Skype shares the love with new Valentine's Day virtual cards and Mojis

If you're looking for another way to express your love this Valentine's Day, Skype has your back. Teaming up with an independent artist agency called Rogue Octopus, Skype has put together several Valentine's Mojis that can be "unwrapped" on the big day. Each follows two characters as they move through the stages of love, Skype says (opens in new tab) on its blog.

Also rolling out over the next few days is a virtual Valentine's Day card will add floating hearts to a special holiday message you can record for your loved one. The virtual cards can be recorded and then shared via Skype, email, or a social network of your choice. And after you've sent off your message, you can add some extra oomph with a new set Valentine's emoticons that have been added across Skype on all platforms.

Skype Virtual Valentine's Card

Skype says that all of these holiday goodies should be available across the latest versions of the app on Windows desktop, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Download Skype for desktop (opens in new tab)

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  • Can any of this be done in Skype Preview?
  • Yes just checked
  • Cool, thanks!
  • On Mobile? I don't see it
  • Look for heart icon next to the emoji
  • That you, kindly!  I hope we can do the video stuff too, but since we can't yet send video messages (unless I'm missing that too), then I'm not hopeful. 
  • YEP, sir!
  • If skype updated to be more reliable and not miss all my notifications, that would be a better gift -_-
  • C'mon MS  - Make Skype the Whatsapp killer!  So much potential!  The bots - not bad.  Integrate with Cortana, allow me to collaborate like Skype for Business.  Let me map.  Show my location to select people, check in.... Who wants a valentine from me?    
  • Windows mobile is doomed, and Skype as well, but Google/Alphabet can die.
  • Skype developers brings every Good thing for android & ios !!
  • well this more of a problem of them rewrite the app
  • What's the point of this holiday?
    As if men don't have enough on their plate...
  • And in Russia, Valentine's Day is prohibited. In place of his summer introduced "Day of Love, Family and Faithfulness" on the feast day of Orthodox saints Peter and Fevronia
    А в России День святого Валентина запрещён. В место него летом ввели "День Любви, Семьи и Верности" в день памяти православных святых Петра и Февронии
  • Because of this need to update the telephone numbers cleaning in app "people"
    Why? because the phone was as MS account of it in the PC introduced.
    Из-за этой обновы придется чистить номера телефонов в app "люди"
    Почему? потому что телефон был а аккаунт MS от него в пк введён.