The Smartphone Round Robin

So WMExperts is part of a family of sites, we're a sibling to TreoCentral, Phone different, and Together, the four sites cover the 4 major Smartphone platforms in the US. Normally, each site covers its own beat and does its own thing - but not this month.

No, this month we're starting the first annual Smartphone Round Robin. Each week for the next month, the 4 editors of these sites will literally trade phones. We'll be forced to use only “the other guy's” phone as our main brain - writing up our impressions, getting help from the other site's forums, and generally finding out why everybody seems to be so loyal to their smartphone of choice.

Win a Smartphone!

It's not all about us, though, it's more about you folks. So as a part of the Smartphone Round Robin, we're giving away fabulous prizes. The grand prize is a smartphone of your choice (that's currently available in the US or Canada) and some mad money to spend on accessories. Three runners up will also receive coupons for free smartphone accessories. 4 sites, 4 winners total, natch.

Here's how to win: Just post in any Round Robin Forum Thread at any of our sites, the WMExperts Round Robin Forum is here. Every day you make a post, you get another entry into the contest. The full contest rules are here.

Follow Along

Here's how to follow along: Just head on over to the Smartphone Round Robin Update page and follow it there or via RSS. Every time there's a new forum thread (threads == chances to win!), we'll let you know. Every time one of our community editors talks about their impressions of “the other guy's phone,” we'll tell ya. We even have all sorts of rules and regulations we have to follow so that each smartphone gets a fair shot.

It's going to be a wild ride.

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