Skype for Windows Phone 8 not yet available

If you've gotten your new Windows Phone 8 device and are looking for the Windows Phone 8 version of the Skype app.... it's not out yet.

With Windows Phone 8, we are expecting some new features to Skype that include the ability to keep you signed-in and reachable even when you've closed out the Skype app. You'll also find that your Skype contacts are automatically added to your Peoples Hub and Live Tile support for unread messages.

When will Skype for Windows Phone 8 hit the shelves? Hopefully sooner than later but in the meantime, you can use the existing version of Skype that can be found here (opens in new tab) (it's a freebie) at the Windows Phone Store.  [Edit: Actually, George is incorrect here as you cannot run the old version of Skype on Windows Phone 8]

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  • The US carriers will block it.
  • Nonsense. It's just not ready yet as even reviewers who had early access to many WP8 apps did not have it to test.
  • PhotoSynth isn't either. :(
  • Neither is Crimson Dragon: Side Story! >.
  • AT&T isn't blocking Facetime anymore. They won't block Skype.
  • That's one of WP8's key features, just think about it
  • First thing after I bought 920 wanted to download it, but there's no Skype or tango apps
  • I use both apps a lot.. Hope they make the apps available on wp8 soon..
    MSDN has just posted that Skype has arrived! Could you confirm it's available from Store?
  • That article doesn't say Skype for Windows Phone 8 is released - the release point is about Windows 8. However it does give a good overview of the features for what will be released in Skype for WP8
  • This will not work with the 8X gives me an error. My phone is not compatible... I will have to wait for the wp8 version!
  • Isn't it built in as well?
  • No, as with Windows 8, users can install Skype from the Windows Store, and it will sync with the People hub.
  • Oh man, that means you have to open the app to skype-call? Why won't they just built it in? I mean building it in like the messenger so you can call people just like you would calling them for real.
  • Think of it this way, instead of clicking on the 'phone' icon to call someone, click on the 'skype' icon to skype with someone.  
    Also, the skype app does not need to be running/open in order to receive skype calls.  And skype calls are received just like regular calls.
  • Landsharkk:  Let me know how you are able to receive skype calls without the program running.  My wife and I are using the Lumia 920 Win8 and the only way to receive a call is to have skype running on the phone.  We've tried it on both Win8 phones to no avail.  We have to remember to not shut Skype down, it is not received like a normal call on the phone. There are no settings to have it run in the background all the time.  How did you do it?
  • Sorry guys of of topic, but anyone knows if screenshot works on wp8 and how? Because home and camera buttons together don't take it
  • Hold the power button down and press the home key.
  • Hold Power Button and Windows button simultaneously. You will hear a shutter sound and the image will be saved to your Screenshots folder of your Pictures.
  • Thanx guys appreciated
  • Please check your title...add phone
  • +1
  • That was a quick fix!!!! Right on!
  • Can't download BC it only supports 800x480 screen res
  • The WP7 Skype app doesn't work on WP8. At least not on my Lumia 920.
  • There's no Spotify either!
  • No Pandora yet too
  • Yea but there was never a Pandora app for wp7, I used Spotify all the time on my Samsung focus.
  • Also there's no FM radio in WP8
  • I just noticed that :-\ no TuneIn radio also
  • No FM? Crap, I use it all the time! Especially at football games!
  • I know there was no Pandora before, but they announced it on WP8 presentation 1 year free adds subscription with WP8 Pandora app
  • They announced that it would be coming, early 2013 IIRC.
  • Microsoft didn't say that ALL WP7.x will work in WP8? Why theses apps aren't working so??
  • I know!!!
  • Because there's no sense in making outdated versions of applications that don't work as advertised, at all, available to consumers.
  • You gotta be kidding me.
  • We were worried about backward compatibility but now we have forward compatibility issues too. Good in a way actually that users will get better UX with more High quality apps for WP8 unlike Droids where lower resolution apps look pathetic on advanced displays.
  • Wow. MS really has to step it up.
  • I am finding several apps not forward compatible, even a "Nokia Exclusive"
  • Question for the news hounds at WPCentral: Is the issue that specific app makers are flagging their WP7.x apps so they won't install on WP8 (because a new WP8 version is in development) or is their an actual issue with WP8 running older WP7.x apps.
