in the United States through priviledge (incorporated under State law with other privileges at the federal level), you (meaning a corporation) enters into pure poltical issues they better be prepared for the blowback.    As far as most of the tech companies... they are hypocrites.... the talk about all these snowflake issues but really they don't care who they get money from.   If MS feels this way, they should be cancelling almost all their government contract not only with the U.S. but Saudi Arabia, Iraqi, Turkey, etc. (I could in theory put every government on the list)  Some of this is so crazy I usually think its from the Onion.
  • While I may not agree with all aspects of all cultures, I do think it is necessary to expand into these countries. Your culture will help bring a second opinion to the table, allowing the option of gradual change to take root and help sway the culture itself.* It also doesn't make sense to not expand into other countries when your competitors are doing so. *comparing something like the American civil war concerning states rights and slavery to the adoption of gay rights and marriage through culture and media (music, movies, shows, cultural adaptation and expectation. While gay rights aren't supported by all Americans, peer pressure now makes it frowned upon to say hurtful things about them. Additionally, forcing your culture on others has proven to be ineffective at assimilating other cultures into your own. The roman empire captured many countries and lands in it's time, but it allowed people to practice their religion so long as they submitted to the empire. History has proven it worked quite well for them too, seeing how long they lasted, and how influential their culture was at shaping many cultures today.
  • I don't see where your comments are addressing the article or my comments, although it does look like you have spent some time considering bigger issues.
  • They're all interconnected. Unfortunately they may not be as concise as I would like, but think of companies serving as microcosms of our culture. Yesterday's empires are very similar to today's corporations, in a way. By spreading our companies, we spread certain cultural habits and norms. We also inherit some of their culture through these exchanges. Diversity is key. In genetics, culture, products, even down to our immune systems. High school, university, and curiosity has forced me to think critically about our global issues. Although it is empowering to learn about our world, it is stressful. I worry we are bound to make the same mistakes that history and science has proven, or predicted, we will make. It's what makes me nervous about our new president, and what makes me pray for stronger public education. So that everyone can see things clearly and work as a team to tackle issues that will affect us, the world, and future generations. I strive to be informative in my arguements, not for the sake of argument, but to illustrate my points and hopefully cast light on the bigger picture, beyond the small skirmishes, such as banning a handful of nations. Or raising patent costs domestically. Things like this are rather insignificant in the short term, but have lasting implications as they build. Anyway, I hope this was even a little helpful to someone. At the end of the day, I just hope someone or several people understand me better.
  • Problem is, they don't teach critical thinking any more. Common Core is good you know. Diversity is a stone, bludgening those that don't agree with many cultural ideas.
    Speak out against a minority and suffer the wrath of Diversity. True Diversity is acceptance under all circumstances. But this will never happen.
    It's not in the human nature on the whole. If it were, we wouldn't have all the problems we do today.
    Terrorism, wars, nations preparing for war, etc. Just today I had to make a comment about a black person helpping a white stanger in a huge way.
    Why do I have to look at that and say bravo, that a black person went out of their way to help a white stranger  states apart solve a major issue they were having? Because that, today, is outside the norm.
    I/we shouldn't ever have to think that way. it should be, "wow, that was really nice of them." end of story. Diversity today, is a construct of percieved equality. Let's be perfectly honest, not all regions, nations or people are equal, and they never ever ever ever will be, ever. Equality cannot be forced. it's an impossible paradigm.
      "such as banning a handful of nations" Do you truly understand the reason for this? Something tells me no.
