Skype for Windows 10 rolls out split view for all, OneDrive file sharing for Insiders

The wait is finally over for one of the modern Skype app's most requested features: split view. After testing with Skype Insiders for the past month or so, split view is now rolling out to everyone with Skype for Windows 10, allowing you to break your chats out into individual windows (via OnMSFT).

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Instead of housing all of your chats within the main Skype window, split view lets you break each out into separate windows. You can turn the feature on by choosing "Enable split view mode" from the ellipses menu in your contact window. Enabling split view will shrink the main Skype window down to a list of contacts. Double-clicking on a contact will then open the chat in its own window. If split view isn't for you, it can be disabled from the same ellipses menu where you enabled it.

Split view was one of the most highly requested features for the modernized Skype app, so it's sure to be a welcome addition. It also comes alongside a handy update for Insiders, who can now share OneDrive files (opens in new tab) with contacts directly from the Skype chat window.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I would like to use Skype modern version because I need split view. But it doesn't have the tray icon...
    So I'll stick with regular Skype and wait for split view.
  • Microsoft is pushing away from using the taskbar for anything except Windows functionality. Older Win32 programs still use it but this will likely disappear soon since you can just keep apps running in the background through the Task View.
  • Try the People Bar with Skype, would that work for you?
  • I'm actually curious why you still need the Tray icon? Notifications already shown on the Taskbar icons itself since Windows 7, which makes it looks uncessary and redundant by now. Now apps can run the background without a needing of System Tray present and quick actions like Online Status are already served by Jump List. Though the only one obvious that I can see it still being useful is for showing if Skype is actually active in the background or not. Some people still prefer their messaging apps not always being online.
  • Now I can have 2 Skype chat windows with the same person. One with Skype and one with the People Bar.
  • I can imagine a virtual desktop layed out with Skype chat windows with co-workers. What a shame that virtual desktops are not persistent!
  • Almost starts to look like msn messenger :D or how was it called
  • I never use Skype, but I know people do. I'd like to see MS release a full-featured SMS app for Android that can link with Your Phone app properly (delete messages using PC for example)
  • Oh man, this spilt view drives me nuts in Skype for business. I had no idea some considered it desirable. I just can't stand all the windows popping up and making a mess.
  • So many users requested for it.