Skype picks up new TripAdvisor and StubHub add-ins

Skype Photograph
Skype Photograph (Image credit: Windows Central)

Skype is looking to make planning a night out with your friends a little easier with its latest add-ins. The Skype team announced today that new TripAdvisor and StubHub add-ins are now available in Skype, offering up an integrated way to hammer out travel and event plans directly from your chats.

The TripAdvisor add-in can be added to a chat by pressing the "+" button and selecting it from the list of available add-ins. From there, you can use the add-in to search for hotels, restaurants, and other things to do in a specific destination. Once you've found something, you can share it to those in your chat by pressing the "Send" button. Everyone else in a chat will be able to check out information on what you've shared, including things like photos and hotel rates.

The StubHub add-in works in much the same way, allowing you to search events, locations, or dates from within Skype. Once you've dialed in on an event you're interested in, the add-in will surface ticket information and allow you to share it with others in your chat. Chat members can then tap what you've shared to view this listing and purchase their seats.

For heavy Skype users, both add-ins could come in handy, whether planning a trip or a night out. Skype add-ins are currently available in the latest version of Skype for Mac and Skype's Android and iOS apps. According to Microsoft, they're rolling out to Skype for Windows 10 as well.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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