    I'm leaning toward former or I'm sure you guys would have alerted the community by now.
  • Neither, since there's no way to "mark" an app as only being able to run on Windows Phone 7.
  • Man, this WP8 launch is a DISASTER!
  • +100. We waited so long, and MS/Nokia did not make us feel, the wait is worth. The important apps should be there on day one. 
    I think MS is not understanding the reality!
  • How can there be no Skype?  What???
  • the main reason I just bought a win 8 device was for skype. sigh.....
  • Yeah, this is a huge fail. For the most part none of the "launch" apps are available...including wwf, Pandora, and most importantly Skype. I wish they could get this right for once.
  • Microsoft didn't promise Pandora until next year.... What's your deal?
  • But they did promise that all WP7 apps would work on WP8 devices...and they talked about Skype (did they say it would be available at WP8 launch? I can't remember)
  • No viber either, I was trying to use Nokia viber with voice. Hope they'll come soon
  • Back to using text messages, lads! :)
  • Skype?
  • All of you complaining about lack of Pandora, it wasn't promised until next year. Check yourselves guys...
  • People always hear what they want to hear...
  • I'm also missing Adobe Reader. Now there's a Microsoft-developed "PDF Reader", but it isn't as good as Adobe Reader was.
  • Apps that used native code are the largest exception to this. They need, at a minimum, to be recompiled. Some apps port fine, buy then don't run properly. *Most* apps run on WP8 fine.
  • I would love to see a teamspeak app... I don't really care about Skype anymore.
  • If you see just how crappy the Windows 8 Skype app is, they better at least make the WP8 app right.
  • Is there something finished for WP8? I can't even say the if OS itself is finished yet.
    MS screwed everything they could. 2 years since WP7 launch and there's nothing finished yet. Great...
  • Wow the thing is publically available for 24 hrs and your already complaining? Go enjoy android/iphone if you hate it that much.....
  • Yeah, this is beyond belief. I mean, i'm loving my lumia 920 so far, but in a sense this feels like a downgrafe really. One of the number one features of WP8, skype, is not available at launch. Get you sh*t together MS!
    Also, spotify one of my number one apps used on my old lumia 800, is also MIA. How MS let this happen? The SDK is available since months, and one of the big shots, in a time everyone is complaning about the weak ecosystem, goes AWOL and MS doesn't seem to care. also, photosynth. A bit sad, really.
  • This is not a smart move on Microsoft's part. One of their major selling features is missing at launch. How about people who are using Windows Phone for the first time? They're probably a bit annoyed at that. What I'm annoyed about is the fact that I finally have a front-facing camera on my phone and there are NO apps that can make calls with it right now...No Skype or Tango. But oh well, at least they're not releasing an unfinished product like Apple did
  • Does the wp7 app Pandorbox work on wp8?
  • I really would have expected tge Microsoft owned apps (Skype & Photosynth) to be ready. They seem so eager to get third-party developers engaged, but the in house development isn't even happening. :( Get it done and lead by example, Microsoft.
  • Complete fail!  No Skype or video chat of any kind?  I will be returning my Nokia Lumia 920 today
    MS owns Skype, right?
    First Windows phone, last Windows phone. 
  • Why do you care so much? If the Skype was the only reason to buy a Windows Phone smartphone, wouldn't it be more appropriate if you bought Skype Phone
    I'm actually very happy to see how much WP8 has in it's features itself, well, waiting for another week for a Skype release is just like waiting Christmas after Thanksgiving, no problem for me :)
  • I'm looking for a working video chat on the Lumnia 920.  I don't care about making voice calls over Skype, just video chat.  I'd settle for any video chat that works well.
  • Skype Preview is out now and it works.
  • Is this new Skype version the reason Tango isn't available? I hope that comes out!
  • Yea can't believe the fail with Skype, but for those of you looking for Pandora, metroradio works great and has a free version.
  • Counters and play to are missing as well
  • I was all excited to upgrade to Windows Phone 8, but my favorite apps aren't here (yet?...hopefully soon)...things like Skype, Photosynth (nokia panorama is ok but not as good), and the all important Bing Translator ...that last one leaves me with a serious quivering lower lip...Microsoft...I'll defend you for a while...but GET ON're making me look bad!