Serif launches Affinity Publisher with a unique integration with its suite of apps

What you need to know

  • Affinity Publisher is now available from Serif.
  • It's a professional class publication app.
  • It can directly integrate with Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer.

Serif launched its latest application today, Affinity Publisher. The app is a professional class publication tool that competes with programs such as Adobe InDesign. Affinity Publisher takes many design cues and its approach to creating content from its sibling software Affinity Photo (opens in new tab) and Affinity Designer (opens in new tab).

Affinity Publisher supports staple features of the print and online media publishing industry including master pages, OpenType support, linking textframes, and end-to-end CMYK color support. It also has several features that are mainstays of the Affinity suite, including an "almost unlimited undo history."

Affinity Publisher is the first application from Serif to directly integrate with the entire suite. Customers who have purchased Affinity Photo and or Affinity Designer can use them directly within Affinity Publisher through a feature called StudioLInk. For users who do not have Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher has native support for some photo editing and vector graphics. You can see the full list of Affinity Publisher's features at Serif's website (opens in new tab).

In addition to the announcement of Affinity Publisher, Serif also announced that Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for the iPad will support Affinity Publisher files. Affinity Publisher is available for Windows 10 and Mac and is on sale for $39.99 for its initial launch period.

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  • I just watched their Keynote livestream very impressive!
  • it is very good, I have been playing around with the beta for a while, i pre-ordered it last week. i friend of mine have also done the same, she will use hers a lot more than I will use mine, she have been using adobe indesign for a few years, in fact she have been using a lot of Adobe products over the years, but she is now changing to Affinty products. i already have affinity photo.
  • I looked at the screenshots on Serif's site for Affinity Publisher, and judging on the look, this StudioLInk is a plugin sort of thing.
    Do we know if the StudioLInk will be added to the apps in the Microsoft Store :)?
    I have Affinity Photo, but I imagine it will be a while when and if it will be integrated into those editions.
  • Make sure to add in the fact that Publisher is available on Windows both through their website (.exe format) AND the Microsoft Store as a UWA Package! Love that the Serif team did this on launch day.
  • Highly recommended on first impressions, just like Affinity Designer and Photo. Adobe's subscription model has problems.
  • I ditched Adobe and I have never looked back. Serif is not a company to just dismiss as the adobe wannabe it will one day be the Adobe killer.