Skweezer updated

Greenlight wireless announced earlier this week that they've updated and improved skweezer, which is at heart a proxy service that re-jiggers web pages so they look better on mobile phones. They have their work cut out for them when it comes to competing on Windows Mobile devices, and Microsoft's Live Search for mobile already does that (and does a fairly good job of it). Plus, on Windows Mobile 6, you can put a Live Search field right on your today screen. I do like that skweezer has a built-in "search within page" feature - that's a feature sorely lacking in most mobile web browsers these days.

Still, it's pretty ho-hum for me, but I have a few feature-phone-using buddies who will care. A few.

the user interface has been redesigned to reduce keystrokes and take advantage of "hot key" navigation that utilizes a phone's keypad. Skweezer will now also use a robust, new search system to provide highly relevant Web searches across multiple mobile device platforms. Skweezer's code-base and hosting infrastructure have been updated to provide the fastest Skweezer ever.

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WC Staff