Satya Nadella says HoloLens coming 'within the next year' for developers and enterprise users

Microsoft has revealed a bit more about its plans for the HoloLens augmented reality system. While CEO Satya Nadella has previously stated that the first version of HoloLens will focus on enterprise users, we now have a timeframe in which initial users might see the device. Speaking to the BBC, Nadella noted that they plan to get version one out to developers in the next year.

From the BBC:

We will have developer versions of it first, and then it will be more commercial use cases, and it'll evolve. This is a five-year journey, but we're looking forward to getting a V1 out, which is more around developers and enterprise. It's in the Windows 10 timeframe, which means that it is within the next year.

Microsoft has demonstrated a number of applications for HoloLens since its unveiling in January, from augmented reality Minecraft to 3D modeling.

Source: BBC

Joseph Keller