Sendtiment Cards Lite for Windows Phone 8, greetings cards for all occasions

Greeting card apps appear to be on the rise in the Windows Phone Store and Sendtiment Cards Lite is one of the newer offerings you can find on the Store’s shelves.

The Windows Phone 8 app lets you create cards for a wide range of occasions and share them by email, text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other sharing means available on your Windows Phone.  The Lite version has over one hundred cards to choose from and with an in-app purchase, you can unlock over four hundred more cards.

Sendtiment Cards Lite (the “d” is silent) isn’t a bad choice to consider if you are looking to send a few greeting cards, thank you notes, or similar from your Windows Phone 8 device.

Sendtiment Cards Lite Categories and Card Selection

The opening menu for Sendtiment Cards Lite lays all your card categories out in tile fashion.  Up under the three-dot menu you will find options to buy the Pro version, rate the app in the Windows Phone Store, Share the app, Send the developer feedback and view the About screen.

Card categories are as follows:

  • I Love You (obviously romantic in nature)
  • I Miss You (again, romantic in nature)
  • Hello (more casual but with a romantic tone)
  • Happy Birthday (should be self-explanatory)
  • Happy Christmas
  • Christmas Photo (Holiday photo template)
  • Thank You
  • Happy Holidays (more Christmas cards)
  • Something Nice (more romantic stuff)
  • I Am Sorry (cards to get you out of the doghouse)
  • You Are Invited (various event invitations)
  • Congratulations (well wishes and what nots)
  • An Announcement
  • Something Funny (humorous cards for various occasions)

The categories with the little padlock on the Tile are included in the Pro version that you can purchase in-app for $2.99.  You can preview these cards but you cannot send/share them.

Sendtiment Cards Lite Sample Cards

Once you have chosen your card category and card style all that is left to be done is personalize the card.  Most card styles have a general “add your message here” block where you can include a personalized message.

When you have your card ready to send just tap the share control button that sits at the bottom of the screen and a list of all the sharing options available on your Windows Phone will pop-up.  You can email, text, share over NFC, as well as through your favorite Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter app.

While Sendtiment Cards does not save your card for future use, once sent the app returns to the card you have create to allow you to send it again if necessary.

Sendtiment Card Lite is a decent option to consider for a greeting card app.  The selection of cards is nice and I like how you can preview the premium cards before deciding to upgrade to the Pro Version.  The app did have a slight performance issue though.  When you hit the back button to return to the tile category screen, the app would lock up at times.  If felt like the app stalled while reloading the tiles.  It wasn’t constant but occurred enough to notice and be a little frustrating.  The bug isn’t a deal breaker but something that hopefully will be addressed with the next update.

Sendtiment Card Lite is a free, ad-supported app that is available for Windows Phone 8 devices.  A $2.99 in-app purchase will get rid of the ad-support and unlock all the card categories.  You can find your copy of Sendtiment Card Lite here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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  • Wow it's a large app. Trying it anyways.
  • Nice app. Problem is you can't post on friends Facebook. Failed...
  • First of all thank you for downloading the app. In regards to your comment about Facebook, the app allows you to post on your own Facebook wall if you have connected your Microsoft Account to your Facebook account. At this time we do not support the Facebook API that would for example require you to login to the Sendtiment app in order to get the exact functionality you are asking about. We are looking at different API's for future releases so you feedback is valuable to us. In the meantime what I can suggest is a little workaround I use myself. Create your card and press send. Select "Messaging" as if you are sending a text message and then click back to cancel that. The app automatically saves a copy of the card in your Photo albums (try the saved pictures folder). You can then upload the card to your friends Facebook wall using the Facebook app as you would with any picture. Hope this helps and thanks for your support. Do not hesitate to contact us with any future suggestions.
  • The point being is that you're saying happy birthday or any special even with your friend, and should be able to post on their walls and not yours. I even support buy purchasing this app to support developer like yourself and bring app to WP community.  I look forward for future update and resolve this issue. Thank you for the quick promptness.    
  • Ugh. It crashes always.
  • Hi Daniel,can u tell me how to get rid of the error 805a0194 when clicking d app links?
  • But why the 'd' is silent?
  • Because they said so, lol
  • Hi, I am the developer for this app and just wanted to let you know that an update is on its way to address issues some users have reported. Also the app automatically saves your sent cards in your photo albums, check Saved Pictures. Follow me on Twitter @sendtiment for updates
  • Publish in Indonesia, please? :)
  • We will look into it. One of the reasons we are not in certain markets was because of content restrictions in some markets. For example some of our invitation cards have martini glasses or beer mugs and so would not pass in markets where depictions of alcohol are not permitted as per Microsoft policy. Our wish is to be worldwide but we have to also respect store policies.