Skyfire, the little Windows Mobile browser that could, is teaming up with Ustream.TV, the live video streamer that does, for "a
partnership that will deliver live video to consumers accessing content from their mobile phones."

Ustream gets prominent placement on Skyfire's home page (though just beneath Youtube), from which you get easy access to all of Ustream's content.

“Live video from partners like Ustream fit perfectly into our plan to bring the best of the full web to the mobile generation,” said Tracy DeMiroz, Skyfire VP Marketing. "Without any development required to have a mobile presence, Ustream immediately gives their users access to all the content broadcast from their website. We know Skyfire users consume a lot of media during their day. In fact, on inauguration day a vast majority of our users were watching Obama on Ustream. That's
why we're excited to include Ustream in the Skyfire bookmarks.  In just one click, our users will be watching live television."

Get Skyfire at, and check out Ustream at