Sling Media working on update for Treo 800w/Treo Pro, etc.

We all know the conversion to 320x320 resolutions and some other funky ones (e.g. Samsung Omnia) can result in some software not working properly and one of those effected would be SlingPlayer Mobile (see our review of the Slingbox Pro).

Luckily after much haranguing in their support forum (we Slingers are a testy bunch) MegaZone, (the Sling Media Beta Manager) chimed in to calm out tensions:

We are working on an update for the Treo 800w (and the Treo Pro, and some other WinMob 6.1 devices) and hope to have it out soon. And contrary to one of the above posts, we've known of these devices well before they're release it just takes time and resources to update the software. Out front line support people aren't kept in the loop on everything in development. ;-)

So sit tight folks as you'll soon be enjoying your favorite shows on the go with Rev A speeds and that higher's going to be worth the wait.

Via Sling Community

WC Staff