Skype extension for Chrome gets Twitter, email, and calendar integrations

If you use the official Skype extension for Google Chrome, it just got a little more useful. The latest update to the extension now lets you easily add a link to a Skype call to any email, tweet or calendar event with one click.

Skype Extension

Each integration is accessible via a clearly labeled button across Outlook, Google Mail and Calendar, and Twitter. From Microsoft:

  • Email: Add a Skype call link from within the email composition window in Gmail, Google Inbox, and
  • Calendar: Create Skype call links right inside your calendar items in Google Calendar and
  • Twitter: Add a Skype call link for an "Ask Me Anything," webinar, or open meeting while you're composing your tweet.

Prior to this update, the Skype extension simply acted as a way to quickly access messages and calls while browsing the web. If you're a Chrome user and want to check out these handy new tools for yourself, you can grab the Skype extension from the Chrome Web Store now.

See at the Chrome Web Store

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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