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The secret behind Windows Phone code names

In a live Webcast today hosted by ZDNet, Mary Jo Foley from All About Microsoft gave an excellent presentation on the 'past, present and future' of Windows Phone, including what she thinks will happen with Windows Phone 8 aka 'Apollo'.

One interesting tidbit that she mentioned was in regards to those code names--specifically that they will all end in 'o' e.g. NoDo, Apollo, etc. Why such an odd requirement? We have no idea, but we can expect more 'o' names as Microsoft churns out more updates over the next few years.

So file that under your technically useless but still interesting Windows Phone news of the day.

Edit: Well, we're not as sharp as we used to be. Looks like Microsoft's Joe Belfiore is the one who revealed this info and we missed it. Watch here at 5:38. Thanks, MCgee is comments

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  • See from March 25Joe Belfiore already spilled that little tidbit in an old Channel 9 episode around the 05:38 mark.
  • Ah, look at that...