Should you buy Prusament Filament for your 3D printer?

Should you buy Prusament Filament for your 3D printer?

Best answer: Yes. Prusament is one of the nicest filaments I have ever used. The rolls are consistently accurate throughout the length of the spool and the final prints are excellent.Prusa Research: Prusament PLA ($25)

You can learn all about your spool

Prusa has been really smart about how it approaches the sale of Prusament. Dimensional accuracy is one of the most important parts of any filament and Prusa has gone beyond the norm to bring us the most accurate filament I've ever seen.

Generally, 1.75mm filament has a diameter variance of around +/- 0.05mm — that means at any given point the filaments diameter can be between 1.70mm and 1.8mm but not more. Prusament, on the other hand, has an accuracy all the way down to +/- 0.02mm, which is frankly astounding. What this means is that your prints are much more accurate and will print far more effectively.

Prusa even has a website where you can find out the specifics of your personal spool, including a graph that tells you how accurate it is. This is a really classy touch from Prusa and proves that it's passionate and transparent about how good it wants the filament to be. The color accuracy is also important to Prusa; I've found the color replication all throughout the spool to be excellent.

The best wound filament ever.

One of the worst feelings in 3D printing is having a 20-hour print ruined because your filament has a loop in the spool. When a spool is not wound correctly it can cause snags and breaks in the filament at the worst possible time. Prusament has been wound with such care that it borders on loving. I've used five spools of it now and each one has been perfect from the beginning to the end.

As you can see from the above pictures, the Prusament on the left is excellent. The Polymaker Polylite, on the other hand, is wound in the way most filaments are. This haphazard approach is alright, but the Prusament is on a whole other level and will help keep your prints running safely for hours.

The final Prints are silky smooth

I have fallen in love with the Galaxy Black Prusament and the prints it produces. Unfortunately, the prints I made with it are all boring card cases for board games, but you can see from the pictures that color is amazing. Those silver flecks and the bright pink are amazing and stand out among other prints I've made. Every print I've done with the Prusament has looked far smoother than I would have believed possible with the layer heights I've used.

As you can see on the pink laptop stand, the print quality on the Prusament is excellent, especially if you can use it on a Prusa Mk3, but the results have been excellent with any printer. I normally expect this kind of quality in filaments that cost nearly twice this much.

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