Update: We are able to login now...

If you’re like us, turning your Xbox One on to log in is coughing up a 0x87DD0006 error. Evidently the Xbox Live Core Services for the One are down and out for the moment and it’s also affecting “Browsing the Xbox Video Store and the Xbox Music Store” (though that is fixed now).

Users who try to login will be met with the above error and the problem seems quite widespread. Microsoft is on top of the problem though and are promising updates every half hour, meaning this could be resolved by the time we post this article.

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Surprisingly, this is what seems like the first outage for the Xbox One since launch. Up until now, things have seemingly gone without a hitch, though we knew there would be some growing pains. Anyone else experiencing the outage? Let us know below.

Source: Microsoft; Thanks, Guillaume C., for the tip