Skype Translator tech is coming to Skype for Windows desktop later this year

Skype will soon include the technology from its Skype Translator preview right into its desktop app for Windows. This will mean that users can try the feature out without using the standalone app. The company hopes to start the rollout later this year.

To bring Skype Translator into more people's lives, today we are happy to announce that the Skype Translator preview technology will be coming to the Skype for Windows desktop app. We are targeting the end of summer 2015 for the roll-out to begin.

Currently, Skype Translator features support for four spoken languages: English, Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin. It also supports 50 written languages for instant messaging.

While you're waiting for translation technology to come to Skype for Windows, you can download the preview app from the Windows Store for free, no sign-up required.

Download Skype Translator from the Windows Store

Source: Skype

Joseph Keller