Slice and Throw - Review

In the spirit of Fruit Ninja and Juice Factory, Slice and Throw is being offered over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Slice and Throw is more in line with Fruit Ninja but without the fruit.

The game objective is to slice threw scrolls that are tossed in the air and throw shuriken stars at moving objects in the background. Yep... ninja stars!

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Slicin' and Dicin'

From the main menu of Slice and Throw you will find options to play the game, check out the online leaderboard, tweak your settings (music and sound effects levels), as well as find out more about the developer and other free games.

In entering the game, you have three game modes to tackle.

Classic: The main game where missed scrolls will cost you a life. See if you can reach level 10.

Arcade: This is a quick game for when you don't have long to play. See how high of a score you can compile in 90 seconds.

Adventure: While missed scrolls won't cost you a life, slicing through a red one will. It will also cost you if you hit a bomb with a shuriken star.

Screen Layout

The screen layout has your score in the upper left corner, your lives (represented by swords) in the upper right. There is a ninja meter just below that builds as you slice scrolls and hit background targets. Once both are full, you enter into a shooting gallery mode for bonus points (and time in the arcade mode). This is a multi-touch shooting gallery in that you can throw multiple stars at the same time.

To slice your target, you simply slide your finger across the screen to slice the scroll. To throws a ninja star, just tap your target. In the multi-touch shooting gallery, just tap multiple targets to throw multiple stars at them.

Game Play

As you move up the levels on Slice and Throw, the pace quickens. You can slice through multiple scrolls but you really have to make sure your touch creates a slice. If your stroke is too short, it won't cut through anything.

I liked the combination of sword slices and ninja star throws. It makes Slice and Throw all the more challenging.  Slice and Throw ran smoothly with no crashes, bugs or glitches experienced. Graphics are nice and the sound effects appropriate.

Overall Impression

Slice and Throw is one of those games that grows on you the more play it. I found it to be a challenging, entertaining and somewhat addictive Windows Phone game.

I would have liked to have seen a tutorial section that explains the various aspects of the game. Slice and Throw isn't a difficult game to pick up but a tutorial section never hurts.

If you like Fruit Ninja but are looking for something a tad more challenging, Slice and Throw is worth a try. It is ad supported with a banner ad parked at the top of the screen. Being ad supported, Slice and Throw is a free game and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

George Ponder

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