  • True, we may never have total equality, but we can try. In terms of acts of kindness, I think any and all are remarkable, and one shouldn't be more exceptional than the rest. The banning of a few nations is inconvenient, and costs companies a few jobs and a hurts bunch of people. However, this is to be interpreted more as an allegory than the event itself. It shows the world what type of country we are- the type that becomes fearful and shuts it's doors on others. The same can be said about a drowning person dragging their rescuer down, the council ignoring the protagonist in Mass Effect, even bible stories depict it. They all are metaphors, but they represent the same thing, in essence: Fear causes irrationality, which causes blind decision making. If we look closer at the issue, we see most of the terrorist threat is actually from homegrown operatives. How we would actually tackle this issue would be through intensive guarding and scrubbing of terrorist recruitment and propaganda from the internet. San Bernardino, Orlando, Boston Marathon, the underwear bomber, all of them were homegrown. But fear makes people extremely easy to manipulate. Once you shut people down with fear, it's easy to control people. Terrorists WANT people to be afraid, to remember and freak out over 9/11, to start a war, to block off countries, to harm civilians. It gives them content to spin into propaganda against the forces for good. Meanwhile, they destroy schools, burn books, destroy hospitals, and kill the educated. Mao certainly did. As schoolhouse rock once said, "Knowledge is power." A populace kept in the dark is easy to manipulate, without scientists, professors, intelligent leaders... It's easy to be recruited when you and your family are starving and the only money is in picking up a gun.
  • There is a difference between fear and preparing for disaster.
    Take peoples words for what they say when they say it repeatedly for decades. We don't let just anybody into our house, why would we want to bring anyone here that can't really (let's be honest, they don't want to) understand the laws of our land? The united States of America Constitution is a great document and contract with the people and it's governement. (although trampled on by many all around, unfortunately) There are other cultures already here trying to undermine it at every turn. Why would we NOT want to vet those from countries that don't understand and are not willing to understand us and our way of life? I don't think it is a stretch at all to assume the worst from some of these countries.
    I think we all know who and from where, and it ain't just the ME. I am all for legal immigration, but vetting and knowing that those who want to come here are willing to accept our  nations laws and way of life. Same cannot be said for many many others, yet we are defamed for it. BuBuBu Bull ****. Meanwhile, 2nd Amendment is threatened every day. Article 1 Section 8 is trounced upon and many angencies are way way way outside it's boundries. the 14th has been basterized into meaning something it clearly does not mean. I could go on, but not sure it's worth it anymore. Maybe they are right and AmeriKKKa should allow them chickens to roost.
  • There is a difference between fear and preparing for disaster.
    Take peoples words for what they say when they say it repeatedly for decades. We don't let just anybody into our house, why would we want to bring anyone here that can't really (hmm, don't want to) understand the laws of our land? The united States of America Constitution is a great document and contract with the people and it's governement. (although trampled on by many all around, unfortunately) There are other cultures already here trying to undermine it at every turn. Why would we NOT want to vet those from countries that don't understand and are not willing to understand us and our way of life? I don't think it is a stretch at all to assume the worst from some of these countries.
    I think we all know who and from where, and it ain't just the ME. I am all for legal immigration, but vetting and knowing that those who want to come here are willing to accept our  nations laws and way of life. Same cannot be said for many many others, yet we are defamed for it. BuBuBu Bull ****. Meanwhile, 2nd Amendment is threatened every day. Article 1 Section 8 is trounced upon and many angencies are way way way outside it's boundries. the 14th has been basterized into meaning something it clearly does not mean. I could go on, but not sure it's worth it anymore. Maybe they are right and AmeriKKKa should allow them chickens to roost. Personaly I think a lot of the special snowflakes have had it way too good and time for a reality check.
  • realy? Foxnonews what was doing to him?
  • If you figure out the answer to that question let me know. Ive grown bald from scratching my head.
  • This whole thing has been blown completely out of proportion and the media and irresponsible reporting is to blame. The media is basically telling people "this is an outrage" and "you need to be upset", so many people are. Here is the reality of the situation though.
    1. Was the new immigration rule rolled out effectively? No! It lacked clarification in a number of ways that caused confusion for those that had to enforce it... for less than 24 hours. Most of those issues were resolved within 24 hours.
