Windows Mobile hands on with Android - Smartphone Round Robin

We're almost there, folks. It's the penultimate week of the third annual Smartphone Round Robin, and this week Android Central's Casey Chan teaches me a thing or three about the little green robot. I've said it many a time, but Windows Mobile and Android share a lot in common, and we're definitely going to get down to the bottom of it.

In addition, I've started a thread over at to get the help of the Android faithful. Head on over and see what they have to say. And remember than anytime you comment in an official Smartphone Round Robin thread, you're entered to win a free smartphone from that site (up to $1,000). So get to it, boys and girls!

Oh, and check out my Android hands-on with Casey after the break.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Video is private :(
  • Can't watch video
  • Ya know, one of these days I'm gonna remember to fix that on time. :-/ Try it now.
  • And people complain about screen refresh rates and lag on WinMO? odd, how the 'cutting edge' Android seems no more fluid and lag free than WinMO. But hey, both Android and WinMO are still a better option than iPhone for anyone who wants any sort of control of their devices :) and once Android's grown up a little I think it really could be quite good.
  • Looked pretty good. I have to say that I am impressed with Android. I have been a long time Windows Mobile user, but I have reached a crossroads. I hope some info about Windows Mobile 7 can woo me back into the fold.
  • that friggin round robin bird FREAKS ME OUT! no sling player no android for me.
  • I love webos. Why get an iphone when you can get a ipod touch. Palm you hit a homerun with the pre now all you need to do is hit a grandslam with its successor.
  • Helo i am Wuillian de Venezuela que hay actualizado para Nokia N82
  • it's a pity there's no written review appearing here. i would have been interested to read it. oh well.
  • I don't find Android appealing at all.
    First off... google. Big no-no for me. Secondly, it doesn't perform that good, and I prefer the functions of my 2 yr old WinMo to it.
  • both WM and android are superior to the iPhone. i just wish that those bloggers over at cnet,engadget and mobilitysite would realize that. desgraciados!
  • Currently I am using Nokia 5800 Express Music and I am pretty much satisfied with its performance. I like its touch screen keypad and camera result.
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  • Hi,
    The smartphone platform war between the Apple iPhone and Android is intensified with the release of the Google-backed mobile OS. While Apple believes that the competition is still catching up with the first generation iPhone, the fact is that Verizon has managed to take a huge mindshare with the Motorola Droid running Android 2.0. With Google's blessing, Motorola now has Android 2.0 running on the Droid, much sooner than any other manufacturer.
  • I love windows phones but they need some good new stuff on verizon, like the HD2! Android has been puting out good phones as of late and its tough to stay with windows.