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SHAREit for phone updated to Windows 10 Mobile with fresh new design

SHAREit is a popular file sharing and transfer service that works over your local WiFi. The free service is pretty clever and easy to use requiring no sign ups and local sharing with people who also use SHAREit as it is on iOS, Android, and PC as well.

The version for Windows Phone (or at least one of them, more on that below) is now updated to version 1.7 (up from and with it comes a UI refresh that better aligns with the Windows 10. It's good timing too as people have been complaining a bit about the dated design for the app and with this refresh, the app is now a Windows 10 Mobile app through and through.

Functionally, however, there do not seem to be any new features to report on.

Here is where things get confusing, however.

If you are on Windows Phone 8.1, the version in the Store for you is still, and you will not see an update today.

If you are Windows 10 Mobile you will get an update to version 1.7, which is the new Windows 10 Mobile app with a refreshed minimalist UI.

To make things even more confusing, there are actually two separate listings for SHAREit with one being at version and an old panorama style UI. That makes three apps of SHAREit, which is rather hilarious. Why so many? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Your best bet is just to follow the Store link below and download whichever one matches your OS.

Unfortunately, the Windows Phone version – any of them – still lack many features that the Android one has like remote connecting to a PC on the same network to view or share files, photo backup and more. So while the app is ideal for passing on pictures, contacts, videos, and more, it can't do some of the cooler things as far as we know.

As a bonus, if you are on Windows for PC you can grab version 3.5 of their desktop app right here from their site.

Download SHAREit for Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

Thanks, Lokesh, and Joenar, for the tips!

QR: shareit

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • The amount of research I had to put into this simple app update was astounding and more than anticipated.
  • interesting, Hey Daniel question which phone do you use a daily driver these days? do you prefer the 9x's? thanks pal.
  • I use AT&T 950 with .164 as my main phone.
  • yea nice, didn't intend to distract from the article, I'm on the fence jumping to it from a 1520 . Anyway thanks again.
  • How is 1520 anyway with windows 10? Performance
  • Smoother after latest build, minor app issues opening up, strange buzzing during phone calls once in a while.
  • SHAREit on twitter (Dec. 2015) did stated that they're working on app-sharing *stuff* for W10M (btw wp-to-wp obvi.) ....
    I think it's still not yet to come to before Redstone (RS_1) anytime soon™. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • @Daniel if i have to notify you about new update... How can i???.
  • Twitter. Or use
  • Btw people app got updated with slightly lighter background.. Or some light blackish..
  • I hope xender developers also update their app,because no one around me uses this app,everyone uses xender
  • @daniel will apps sharing come to windows phone with share it app? Sent from windows 10 mobile
  • "Unfortunately, the Windows Phone version – any of them – still lack many features that the Android one has like remote connecting to a PC on the same network to view or share files, photo backup and more." No need to mention this, as it is safe to assume by default that any Windows Phone or Windows Mobile app lack many features that the iOS/Android versions have, including Microsoft's own apps.
  • I'm sure if the article didn't mention it, someone would say that the apo is missing features and that the articles should say so. There's simoly no way to stop the on-repeat complaining about the same things that everyone knows, but the complainers think they are teaching us.
  • I switched to Zapya because Zapya uses the wifi direct and can create wifi hot spot for easier sharing
  • Great
  • Guys iam using w10 .but i didnt found shareit 1.7 version . Why?
  • Any other apps like shareit?
  • Nothing update .. On Windows 10 Mobile insider build 14295
  • Make it universal