Skype team promises split view, status improvements, and more coming to version 8

Microsoft is eager to move forward with Skype, pushing users to move on from Skype "classic" to the revamped version 8. The only problem? There are still several key features present in older releases that are missing from the latest Skype app.

This recently resulted in Microsoft backtracking on its planned September 1 retirement of classic Skype while the company addresses feedback. And now we have an idea of what the roadmap looks like for some of the most highly requested features in Skype version 8.

In a post this week on the Microsoft Answers forum, the Skype team laid out its plans going forward. First and foremost, the team says, the focus is on keeping Skype's messaging and calling features as clear and reliable as possible. But going forward, there are several key features that the team is planning to add to Skype 8's repertoire, including split view, status improvements, and more. Here's a look at what's coming:

  • Split window view for Skype on Windows 10, so you can see multiple chat windows at the same time
  • Changing the font size in a chat
  • Search for a message within a chat
  • Status improvements – how others see your online status
  • Privacy settings (call contact configurations) – more controls regarding who can call you
  • Making it easier to add a phone number as a contact

Microsoft says it will continue to provide updates on the status of each feature as time goes on, but this is already a good sign for many who were incensed that Microsoft was planning to push users to version 8 while it was still missing some of these key features.

The post follows the recent rollout of two major new features across Skype for Insiders last week: Call recording and SMS Connect.

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