    2. Is it legal? Yes! Completely.
    3. Is it a Muslim ban? No! Not at all. A ban implies no Muslims could enter the US. That is not the case at all. There are over 40 predominately Muslim nations that have no added restrictions on them at all. The 7 countries that do have new restrictions are NOT banned either. It is a temporary halt (90ish days) while they evaluate screening methods.
    4. Why these 7 Nations? These nations have been identified as nations where it is challenging to effectively vet immigrants and there is a high possibility of Islamic Jihadists in the area. This makes sense.
    Quit the hysteria!
  • No sympathy for Microsoft, they have seriously abused the h-b1 Visa program to import workers at lower costs over American workers
  • Wow, that devolution of comments didn't take long
  • Wish he had this much passion for mobile.
  • He does, Android's best apps in Google Play Store are from Microsoft, my respect to all Microsoft engineers that made these apps so great.  Having to use Windows services on alternative platform like Android has given me the choice to use Microsoft services instead of Google's which I don't use since I don't trust Google, I trust Microsoft with my data and thats what is important for Microsoft in Mobile space.
  • So you don't have a google account at all?
  • Google and Microsoft are both trustworthy. They have too much to lose. Microsoft maybe less than Google. Google's whole business model is based on keeping your data secret so they can sell ad placement. If they divulge your data, then they have nothing to sell! It is the carriers and Issue would be more concerned with. They see everything and many times you have no choice but to use them.
  • Hm.  Exactly how can any of these multi-country data corporations be "trustworthy".  All it takes is an administrative or judicial order from any the jurisdiction in which they operate, which I suspect is a quite a few.  There is a possibility that Google and Microsoft already have not only the portals for the U.S. government as disclosed by the Snowden documents, but that other countries have similar tools and backdoor access and said companies have gag orders in place.   Unless the data is somewhat controlled or encrypted by the end user, who know who has your data including other countries governments and foreign corporations in which the foreign government gives to them. 
  • Wait, are you telling me I shouldn't involve my digital presence with the felonies I am commiting? Are you sure?
  • Haha.  Obviously I am not helping you in regards to any of your specific transgressions, if any.  LOL As far as your unencrypted data, if you give it to a third party such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc. unless you have some measure of control and/or encryption, I would say there is a good likelihood at this point that not only does the U.S. government have your information but mulitple countries and corporations.  (it would be higly speculative your information is secure as you mentioned based on the leaked documents, they are not hunting him down because the documents were false, they are hunting him down because the documents were true.) Most of these countries have the unencrypted data you are sending, the fight is now to give backdoors to the encrypted data or to limited your choices as to encryption.  You don't see these countries speaking publicly about getting access to unencrypted data.... they already have it, they don't have to speak about what they already have access to.
  • Assume everything you do online, including location history is public. Doesn't matter if it is encrypted. Don't share or do anything you wouldn't want out. I don't care if Russia knows my location patterns or search history. It is useless data and well worth the products Microsoft and Google provide for free.
  • Well, fair enough but my original comment still stands, which is they can't be trusted.   Although, you might not think you care today, one day in the future you might if the information is used against you whether what you are doing is wrong today or not.... maybe in the future they use it determine you are one person faith which in the future they hunt you down for.   Which is why many people and many corporations don't trust third parties especially multi-nationals.   Hitler would have spent a fraction of the time hunting down the people to put into the ovens if he had the large data warehouses they have today... heck everyone is giving themselves up.
  • If I was Hitler 2020, the people I would be really concerned with are the ones I have no data on. What are they hiding and why? They would be the first ones I would visit other than the obvious. I think I understand gun nuts now. We are damned either way, might as well have as much firepower as possible.
  • This comment always seems to find its way in every article here
  • Maybe there's a reason for that reality.
  • All this outrage over a temporary 90-day inconvenience. 9 of the top 10 Muslim population countries are not on the list. 75% of Muslims are not on the list. A list which, by the way, was developed by the Obama administration and congress.
