Skype adds Captain America: The Winter Soldier characters as emoticons

Emoticons make conversations more interesting. They help show how you feel. If you’re a Skype user, then there new emoticons you might want to start using. They’ve introduced five new “hidden heroes” emoticons based on characters from the upcoming blockbuster film, Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The five new, limited edition emoticons, include Captain America, the mysterious Winter Soldier, Nick Fury and Black Widow. These emoticons are “hiding” within Skype.

To add the new emoticons to your IM chats, try typing in (captain) (bucky) (nickfury) or (blackwidow) to reveal these limited edition characters. You'll need the very latest version of Skype, where they should be ready to deploy from March 13th. The emoticons will be available to different platforms at different times, so if you can't use them right away, you may have to wait a little bit longer.

We have mentioned five emoticons, but only revealed four characters. Who’s the fifth character? You’ll have to unlock it by answering questions on characters from the movie. Visit Skype’s Hero Hub to answer the questions.

We don’t want to spoil the fun for you, but the first hint is a GPS coordinate. Just type it in Bing to find the answer to the first question. There are three questions in total.

While this is obviously a cross-promotion with the upcoming movie, Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a recent survey shows that many Skype users are going to enjoy the new emoticons. The survey had 2,058 respondents within the United States and United Kingdom, revealing 57% of them want new emoticons based on comic book characters. Skype listened and delivered!

You can grab the latest version of Skype at the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store (opens in new tab). Captain America: The Winter Soldier starts showing in theaters on April 4th, 2014. Are you planning to watch it?

Via Skype Blog (opens in new tab)Thanks for the tip, Kyle M.!

