Joe Belfiore talks Windows Phone, updates and more

Okay, news flash: Microsoft's own people at Channel 9 don't grill the VP of Windows Phone Management on updates, performance or any other controversial issue regarding the platform.  In that sense, there is nothing new here nor revelatory.

Having said that, it is a bit interesting to see the emphasis placed on mobile operators regarding the update, some of the processes involved and, well, lots of laughing. The big news if any is what we already know: MIX11 will have a lot more info about the platform, OS updates (including 'Mango') and hopefully a few surprises.

Source: Channel 9; via  Windows Phone Metro (Thanks, Steven)

Daniel Rubino

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  • Makes sense to me. Its dramatically better then androids update process.
  • I want to agree with you, but really, only time will tell if Microsoft will sack up and control the updates on their terms and not succumb to the wishes of the carriers. In theory, it should be a much better process than android.
  • They cannot do this until they will gain a big share of the market - look at RIM with 10% of the market but still being a total slave of the mobile operators...Besides, it is already a better process than with Android.
  • I think we should all just look at this and be thankful. What I mean is that, hopefully, Microsoft understands the update process and will be better prepared for Mango. Good can come from this people.
  • if they didnt understand the update process before this well Im confused even more. they were all using iPhones, BB and Android phones and they couldnt learn from any of those?
  • No, they could not - because the problem is not with the delivering updates to the user's devices, the problem is with having efficient and fast relationships with mobile operators and OEMS. And that cannot be learned from public information.
  • Actually.. there was quite a bit explained there.. that makes a lot of sense to me.. The mis communication has primarily been caused by BLOGGERS unrealistic interpretation of MS' communication.. What Belfiore said is a concise explanation as to the update environment. Which.. I think is not only BETTER than Android.. but also BETTER than Apple.. give we have a CHOICE of devices ! While it would be nice to think of a phone like we do our PC ..its simply not the same.. there is still a carrier involved and the hardware is hardly commoditized .. The expectation should be relative to the reality of the ecosystem...Now.. if verizon would get off their duff.. ahem..
  • You hit the nail on the head!AND VERIZON GET ON IT!
  • I can't be the only one that cringed every time they said "learnings".....I'mma gonna go learn me some o' them thare new-fangled Winders!