  • With 8 years as head of the most powerful country on earth, I expect no less. We even have a population census. I would be highly disappointed in our country if we didn't take important data on global pollution, conflicts, climate change, population, and flora and fauna.
  • Exactly! you'd swear from Mr. Nadellas statement that all immigration was just halted across the board.  
  • I think the outage would be more muted if legal residents (visa and green card holders) didn't get stopped. Even if temporarily. Also the E.O. was signed without appropriate legal council.
  • Obama and Clinton both implemented travel bans for Muslim majority nations and none of this happened. I also believe there are at least 11 nations that ban Israelis from entering and people have been silent on those.
  • Sources?
  • Something like this:
  • Thank you. That clearly illustrates the large difference between what was a delay on Obama's part (because he asked for applications to be re-reviewed) and a ban like Trump is doing.
  • If the order is misguided maybe Microsoft should go question whomever was President in 2011 when §1187 of the US Code was changed.
    Because Trump's order only enforces existing Laws and the suspension of NEW visas for 90 days. If that affects Microsoft's (or anyone else's) plans to hire cheap labour at the expense of American national security... Tough luck.
  • Pardon me sir but you've got your politics in my technology news. /s
  • And that will continue to happen as long as government policy impacts the tech sector. Get used to it, we're only a week and a half into this show.
  • I get it. It's fine. I was just trying to add some levity to what is likely a way too politically charged comments section. And at this point, no comment is changing my mind...Betamax, HD DVD, Xbox, Win8, & Windows Phone 4life!!
  • Well they have nothing better to write, so it is either this or how to wash your mouse pad , how to jerk off using vr po.rn. .
  • Did he think it was "misguided and backwards" when Obama placed the same ban on Iran for 6 months? Hmm
  • Obama signed a must-pass budget bill into law in 2015 which included a rider, H.R. 158​, which changed Visa requirements for entry and in some cases required Visas where previously they were not required. The bill did not suspend all entry. HR 158 was introduced and attached by a Republican Congresswoman from Michigan. The budget easily passed both Republican-led houses of Congress and then was signed into law by Obama.
  • i appreciate his concern but id prefer he be concerned about the millions of windows phone users he losing since his take over. 
  • and talking about restricting access my lumia 640 edge browser restrict access to internet all the time as it keeps refreshing to the point where it just quits, and i've reported , and guess what each new update and its still f-uped, people asks to use my phone i have to tell them in advance the it doesn't work properly. Maybe i should try see if trump can get it fixed, since hes been talking to the tech companies, huh?
  • I guess the difference is that Obama never said the things about mexicans, blacks, women, LBGTQ, religion other than his, etc, etc. And while in office he didnt appoint individuals that believed in discrimination against those things either. So perhaps that is the difference. Think of it like a stand up parent disciplining his kid vs the worst parent(history of domestic violence against women,drunkard, drug addicted) parent disciplining his kid. See how that rings different. Just sayin..i dunno..
  • This is fake news, as there is no difference, this isn't anything compared to what comes later.  As far as Obama, no was he busy lying to the American people about their future doctor, destroyed the health insurance industry up even further, wasted 100s of billions on failed stupid Obamacare, had a bunch of IRS people targeting Americans that did nothing wrong like acting like **** SS officers, then when they got caught they destroy documents to cover the tracks, nobody gets fired, lets VA patients die and go without treatment, keeps bombing the heck out of people in the world, hires Hitlary to run the SS office to get her and McCain to start more wars in Syria and the beginning of ISIS, goes along with the whole stupid Russia hacking and Syria war thing to try and help HIltary distract the nation from her crimes, which he appointed her to the position.   (see how that rings different, just saying) 
  • do you know where WMD? How much did we wasted on two stupid wars? Ring a bell! I remember when bush said mission accomplished! We were told by the Iraqi War Mongers Bush and pucked Cheney that all of the Iraq War expenses would total $60 Billion Dollars from US Taxpayers. They also said the Iraq Oil Profits by Halliburton would pay for it. That was a $4+ Trillion lie along with the one about WMDs. Why did they give themselves No-Bid Contracts from the American Taxpayer? By the way health insurance industry is for profit not to help!  