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  • Nice :)
  • Just tried it and it looks like s**t.
  • Not showing any updates for Skype in my lumia 720 (india)....
  • Its not showing for me also L520(India) :(
  • Ditto uk
  • How about a performance fix. My Lumia still over heats and shuts down when using Skype on WiFi or cellular on my 920.
  • Yep Skype for WP is a joke!
  • Unfortunately, this is a by product of the Qualcomm platform.  I have only experienced it when using Skype Video.
  • This is definitely not a global issue... I use Skype for hours a day on a 920 and 1020... little pokey, but no overheating issues. Poor signal maybe?
  • I was going to say... So this is why Skype on win8 has serious unresolved issues...
  • The win8.1 version ainy much better, cpu jams up on a built for winblows 8 laptop.
  • What is winblows?
  • Windows that sucks d*ck!
  • Next thing I'll read.. "Skype adds Overkill deathbat and Lars as emoticons" :D
  • Yet skype on windows phone still doesn't allow you to attach something as basic as a picture. I really wish the Skype team would pull their finger out and get this app operating as a full featured messaging service.
  • Yes it pisses me off so much! I know that it's different teams and Skype needs to make money.. Yada yada yada.. BUT this app is a disgrace to MS. It makes them look as if they don't care for their own platform. While this may (or may not) be true, it doesn't really matter; as it really affects the public perception. I tell people: "I don't go on Skype much.." Them: "Why? You're always on your phone." Me: "Skype for Windows Phone sucks.." Them: "Wow, you should've got an iPhone." ...
  • I find it super reliable now since all the updates, no issues there, its just missing some super basic features that even the most simple messaging apps have.
  • Do we finally have real time messaging?
  • All messaging I send on the app is instant now. Yep.
  • Yes.
  • Build Build Build waiting waiting waiting
  • Maybe Skype will be integrated into the OS more after 8.1, or at least updated... but as for me, it works fine now.
  • Yeah it works, it just doesn't have the features it needs to keep up. Not having the ability to attach a pic, I mean... Really?
  • It doesn't usually work for me. :c
  • I would not count on that happening... ever...
  • I can't even login anymore to Skype on my Windows Phone Lumia 928. It's the biggest joke!  I followed ALL the instructions from the Skype support team and simply CANNOT link my Microsoft account to my Skype ID. I PAID FOR PREMIUM SERVICE!  I have been ripped off! WP version of Skype is a total joke!  You CANNOT check voicemails, cannot attach anything, it eats battery and now I can't even login.  DON'T USE OR BUY THE SKYPE SERVICE! I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK TO ANDROID, BUT THIS MIGHT BE THE LAST STRAW WHEN UPGRADE COMES LATER THIS YEAR!!!!
  • You seem upset.
  • LOL. You sound awfully relax!
  • I'm going to watch it! :D
  • Scarlett Johansson.
  • YES.
  • What an intelligent conversation this is! It's beautiful!
  • Big news..
  • LOL
  • Isn't having "(Bucky)" as one of the icons kind of a, I dunno, MASSIVE SPOILER?!?
  • They don't seem to be treating it as such. I was surprised when they revealed that in the preview on the Thor Dark World Blu-ray too. Just flat out said who WS is.
  • I have no idea who Bucky is
  • shhhh, don't ask.. else they gonna spoil it. :)
  • :O :O :O
  • If one day wastapp gets video video calling then Skype will lose market share to a great extent
  • Yep, well whatsapp is already getting voice calling as announced recently. It'll only be a matter of time.
  • Maybe, if its free.
    Although, on my phone I have 10+ contacts on Skype and 0 on Whatsapp. It's a relatively unknown service in the US, let's see if the acquisition by Facebook makes that better or worse.
    On a side note, I saw that Bill Gates told Rolling Stone that MS wanted to buy Whatsapp.
  • Everybody with an Xbox account automatically has a Skype account. I've only heard of whatsapp from WPC. I might check it out, but I doubt I'll use it much compared to Skype.
  • Nice. Maybe I'll watch this movie after all
  • I honestly don't understand all this complaining for Skype. Probably its not perfect, missing few basic feature but I use it all the time and it works perfectly. No issues, fast and great video call. Always used it before with my 920, 925, 1020 and now with my 1520. Again it works great so probably you need to learn how to use it on your WP and im speaking about synchronies it with Microsoft account etc.
  • Because some us believe in MS and want it to remain successful, when its own app, Skype is missing some super basic features, its destined to fail. With all the options available now, its a must to keep up ;)
  • And it will.  It took the Win8 Metro App team a while to get where they are.  This is a new platform for Skype, and they don't have as many years of experience as they do with the other platforms.
  • Sorry, how long has MS owned Skype now? there is no time for excuses now, if they can't integrate some of the most basic features in, like yesterday, well it shows me how little MS really care about WP as a whole. It's already lacking a lot of great apps, at least get your own apps up to speed and the rest will follow, helping the eco system.
