Skype Translator tech is coming to Skype for Windows desktop later this year

Skype will soon include the technology from its Skype Translator preview right into its desktop app for Windows. This will mean that users can try the feature out without using the standalone app. The company hopes to start the rollout later this year.

To bring Skype Translator into more people's lives, today we are happy to announce that the Skype Translator preview technology will be coming to the Skype for Windows desktop app. We are targeting the end of summer 2015 for the roll-out to begin.

Currently, Skype Translator features support for four spoken languages: English, Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin. It also supports 50 written languages for instant messaging.

While you're waiting for translation technology to come to Skype for Windows, you can download the preview app from the Windows Store for free, no sign-up required.

Download Skype Translator from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Source: Skype (opens in new tab)

  • The fact that this is coming to the desktop app first AND the fact that the "Get Skype" app leads to the Win32 version sets a very bad example for WinRT. It signals "hey, we're not going to prioritize WinRT over Win32, so you shouldn't either."
  • So "app" is store and not application executable? Is that what we've all finally decided on? Why say desktop? So muddled.
  • I guess I could say program instead of app, but I'm definitely not calling it the "Skype legacy desktop application" like Microsoft wants me too...
  • Yeah its confusing. Supposedly Microsoft calls them Windows apps if they're in the store. Windows Desktop app if they're not I guess.
  • I was wondering the same thing. Seems like I should dump the current store app and switch to the desktop app.
  • You should always use the "desktop" app rather than the store app if both are available.  I don't think there's a single "app" in the Windows Store that's better than it's Win32 counterpart.
  • Except the desktop Skype looks like crap if you are using a HiDPI display.
  • Word meanings sometimes change and evolve over time due to actual usage, best to just roll with it. ;) For the past few years, in Windows parlance, "App" refers to a modern app build using WinRT and distributed through the store, a Desktop App (or Program, dunno why they didn't just continue calling them programs) is a classic app built on Win32, can be distributed any which way, and doesn't require the latest version of Windows to run. Not that muddled, but it's taken them three years to simplify their naming conventions because Microsoft.   As for things not looking good for WinRT, I think this is less to do with Microsoft losing faith in their new platform what with ALL their new apps being built on it and more to do with the Skype team seemingly being unable to build a WinRT based app worth a damn.   Admittedly the current Windows Phone app is much better than it was (but it required a full phone reset to start working properly, when it updated to the latest version on my Lumia 735 the app was just broken. Due to a broken screen I had to do a full reboot before sending for repair so when I clean installed it was fine. Still not a confidence inspiring app though) but the Windows 8 app hasn't been updated in some time and isn't compatible with loads of Skype features (even the simple stuff like online status. You're either online or off, not busy, hidden, etc.) and while the desktop app is hardly a joy to use (even with the new design) it seems to be the best option for Windows users at this time.   Throw in them already saying the new messaging app for Windows 10 has been delayed (Because it required dealing with the Skype team, no doubt) and they probably just figure get the desktop app updated for now till they can phase it out for the new universal app, whenever that surfaces.   (tl:dr) WinRT is here to stay, don't worry about it. Skype team are just crap at building apps for it.
  • Since modern app will run on desktop why do Microsoft still pushing two version of apps? Isn't it better to deprecate one of them? Desktop have better capabilities I guess but modern app is *supposed to be* more stable and secure and footprint-free. I think what they should do is make Modern Apps have same or as close as desktops' capabilities, so in several years (or decades? Old habit die hard) we'll be all using Modern Apps.
  • XP, Vista and 7 users can't use modern apps.
  • When you already have a decent win32 app and universal apps only target win 10 for desktop mode. Is there really a need to switch to win rt for desktop? WinRT is new whereas win32 has over a decade if perfecting. Why switch? There's no real benefit for users.
  • Let's see how many years it will take for these translations to actually become good.   Maybe one day we'll even get sanity checks instead of random violations of grammar as translated sentences.
  • Hopefully they'll add Russian support soon, so I'll finally know what those random Russian babes dying to contact me are really saying!
  • This is all luvely jubley but when will Skype for Business being seeing such a wonderful tool?
  • Awesome
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