  • You are responding to me like I am in a party... didn't vote for Bush... I didn't even vote since the early 90s.   You are right, the Bushs brothers aren't any different... not sure what you post is suppose to mean.  It sounds like your are upset your horse didn't win, I didn't have a horse in the race... didn't vote for the orange combover or the criminal hitlary diaper wearer.   I can tell you this.... all this whining isn't going to help.. its backfiring just like it did to the rest of the so called Republicians during the Summer and how it did to the so called Democrates in November.   The strategy was stupid those both times and and its stupid now.  imo
  • Short memory huh? Clinging to their Bibles and Guns, Police acted stupidly (before he had any facts) causing untold crimes and deaths of police officers, Sent DOJ on any crime that was white on black but ignored other reverse hate crimes, denied Christian refugees who were being slaughtered in the Middle East. My list could go on but what's the point when you only want to blame everything on someone who has been in office for a week. Oh, and we also know that Obama was a druggie when he was younger too. 
  • The truth hurts, get over it. We can face it, why can't you? -Mexican immigrant
  • Edit - Failed Reply...see above
  • No need to direct the outrage over the outrage over this at Obama, it's the people that are speaking out. If they didn't speak out when Obama did it in a bipartisan fashion but yet they are speaking out now because of how Trump went about it then so be it. As for Trump following his campaign promises, the majority voted against Trump(popular vote), the minority (electoral college) voted for Trump. The majority are letting their voice be heard. The days of going silently into the night are behind us.
  • Trump won under the rules of our Constitution so he get's to lead with his policies. The people spoke at the ballot box in November. To quote Obama "Elections have consequenses". That's how we got the horrible mess called ObamaCare AKA the "unAffordable Care Act". Lost my insurance, hospital and doctors and my deductable and out of pocket went way up.
  • Not to mention the people who also either got their job hours cut by more than half or lost their jobs completely.
    But the lefties always conveniently ignore that.
  • My friend is a nurse and her hours got cut due to the ACA, her response was basically, "If its for the greater good to help people that did not have access to healthcare previously, then she was ok with it"...
  • thats cool she can afford it but not everyone is fan of getting screwed over bullshit policies that cause more problems than solutions
    These people worked hard to get where they are. Many people went from being able to afford rent and utilities to barely getting by without eating. Myself included.
  • Actually Trump won with a majority. 30 States out of 50 is a majority. He didn't have more individual votes but guess what? The USA is a Federation of EQUAL States. Not a Federation rulled by the tyrany of the masses concentrated in New York and California. And that's the sort of tyrany that lead us in Europe to thankfully reject any idea of an "European Constitution" or "European Federation". European countries are rulled by the majority of votes internally but if that was applied to the European Union in a Federative structure, we'd end up being rulled by the French and the Germans since they have more inhabitants than any other single European country. And that's NOT a democracy.
  • No, it is democracy because democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.
  • Less virtue signaling Microsoft, more fixing your product. 
  • I get those of you who want MS to fix their mobile standing. I contemplated letting my 950xl go in favor of an iPhone or pixel loaded with MS apps because I'm a little bored..still holding at the moment 😊
  • me too, about the only thing that's keeping me aboard is continuum at this point. Otherwise that iPhone SE keeps calling my name
  • If Trump really wanted to impress me, he would deport this free-loading-Nutella.
  • La la la la la la la la, these tech companies are just afraid to loose their cheap staff.
  • Yep. Guess the CEOs will have to pay honest wages and have to only install sixteen swimming pools this year. These American companies act like the workers and average employees wages are the problem. They aren't the problem. The problem is they want to pay them peanuts so they can pay a ridiculous sum to these over priced CEO'S and board members.