  • Utterly lame excuse. Here are the facts:   - Microsoft acquired Skype for 8bills. - WeChat, Line, Kik Messenger, Nimbuzz, Viber, Whatsapp etc., all provide file attachment support. - Even some shitty apps written by solo devs have file attachment support. - There are free to get code sample on for file attachment support. - There are blogs about how to add a goddamned file picker control on WP7 and WP8.   This is just they are holding it back for a BIG surprise.. while they dont realize that there is no surprise in a chat / instant messenging app... its 2014 and Skype is here to replace MSN messenger. Or perhaps its some kind of bureaucratic bullshit decision to spin-off fiction. Honestly, when was the last time Skype team really surprised you? We had high hopes from Skype, like deep integrating with phone dialler, messaging hub, IE mobile etc..   
  • I have to agree with the complainers on the missing features. I don't need them, but Skype should be a first class experience on WP and W8, not third class. It just makes no sense, and presents a very poor image of MS view of the platform.
  • Lets do a kickstarter for Microsoft to hire a second WP Skype dev.
  • $1520, $2520. After fixing WP's crappy Skype app, the next thing Skype team should be doing is to work with IE team to bring WebRTC to IE and develop cross-browser webRTC client. So when WebRTC's candidate recommendation arrives on W3C (expected in mid 2014), both Skype and IE are up to the mark; with no further delays.  
  • Can someone explain how a movie called "The Winter Soldier" is being released in the spring?
  • Why not? Would you prefer to wait until next year?
  • The Winter seems faster. ;)
  • The story was filmed throughout the whole winter and they need some time to..are you serious?
  • I think that, they should work on app performance and UI rather than spending $$ on this ...
  • I agree or dump skype.. that its a shoddy as it is.
  • Umm Microsoft isn't paying for this.  MARVEL is.  Please learn how marketing campaigns work.  It brings in more revenue, which in return can increase their resources.  Plus the teams working on the WP app are not the same as the emoticons and advertising ones.
  • What The hell, Give us proper sync, give us file sharing. Who cares about this crap?
  • (adding insult to the injury) Give us the screen sharing in WP8 and W8...
  • Who said it's not already there in the new WP 8.1 app?  It's there in the Windows 8.1 app now, so it's bound to come.   Regular consumers who are Captain America / Marvel fans enjoy this.  Learn how marketing campaigns work.
  • They should add it to the messaging emoticons
  • Wow. Seriously, Skype on Windows Phone is a steaming pile and this is what they're spending time on as their Users jump ship to Competitors?   
  • Umm Microsoft isn't paying for this.  MARVEL is.  Please learn how marketing campaigns work.  It brings in more revenue, which in return can increase their resources.  Plus the teams working on the WP app are not the same as the emoticons and advertising ones. 
  • I'm a big fan of MS, but things like this make me weep.
    MS marketing need replacing top to bottom. Honestly, how could this be sanctioned when customers are screaming feedback that the service and apps is SO lacking in other areas, eg.
    - contacts discovery
    - OS messaging integration
    - other messaging service integration
    - rich presence
    Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.
  • Got em
  • It works on a HTC 8X, but doesn't on a iPhone. On Surface animated, on HTC static.
  • CAN I BECOME AN EDITOR/REVIEWER?!? I am so frustrated with reading poorly written/reviewed articles/posts that I might even do it for free. This is absolutely absurd, that a site with as much traffic as WPCentral can have so many common typographical errors in each and every article/post. How much "editing" is the Editor doing?! Daniel, please PM me of you read this...WPCentral has a poor enough reputation as a fan boy site as it is, there is no need to add poor grammar/reviewing to all of the other complaints against WPC as a news site. I may be spoiled, but after being a constant Crackberry reader for nearly two years, I grew used to proper grammar and syntax. At WPC, it seems as though grammar/structure is thrown to the wind in every article. Daniel, please let me know if you're interested in having someone TRULY review/edit each post at WPC, as I absolutely want nothing but the best for Windows Phone. -A true WP user.
  • Tell me if you can find the error: "If you’re a Skype user, then there new emoticons you might want to start using."
  • Can only agree. Yes it's "just" typos and wrong phrases, but it makes the whole endeavor look really unprofessional. I have never seen this much errors on any other respectable site.
  • Right? Typos will happen from time to time. They certainly shouldn't be happening multiple times in nearly every post. Just...baffling.
  • Seems faster
  • These cute graphics won't add anything significant for WP users of Skype. The UI for messaging/chat should be improved first, making it more visually-engaging to use rather than just an empty feature. They're just too small and I'm using a L920 and non-animated when they should have been. I'd rather they focus on bringing it to par with features available on other platforms, such as attaching images and files. Rudy Huyn could have done a better UI/UX for Skype in terms of messaging/video calls overall.
  • Still no update.
  • When you first open skype make sure you ignore the main login details and look toward to bottom where it says "login with a Microsoft account". Not sure if that's what you are doing but I made that mistake ;)
  • That would require an agreement with Marvel... I'd call this a stretch but maybe they will also get Jarvis' voice in the deal?
  • They call them "stickers" in Facebook. I love to use the cat and monkey stickers, it's the only reason I use Facebook Messenger. But I've never even seen these in Skype I think... Guess I just never chat enough there.