Skyscanner app for Windows Phone pulled from the store in the U.S.

A little while back we started getting tips from some readers claiming that the Skyscanner app for Windows Phone had been pulled. This created some in-house confusion as some of us could still see and install the app from the Windows Phone Store, others could not.

We reached out to Skyscanner for comment and they've now come back with an answer. It's a kind of good news/bad news scenario. The good news is that it hasn't been totally pulled. The bad news is that it has been pulled from the U.S.

Here's what Skyscanner had to say to us in a statement:

"We've put this change into effect in the U.S.-only. Although we take a mobile-first approach at Skyscanner, we also are very much focused on the local intricacies of each market. In the U.S., our Android and iOS apps are the most popular, with a very small % of users being Windows users. With the global trend being Windows users are more likely to use mobile web, we're concentrating on this aspect for the U.S. market."

We never like to see apps disappear, but Skyscanner obviously decided it wasn't worth publishing the app to the U.S. if there aren't many people using it. For the rest of us, we can just carry on using the app and hope that enough other people do the same to warrant it sticking around.

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  • If it exists why pulled out for the US. It makes no sense.
  • I agree.  Things like this make no sense.  Keep it for the world but not the US.  I guess the en-US resource file was really hard to keep up to date.
  • It is a shame as I am in the statutes a lot, but then I can't really blame them if no one is using the app. Oh well.
  • This really sounds crazy. I guess people will allow me to give possible crazy explanation - just a pure speculation with no claims for the ultimate truth, just trying to make sense out of something that doesn't make sense. I think that they have played with dashboard and removed US by mistake. When someone approached them, they tried not to look stupid and gave the best excuse they could. If that is the case, the app will reappear again when tide goes down.  
  • Jerks
  • How so, they just dont want to lose money. Im sure theres another app out there
  • Or the web.
  • I don't understand.  What is the 'expense' on their part to leave it in the US store? 
  • They still need to provide support in the US then. Costs them more than it's worth it when nobody uses the app.
  • Right. For every location an app is published someone needs to provide support to that region. If no-one is using the app it's likely deemed a waste of resources.
  • But if "no one" in the US is using it, how much does it really cost to support??
  • If no one uses the App, you need no one to give support.
  • And there's no need for the app - so it gets pulled...
  • Seems you have no clue what you are talking about. Skyscanner cooperates in most regions with totally different partners and companies. You get different airline and travelshop offers depending of the region that you are choosing. So of course they need to provide region-specific support.
  • And that includes web support.
  • What you mean by giving support? For the app or any other queries? If they show the app for rest of the regions except US it doesn't make sense because the app issue will most likely affect all the users globally and in case of general support, they have to provide even if it's web. So just pulling out of US saying less users' doesn't make sense.
  • The only reason why WP users are more likely to use the web is because there often aren't apps available or they've been pulled! Damn the hen and damn the egg that spawned the damn hen!
  • Lol so true.
  • When in US
  • Leaving the app on the Store is easier than pulling it from the Store. Why they deal with pulling the app from the Store, rather than just leaving it alone? Weird.
  • Told ya Ms should concentrate on emerging markets US , UK and Canada don't need them. Emerging markets burn that word in your memories now MS.
  • Market share in Canada and UK is good. Its just US where Windows is failing miserably.
  • Depends on how you measure. If you are measuring total users, then US wins. If you use market share percentages, not so much.  People always forget that the US has the most Windows Phone users of any country. 
  • They are. They do a lot of pushing in India, for example. I get it, it's never enough, but the whole Lumia 4xx, 5xx, 6xx is not really about the US markets after all. The only reason that hardware even exists is mostly emerging markets.
  • Maybe Cortana will get beefed up to keep us posted on travel.
  • It's not in the U.S. Windows 8.1 store anymore, either
  • That is the dumbest answer I've ever heard....
  • Adios...
  • So with this gone and msn travel gone, any other decent flight-searching apps recommended?
  • Kayak. I used both Skyscanner and Kayak. I'm in the U.S. Guess I'll just use Kayak now.
  • Kayak takes forever to finalize searches on my 920. I liked the Skyscanner website better than the app anyway.
  • Yeah, I guess the mobile site is decent enough
  • Alright, gonna try it, thanks. I guess I'll keep using Skyscanner while it's in my phone tho.
  • It's my favorite app for flights. Pulls in every airline, even the ones kayak doesn't support. Sigh too bad I guess.
  • What exactly did the app do in the first place?
  • In Europe WP is at 10%, so SHAME TO SKYSCANNER WPPhobic.
    Developing for wp is a joke compared to weak ios/android and their lame dev tools.
    The thruth is those companies have iDiot developers, or are paid by scrapple.
  • ...and as the article states, they aren't pulling the app in Europe. Only the US. App development, like so many other things, depends on the lasw of Supply and Demand; no demand, and the supply dries up.
  • Skyscanner will be avaiable in Europe and Rest of the World, Read the article.
  • Another one bites the dust. At least it's been a while since we've had a high profile app get pulled.
  • Was this high profile?  I'd never heard of it!
  • I've had it installed for a few yrs now although I used alternate apps most of the time.
  • What support could they possibly need to provide that wouldn't/couldn't be duplicated/covered by whoever is providing support to the rest of the English speaking world where the app hasn't been pulled? I don't understand this at all. After initial publication, Does it cost money to continue to list an app on the store?
  • OK, there are 3 things I don't really get and I would really appreciate a serous answer to (mainly to the 2nd and 3rd questions). 1. What is the point of having the app already available and not publishing it to the store? 2. What is the point of regional restrictions if I can just change my phone's region, restart it and install the app, then change the region back and restart it again? 3. What is the point of limiting an app to a certain region? (unless the service behind it is not available in the given region, for example Netflix or Hulu) An example of this stupidity is that TripIt's (of which I am a Pro member) and TripAdvisor's apps are not available in Bulgaria so I have to change my region to US or UK, install the apps and then change back. Not to mention the quality or updating regularity of these 2 apps. The limitation on iOS is really there since my account is linked to the Bulgarian store so even if I change the phone's region it will still take me to the Bulgarian store and not show the apps which have limited availability. Thanks! :)
  • Whats this app do?
  • It searches for flights , hotels prices like kayak .
  • Another reason (if needed) to switch to Android
  • If ever, I would switch to an iPhone...
  • Too bad, its a great app.  Use it lots.  However it still appears to be available in Canada.  So not sure its its staying for us or being pulled soon.  Would be odd if they pulled for US but not Canada, very similar markets.
  • hmmm, i've been using this for awhile already and its good app...
  • If you really wanted skyscanner.....wouldnt you just need to Change your region and then get it??.
  • They should just make a web app for Windows 10 and have it on PC and phone and Xbox then. Problem solved! :)
  • Its not them its us we use WP for your IOS Android device its getting old
  • That's incredible pulled only on USA homeland of MS....
    And Nadella still here as CEO
    This man is a disaster
  • That's silly, we are used to using mobile web because people keep treating us like used toilet paper and we have to make due.  SOOOOOO TIRED of being treated like i've got cooties....   Sigh.
  • Change The region oh your phone to UK and still download it.
  • Maybe their business is struggling and they need to cut back on any expense they can?
  • I never even heard of this app before on any operating system.  Perhaps they should just shut down... going by their own logic.   I see that they say this is ONLY pulled for the U.S.  Which means they are still maintaining it for other countries.  Again more stupid logic.