Singapore Lumia 800 users receiving 12070 battery-fix update

Nokia seems to be wrapping up testing of their much anticipated firmware update, 12070. The update brings better battery life through better controlled screen-brightness and ~70 mA discharge when idle.  In addition, the update tweaks the camera's white balance a little and sound is improved via the bass response.

We can testify that 12070 has nearly tripled our battery life since we forced-upgraded from 11401, making this a worthy and important update for Lumia users.

Those in Singapore seem to be the lucky ones tonight as they are now getting 12070 official through Zune Desktop, making them the first group to get the honors. So if you're in Singapore, y'all need to stop reading this and go get your update as it is totally worth the 15 minutes.

We expect the rest of Lumia 800 users to start to get their updates later on this week. Stay tuned.

Thanks, VoodooKing for the heads up; See XDA forums for further confirmation

Daniel Rubino

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  • Triple!? Yowza! How bad was it before the update?
  • Yeah, it was bad...I mean, it was noteworthy bad. I think 11501 fixed it a bit, but 11401 was like odd--we're talking 14-16 hours and it'd be dead.
  • Yeah the 11500 firmware as on my Lumia is still pretty awful, so this update can't come quickly enough
  • Before the update my phone won't last a day, which is crazy. With the 12070 update I can definitely confirm that it lasts a day and a half now, so yeah, big improvements here! :) But triple? In actual effective hours, no.
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  • We are receiving this update in India too! kinda sad that I have to wait till the evening to get my firmware updated!
  • How about giving the unbranded people some love? I still haven't gotten the last Nokia update either. And I thought not having a carrier branded phone meant no one to delay my updates...
  • We've had numerous reports that unbranded users are getting 11500 as we speak. Go and check.
  • I actually got an update notfication this morning and it did turn out to be the 11500 update. Thanks for the heads up! Now hopefully I don't have to wait until the next update to get the 12070 one... 
  • Not in the world of windows phone. At least in Europe branded devices get the updates faster. I even branded my Optimus 7 to get tethering... Btw any information when the lumias get it?
  • This will be interesting my phone is Singtel branded but I now have moved to Thailand. Thailand does not even sell the Nokia 800 here.:( I Have a feeling I will not get this update.
  • Seems like this Singapore update DOES NOT include the new camera modes.
  • There are no new 12070 ROMs with new camera modes. Not sure where you heard that from? I've tested the Indian and Australian versions and they are not there so I'm not sure why folks are expecting them...
  • This is why:
  • That's what I thought, thx. That's old info (well, "internet old" anyways). Upon people actually installing the various ROMs it was noted by others (and myself) that there are no new camera modes. Perhaps those will be enabled in a later update--quite possible. But don't expect to find them with this one.
  • Didn't see it in Malaysia yet
  • I'm from KL but registered my Lumia using Singapore address. Boight it month before actual launch in Malaysia. Got my 12070 just now...
  • In Switzerland there is no update either right now.
    How did you force it? VPN to a proxy or the trick with pull the LAN cabel or something new? ^^
  • Wish it were that easy ;-) You'll also wipe the device by this method with no restore. Worth though in many ways if you can't wait. You'll first have to use NaviFirm to connect up and download a ROM, then use the above trick to load it up.
  • Just updated my phone, let's so if it lasts more then 7 hours tomorrow.
  • Updated my phone a few hours ago. The improved sound quality is really noticeable to me. I'm in Singapore and my phone is unbranded.
  • Got an update notification on my unbranded Lumia 800 on AT&T in the US. Updating now. Finally!
  • Unfortunately, I believe that's the 11500 update, not 12070 :-/
  • Why must you dash my dreams sir! T_T
  • I have unbranded phone here in Ireland. Has always been on 11501...have never had any battery issues. Lumia 800 always lasts right through the day. I charge every night and have never had to recharge during day...
  • Then you'll really be blow away by this update, lol. What's your discharge rate on the battery when idle? If it's more than ~70 mA, it's too high.
  • I'm also on 11501 and haven't really had any battery issues in my experience... but i switched from iPhone so I'm used to having to charge every night (as i have to do now with my Lumia 800). Do you think 12070 will improve battery life even more? In the Nokia Diagnostics app, I've got the following numbers:
    Current (Discharging): ~145 mAh
    Full charge capability: 1287 mAh
    StandbyCurrent:~-6 mAh
    Will this change with 12070?
  • Where can I get this diagnostic app? ** update, found it: you enter ##634# on the phone call dial pad. What are good drain numbers?
    On the Lumua 710, mine is hovering around 120-140mA
  • Before the update the Current (Discharging) was hovering around 140-150 and now it's mostly around 65-80. Hopefully this means I'm getting almost double battery life now, but we'll see... I just updated an hour ago :-)
  • Looking forward to this update...extra bass and battery!!
  • Just updated minutes ago..
    Lets see how it performs. Looking forward.
  • My first comment on WPC! How do I check what version I am running, also, how do I find out why my current idle amp is? Cheers guys
  • Under "About", tap "more information" and look for the firmware revision number.
  • Thank you, im on 11500, what is the next update :S ? (lumia 800)
  • Can't wait for this update! I'm having both battery problems, sound problems... including annoying clicking noises. Also the phone just turned off last night and it took me 2 hours to bring it back to life. Hope this update solves it:-)
  • I hope this fixes the Battery issues I so want to stop whinning about this phone.
  • I don't understand, I thought unbranded devices got the updates 1st, I mean I have an unbranded Lumia and got the 11500 ages ago.
  • Btw, you didn't mention in this article the buttons backlight issue. Is it going to happen ?
  • Updated but no such modes!(Smart Group Shot,Panorama, Action, Self Timer) Just camera Focus Mode set to Normal. Sound ? Not sure....
  • Are you on 12070? Can you please tell me if you have the buttons backlights on if you have luminosity set to medium ?
  • 1600.2487.8107.12070! Yeap...its ON! 
  • Great! Thanks man!
  • hell yeah! spreading words ..
  • I kind of liking the current camera here my results
  • Very nice photos. Any postprocessing with apps on phone?
  • Very nice pictures, are you putting this down to the phone and some decent setup or just your own skillz. The phone obviously took the shot but definately lots of good camera work with good composition and lighting.
  • Hello!
    I bought my phone  on Expansys Korea and it came from Hong Kong. With what country will I get the update?
  • uggghhh. maybe windows phone isn't for me....once I hear of an update I can't stand the waiting.
  • I was all excited about getting an update today, but it turns out to be version 11500. :(
  • Same here :/
    At least now I know that updating on Windows 8 works.
  • I'm confused, im on 11500 when look at "about" on my settings. What number is the next update for me ? (lumia 800)
  • If you already have good battery life you will not notice any change with this new firmware. It only improves battery life for those that had very bad battery life.
  • I have done some diagnostic test to see how much battery is consumed in mA before and after the update. It is drastic, in standby the battery is consumed much less and dischrage rate spikes on screen use and app usage only. Before it was always high. Plus some old bugs have been fixed. I have made a post about it here:
  • Does anybody know if this update fixes the problems with Lumnia 800 restarts?
  • I originally bought my phone in Singapore and currently I'm staying in Australia - got prompted to update to 12070 yesterday, woohoo.
  • The UK Nokia site has been updated with the 12070 update details - has anyone managed to receive a notification to update?
  • I have an unbranded Lumia 800 Cyan, product code 059M539 on Orange UK network, but despite saying Update available, there is no update when connecting to Zune, or any notifications. Country Variant Lumia 800 059M539 Update available
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  • Yes! The phone obviously took the shot but definately lots of good camera work with good composition and lighting.