  • So let me get this straight... I should listen to Nutella's opinion on what he perceives as "discrimination"? Is this the same idiot that said "women should not ask for a raise and should trust the system"? Really? Why does anyone give a flying crap what this idiots opinion is on something like this???
  • I believe that was addressed when he made those comments. I think Bill flew in to do a little "mentoring"
  • Oh, they were addressed...guess it is all good and that means he can cry foul now. No one wants to hear a sexists pig cry discrimination. Time for this pig to start flying...anywhere but here. Good bye already.
  • Calling him "Nutella" as you always do totally annihilates your attempt to make your point, and makes YOU appear as an idiot, which I'm sure wasn't your goal. You can respect people you don't like, you know, or it makes you no different that the one you pretend fighting.
  • Calling me an "idiot" as you do totally annihilates your attempt to make your point, and makes YOU appear as a clueless hypocrite, which im sure wasn't your goal. You can by a mirror a preach to yourself on your little soapbox. Must be lonely on the all mighty hill.
  • ? Read again, I wasn't agressive as you might be. I said "appear as an idiot". Time to get a dictionary. And when was I a hypocrite again? I was stating facts, but now that I get how you think, I also get it was useless to try to communicate. Have a nice day anyway.
  • ? Read again. I wasn't aggressive as you might be. I said "appear as a clueless hypocrite". Time to get a dictionary. And when was I am idiot again? I was stating facts, but now that I get how you think, I also get it was useless to try to communicate. Have a nice day anyway.
  • ?
  • Wow. So many ignorant people on here. I would have thought that the type of people reading these articles would be a bit more enlightened.
  • And by "enlightened" you were hoping to find a bunch of leftist SJW's screaming about identity politics, and planning their next protest. Sorry, this isn't a WaPo article you're reading.
  • Oh my God so no one understands
    headline should read Microsofts illiterate and delusional CEO does not understand the difference between immigration and illegal immigration.
  • Actually, YOU don't. They banned entry of people who have green cards.
  • No they didn't.
  • This story does not belong on. An app or even on the website. it's a non story
  • .This story is on EVERY tech site's front page right now
  • It's something the CEO of Microsoft said, so that makes it news.
  • Does anyone else think that when liberals sit there at night in their clown costumes with their vagina hats masturbating in their own feces, screaming at the top of their lungs Why isn't the world as normal as me
  • What a jackass
  • I just can't understand people..terrorist in the past 15 years have been Muslim, not the Christians, not the is the Muslims...come on people wake up what is wrong with checking people out better before letting them in...My God. The people in this country forgot 911 already.
  • The main issue being, it looks like you only have 911 as a reference, again and again. Extremism is the issue, not Muslims themselves who deserve the right to live like anyone else. Or you should ask every state and country to remain closed, because all of them has once be involved in conflicts that are in no way different from terrorism, and for far more than 15 years. Even in America, which has not always been "great and unified". Keep an open mind; being cautious doesn't mean being paranoid :-)
  • There are 47, whats considered, muslim countries. The temporary ban on 7 of them is not being paraniod. These 7 countries were picked out by Obama, Hillary, and Kerry. They have been known time after time to either harbor terrorists or have terriosts camps inside their country. A temporary ban is a logical thing to do, to ensiure the safety of our country, sicne we know terriost camps exist in these country. The other 40 countries citizens who are muslim are free to immagrate here anytime they want and would be welcomed.  
  • Thanks a lot for clarifying (really) :-) It can make sense, but isn't it sad to block everyone from those countries for "a few potential" extremists? I mean, extremists are / can be everywhere, will it really do anything appart from creating polemics? ... By the way, do we know how many people are potentially impacted by this decision?
  • It is indeed sad but it needs to be done until the situation in these countries improves and/or they have the means for better immigration filtering.
  • I have a novel idea! Why don't we just stop bombing them?
  • Microsoft and all other major tech companies should shift their main office to some neutral place like Dubai or Singapore. For multinational companies, location is anyway just a point on the map!
  • God bless America!