Should you install the Windows 10 Technical Preview on your phone?

Windows 10 preview for phones
Windows 10 preview for phones

A few points to consider before you go ahead and take the plunge

Now that we know when we're going to see the first Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones, there are definitely going to be a lot of people getting ready to try it out. The desktop previews have been well received, and there's nothing to suggest the phone previews won't be equally so.

But there are some things to consider before jumping in with both feet. Shiny new things are always exciting but perhaps more so than a computer, the smartphone in your pocket is something you rely upon every single day. So tread carefully and consider these points first.

It. Will. Be. Buggy.

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This is not the Preview for Developers program. Whereas that pushes out a product you'd consider mostly the finished article – though bugs are always possible – the Technical Preview will not. Not even close at this point. As such it's going to be buggy, things are going to be broken and in some cases you may not even be able to complete basic, essential tasks. That may sound extreme, but it's entirely possible with preview software.

And because it's not Windows Phone 8.1 and currently not a platform developers are building for, some of your favorite apps may not work as intended.

Think twice before using your main/only phone

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Again, as with the desktop Technical Preview, if you only have one device to install it on think very carefully about whether you want to take the risk. We don't know yet how easy or difficult it's going to be to roll back to Windows Phone 8.1 should the need arise and we've got no idea how well it will perform across the different devices currently available.

Tied in with the first point, your phone may not be able to perform as the phone you want it to be. If you rely on it, is it worth risking with Windows 10?

If you've got a backup phone or an old handset that meets the requirements, this would always make a better option. You get to join in with all the fun and games without any risk to your main phone. There will probably be a method of rolling back to Windows Phone 8.1, but it'll get old fast if you're constantly doing it.

Do you want to be a good Windows Insider?

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Microsoft has already talked about how the feedback from the early Windows 10 for desktop Technical Previews has helped develop the platform. It's important to remember that this isn't just a public preview for people to download and have fun with. Microsoft needs your help. Microsoft needs you to feedback on all aspects of the OS. Through this the community will truly contribute to the future of the platform.

Being a good, responsible Windows Insider extends beyond that, though. Voicing opinions and providing feedback in the correct channels is important, as is respecting app developers. If WhatsApp suddenly stops working when you install Windows 10, don't go marching to the Store leaving a 1-star review and ranting about how crap it is. Developers haven't had time with Windows 10 yet, and even when they have, it's not an official platform until it launches in non-preview form. By all means provide feedback to app developers on bugs and issues, just make sure you follow Wheaton's Law in doing so.

We've got you covered whatever you decide

Fortunately for you, the Windows Central team will be all over Windows 10. So if you decide to hold off you'll not miss a trick. We'll be getting into all of the details on the site, as will the folks over in the forums. There'll be plenty of Windows 10 talk, so you're not going to miss anything.

And if you do go ahead and load it up, we'll be with you every step of the way. We're only at the beginning of the journey. There's going to be a lot to learn, and we'll be doing it together.

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Originally published February 4, 2015

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