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Although we have no idea what to call the new Skype UI that is in early preview release (Metro? Modern?), we know how we feel about it. Swoon.

Neowin has managed to get their hands on a preview-release for the new Skype app and they even tossed up a few screenshots noting that the app is so far rocking pretty hard, even for a preview edition...

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“The UI is fluid and dare we say fast too. The Skype team has done a good job at making the application finger friendly and so far, we have not had any crashes with the platform.”

This Skype preview is not for general release so don’t go looking for it just yet but our gut tells us this will launch when Windows 8 does in the fall. Can we say for once that we’re actually really excited for a Skype launch? Because we are.

Head to Neowin for more images.