This small yet powerful massage gun is 30% off MSRP today

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If fitness was part of your New Year's resolution, you might be dealing with sore muscles right now. The small yet powerful MINIREX massage gun helps speed up your recovery, and it's currently just $139.99.

Unlike top athletes, most of us don't have 24-hour access to a physio. With MINIREX, you can fix the aches and pains yourself. This device measures just six inches long, but it's even more effective than a strong pair of hands.

With four speeds to choose from and four different attachments, you can target every muscle group at the perfect intensity. The massage gun also has a long handle, allowing you to reach awkward spots.

The MINIREX has a high stall force, which ensures you get the maximum effect in terms of circulation and tissue repair. It's also very quiet, and the rechargeable battery offers three hours of usage.

According to YouTube fitness instructor Jason B., the MINIREX is: "a lot more aggressive (in a good way) than the cheap Amazon massagers."

Order today for $139.99 to get the MINIREX at 30% off the retail price.

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