Microsoft's latest HoloLens demo shows how it can be used in 3D modeling

The Microsoft HoloLens was a big part of the company's Worldwide Partner Conference keynote address, and one of the demos showed how the augmented reality headset could be used by 3D modelers to help them see their creations in a whole new way.

HoloLens with Maya

The demo used a version of Maya from Autodesk. Normally, in order to see a full version of a 3D object created in Maya, users would have to use a 3D printer, but that is both time consuming and expensive. Wearing the HoloLens headset, those same Maya creators will be able to see and manipulate a full 3D model of, for example, a motorcycle in the real world. As shown during the demo, that model can be viewed on the desk via HoloLens while the creator is using Maya to make changes to that model.

HoloLens communication

That same motorcycle can also be viewed, full-sized, in a room via HoloLens. Perhaps the most interesting part of the demo is how the headset can be used as a collaboration device. HoloLens users can see and/or hear notes from other team members suggesting changes to specific parts of the model. This kind of feature should make collaborating with projects faster while costing less money overall.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham